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Mnangagwa should tell us where Itai Dzamara is

By Cde Nathaniel

Now that E.D is languishing in the political wilderness, he has a great opportunity to tell the nation where Itai Dzamara is. Doing so will help him to earn the respect and sympathy of the public and even the international community. It would help his comeback efforts. In fact, many would support him, if he named who took Dzamara, where they took him and what became of him?

Zimbabwe's politician Morgan Tsvangirai, second left, joins Sheffra Dzamara, second right, wife to activist Itai Dzamara who was allegedly abducted by State security agents holds a placard calling for his return, while taking part in a demonstration to commemorate a year since his disappearance, in Harare,Wednesday, March, 9, 2016. One of Zimbabwe's main opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai who joined the march and the Dzamara family members said that they hold Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe responsible for the abduction of the activist. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)
Zimbabwe’s politician Morgan Tsvangirai, second left, joins Sheffra Dzamara, second right, wife to activist Itai Dzamara who was allegedly abducted by State security agents holds a placard calling for his return, while taking part in a demonstration to commemorate a year since his disappearance, in Harare,Wednesday, March, 9, 2016. One of Zimbabwe’s main opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai who joined the march and the Dzamara family members said that they hold Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe responsible for the abduction of the activist. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

The nation needs answers and E.D is now in a unique position to shed some light on the matter. Most importantly, the family of Dzamara deserves answers and they have waited for too long for an explanation.

E.D knows what it feels like to be hunted down by the regime. The fact that he is now hiding in exile testifies about his genuine fear of Zanu Pf terror, which many credit him for being its architect. Itai did not have the chance to run to exile. He was bundled into an unmarked vehicle and has not been seen since.

It is not fair that since the 9th of March 2015, the family of Dzamara has not heard from him. Imagine if it was your own family, going through such a predicament ? No one deserves that kind of injustice and the Dzamara family has put up with it for too long. Now is the time for the truth to come out and comrade E.D is in a unique position to shed some light.

So today I want to ask comrade E.D,

Where is Dzamara? Aripi ?
Who took him? Ndiani akamutora ?
Where did they put him? Vakamuisepi ?
What became of him? Chii chakaitika kwaari ?

Failure to shed some light on this particular injustice will mean that E.D does not deserve our sympathy and support. So comrade E.D if you and your supporters are reading this, please tell us what became of our brother Dzamara. Surely, you were in a position to be privy to such information and now you have a golden opportunity to expose the facts of his predicament.

If E.D gives us the answers, I comrade Nathaniel will personally support his political comeback because he would have proven that he can be reliable. As it is, his supposed statement reads like a political manifesto in which he is soliciting for our public support. Now is the ripe moment for E.D to tell us, we the public, about Dzamara. We need answers and E.D has the answers. So we are waiting to hear from his camp.


I am giving E.D and his camp 2 weeks to respond on the matter.

Until then.
Au Revoir! Cde Nathaniel

  • I believe if he tell the truth even those sympathizing with him now will be baying for his blood.

  • Sure he must tell the world where itai Dzamara is and who took him

  • Never, Nathan. There’s a hell lot that disappeared.

  • Mhata dzenyu mose

  • Yeah, before anyone starts to talk about welcoming him into opposition politics he must demonstrate he is no longer invested in the politics of brutality. I guess that should extend to Rashiwe Guzha, Talent Mabika, Jani, Bakayimani, Ndira, and many others who either vanished without trace or were killed, raped and maimed with no one being held responsible.

  • haa,mbofe akataura

  • Thats true but i dont think that idiot would do so

  • Vanhu mototsigira sponsered statements idzi why not said vamugabe ngavatiudze kuna itai ko ainzi naItai pamaplacards ake must go ndiani…saka ED apinda papi kana asiriye ainzi must go…dnt be mislead ko zvamakadzidza vani

    • ED was a part of the system

    • tafadzwa chidodo just shut the fuck up

    • Tafadzwa pfungwa dzako dzofunga zviripadyo chete.

    • Hapana zvozivikanwa

    • If u have no answer shut up

    • Tafadzwa handiti vaishanda vose na Ed panguva yacho iyoyo saka ED ngaatiudze

    • ED ngaatiudze kuna dzamara

    • ED haasiye akatsakatisa Itai asi kuti idomasi riri mune akaora saka naro raorawo

    • Ed he even did worse,,than that,Ndebele,,rakauraya,,naye, and his master,,he is a very bad. Apple

    • Bt facts remain facts

    • Tee im nt suportin ED bt i said lets analzy these things frm a different angle….the president have prerogative powers to ask any1 to do anythin so even now he can also tel the security agents to file up the diapearance of itai

    • Ndosaka Zimbabwe tisingaende kure kana kutadza kubvisa Mugabe,I type dzana Tafadzwa dzinokonzeresa.ED was Doin Dirty Laundry for Mugabe coz he was aiming to be Prez,bt now he has been kicked out hapasisina nekutya so he must tell the People everythng

    • Walter handisikuvhikira ED bt ndirkut munyori does nt hv zim at heart bt is after ED of which us zmbabweans hatishandiswe…how many zanu pf members expelled from the party especially Rugare gumbo did they say anythin abt the death of Rex nhongo why cz there were one family.ED is a zanu pf i dnt think he wl join oppostion politics nezvakaita all these yrs..
      Bt the truth be told if any1 wants ansas ask the president RG mugabe….is the 1 aripanyanga

    • Ipapo Ndipo pauri wrong Tafadzwa ED na Mugabe Same Same.Asi kubvunza mugabe hapana chaanotiwudza so now we r using advantage yatinayo kuti ED akadzingwa and hahasisina chekunyengerera kuna Mugabe so he might help us with valid info

  • what goes around comes around.

  • Ask Grace and G40

  • Fuck you idiot!

  • How much have you been paid to write such nonsense

  • And all other things like converting people to Chitawara, in all oppostion strongholds, in order to reduce votes.

  • I don’t think ed will resurface very soon as G40 will make sure they persue him thru interpol

    • Threats to his life has been made and attempted. Interpol wont work

    • a cid team has been assembled to look and investigate crimes committed by ngwena so very soon a warranty of arrest is likely to be issued for his arrest

  • y Munangangwa shld tl u????

  • U nailed it ryt at the head maboss all coming out of zanupf with highest positions its simple tell us all so that we begin to trust u again please

  • Vanhu vemu zim tinongotevera kwainda mhepo ndo problem yedu Chatakaindira kuchikoro kuti titaure English but pakuti tifunge dhololo

  • That will never happen.Itai Dzamara is not really missing anyway.He is only hiding from the public eye.He will re appear next year

    • Others need their relativ yu tok shit ,vanhu vemalawi so nxaa

    • I can bet u a $1000 that he will re appear.I have been saying this for a very long time and i always expect insults when i say it but i know that one day i will be vindicated.That man is not missing.The family knows where he is.i once asked Patson a series of questions about how his brother went missing and all he did was block me.Its all politricks

    • usadaro phiri sha

    • Phiri’s point must not be trashed, it needs scrutiny

    • Kkk haa Achimwene so ka what were up to when asking Patison those silly questions better he blocked u dai aikuona he was going to kick your ass,u think his family knows where he is,what the hell are u smoking

    • When Itai Dzamara went missing how come the page he opened on facebook remained active?? A page is not like a facebook group with admins

      When Itai Dzamara claimed to have been brutalised by 15 police officers using baton sticks til two of them broke on his body,how come he sustained no injuries whatsoever??15 men raining baton sticks on you and u come out harpic clean??A baton stick can never break on a human body anyway.When he said that he was lying

      So he took a petition demanding that Mugabe resigns to Mugabe’s offices?Who signed the petition,when and where?How many signed it??How come he wasn’t beaten up when he took the petition to Mugabe’s offices?How many Zimbabweans can do that vakasiiyiwa vakadaro

      We are told that he was abducted at a barbershop in broad daylight after a strange car with no number plates was seen for days driving up and down the street he lived in.For some reason the state agents were scared to go inside his yard,break down the door and drag him out kicking and screaming in the dead of the night like they did with Tsvangirai,Nkala,J Mukoko..and many others.Nope!!With Dzamara it had to be done in broad daylight and at a very public place.It had to be witnessed.They wanted witnesses to the abduction.

      Do u people honestly believe kuti Dzamara really believed kuti angabvise Mugabe nekuswera akagara pamumvuri achitamba nhodo paAfrica Unity Square esp taking into consideration what Zanu has done to cling on to power.Vozobviswa naDzamara paakati mha ipo paye just because he (Dzamara) said so

      If indeed Dzamara is missing what gives the likes of Patson and Itai’s wide dzungu or rather chivindi chekutambira mukanwa meshumba yakamedza mumwe wavo?I mean how many people have gone missing in Zimbabwe because of politics but their families are too scared to even whisper or point a finger at Zanu.Those trying to remember Gukurahundi victims are met with riot police and told to disperse but the Dzamaras are allowed to

      What is actually happening is that Dzamara and Zanu are working together.Zanu is trying to create a new face of the people’s struggle albeit a fake one.The idea is to lure people away from Tsvangirai.Ndiko kusaka ana Patson vachinyepera zvivindi.Ndoosaka anaItai vakarohwa hauwone paanenge akuvara.The beatings are just a staging.They are not real.Tiri kuvharwa nevakachenjera coz we refuse to be observant.We take everything at face value

    • Zimbabweans are not superior to Malawians by the way


    • How he will re-appear i do not know but re-appear he will and he will be pretend to have been missing OR some fake activists (loyal Zanu PF member masquerading as activists will be given credit for his release).Dzamara is not really missing.Its all politricks.There is something else at play and he is a willing participant.If u believe that all he did was real i dare u to take a letter to Mugabe’s offices tiwone unosiyiwa wakadaro here

    • If it was a good thing Phiri James Gordon that disappear and re – appear , let’s turn the tables and let it be on you, then the world will tell your family that you will re- appear , grow up be sensitive !

    • I wanted to comment but i hv noticed that this Phiri ‘thing’ is retarded and it takes forever to rehabilitate him.

    • Its impossible to be sensitive to something that is staged.Let those who think or rather who are being fooled into believing that he is missing for real be sensitive

    • You will forever fall for Zanu’s tricks

    • People are in politics for money.Hakuna munhu anongomuka one morning oti adzimai ndafunga kunorwira ruzhinji rweZimbabwe and put my life and yours at risk.Mukadzi achitozvibvumawo izvozvo.Any person who believes Mugabe can be removed by staging a sitting at Unity Square is retarted.But of course Dzamara is not retarted so what exactly is going on.What is he up to and what was he benefitting from it?Hakuna munhu pano pasi angaise life yake at risk for u Simon Nyamanhare iwe wakarara manhede kunge mupurwa.If u believe that then u are a damn fool.Unofunga kuti Dzamara ndiye akanga asinganzwe kunaka kwesadza nebeche angazvipire kufira iwe Simon nemhuri achisiya yake ichisvimha misodzi?There is something else at play

  • Afana ve mdc mune nguva yekutambisa ndakuonai makafanana kunge tsikidzi,ko zvenyu na Chamatama mapedza here?

  • ahh

  • Nataniere is correct hes confessng kt n their bloody party mnangagwa was responsible n de minstry yekunyangarisa uye kuuraya so nw hes free 2 let de world knw kt as zanupf vakamuisa kup cos hes no longer part f dem

  • he is the master mind he wont do that infact kutombo mudhonza jende iye

  • Vari vese. Hanzi musazvinetsa Itai dzamara arikudya matemba kwaari

  • Befor.Dzamara.wakauraisa.vanhu.vakawandisa.pa2008,paya.chero.naiye.Tsvangirai.wacho.åkapona.nepaburi.reson.saka.uuuuhhh.nhasi.dololooo

  • He will not because he is the one who did it.

  • Wat makes you think he will expose himself? Even mai Mujuru didn’t so how can a man do?

  • He probably pulled the trigger himself.


  • Ed hapana zvaanoziva nezva itai becoz at the tym yaka shaikwa itai iye anga asisa todiwe anga atove patarget

  • How can ZANU PF know where Dzamara is?

    ED is as clueless as everyone else.

    I would ask our Embassies and those who are in a position to benefit from his disappearance.

    I just don’t how ZANU PF gains from holding a low life and insignificant political actor like Dzamara.

    Dzamara is more useful politically when he is missing that when he is present

    • Ooh really?

    • But Kuda let’s be real here.

      I was once told if you want to know who is responsible you should look at who benefits the most.

      And in this case it’s just not ZANU PF.

      Just look at the crew that seeks to extract political capital from this

    • I wish they will kidnap one of your close relative for you to understand, so that u can ‘benefit’

    • We aren’t politically relevant and so was Itai Dzamara.

  • ED is the devil himself, if he exposes the truth he will be arrested coz he was the kingpin in the killings of innocent lives. If I find him at this time while being vulnerable I will chop off his head like he did to innocent lives during “The Moment Of Madness”

  • that he will never do.he still once to come and rejoin Zanu.this thing called Zanu is like a mafia group there is some information that u dnt trade in and ya Itai Dzamara is one of it believe me nekutambura kurikuita Dydmus Mutasa he cld hv been angry w Zanu and say it out but he will never.e best thing that has ever happened to ED kutodzingwa kwaakaita deep down his heart he feels used and yes he was but they will never learn.ED isnt gonna say a thing believe me he will die running he is finished

  • what if this mnangagwa has also gone the Dzamara way muchingonyeperana pasocial media ,ndiani anoziva kuna mnangagwa ? zeroookk ,ndiani anoziva kuna Itai ? zerooiokk ,stop guessing n wake up

  • Dzamara family,esp kids and wife of the missing itai,are now being used as puppets by these damn politicians.its hard but i think time they should stop talkin bout it.you dont know what its like to wake up everyday with people reminding you about a person you love most and its clear he isnt coming back. They should let it go not to use itai’s name at their own benefit. I feel pity for the wife and kids

    • Dai iri hama yako waiti kushandiswa here iweChisuri

    • Why do you think it’s clear he won’t come back?

    • Jus judging from the time he went missing upto now….pasina anoziva kwaari.you are only sayin that coz you never lost someone you like most.its depressing kungoti vanhu vangoramba vachikirwadzisa bt at the end the same apana zvazvochinja…thats y i specified”wife n kids”.

    • 4get about their father, their brother, ure u serious, you heartless dude,

    • You can insult me any way you want but chokwadi chobata vakawanda.in life dont try to take advantage of grieving people kuda kuita mbiri nacho.instead of taking the wife to demos vaitofanirwa kumuitira something choita kuti ambofarao 2 mins.thats y i say politics suck

    • ED n
      gataure kuna dzamara chete..muvurayi uya even ZANU pf is singing the same song…

    • i wish itai dzamara was your son,father or brother,heartless beast.

    • 😳 tambai zvakanaka

    • Um not surprised by people like you @reedy.but if you are in your senses,without any feelings attached,yu would find out itai’s issue is jus a political gimmick.nothing more or less.i give credits to politicians though…they know that for people to believe everything they say,they have to target them when in trouble or desperate of something;for no one can find he/she is being used once they look stupid.so yeah yeah shandiswai muchipfekedzwa svima t shirts twusina basa.

  • If You Want Dzamara CIO Boss Not This One Akatsva Uyo

  • It’s time you drink the Hot Porridge

  • Dzamara always said someone go not ED. The memory is still fresh and questions are to be answered

  • Evn if be does that l d ont thimk ot wil change anything bcz kutaura kwake kwamwemuda sympathy dai akataura achiri .u system zvaive nani

  • Ofcoz hi wont do tht once a traitor alwaez a traitor, Joyie shld hav told us abt their riggin methods

  • Haatozivewo siyanai na ed anotoriwo nezvakewo

  • Kkkkkk

  • On point. If he is willing to be taken seriously by any sane Zimbabwean, he must reveal all the secre… https://t.co/W0fH7H14JR

  • Kkkkkk..pamwe Ngwena ndoyakatopa order to kill muchitodaro

  • The cowards(ED and company) will never do that. Joice never said anything but she knows a lot. We were expecting her to reveal a lot but she decided to keep it to herself. Same with Didmus and Rugare. Expecting some information from these guys is as good as expecting STOP IT to apologize to Engels

    • Its because they are still in the party.They have only been re-deployed to work for the party from outside

  • Does he know? Direct issues to the recipient. Cowards

  • Oh finish.

  • And the likes of Rashiwe Guzha?

  • What if he is the one responsible for Itai’s disappearance and fate. Would he tell? And would be still earn the respect of anyone?

  • Tadii tamboita concentraion pakuita zvekuvhota,,,then xvaDzamara zvozoitwa MDC yaapower,,Musamixe zvinhu zvakawanda panguva 1

  • Where is Ed i wish to see him alive if he is still, crocodile never hide there is so much at stake here !!!!

    They know shall seem to be attacking each other but it’s fake meant to confuse us.

  • are you really sitting around waiting for ed to implicate himself? you wish

  • Most of the CIO operations are done by Mugabe himself to safeguard himself, kana zvaiudzwa maZanu pf member akawanda Dai vskafumurana kare,vazhinji vanozviziva but evidence havanawo sesu,what I know ukava neruzivo rwezvirikuitika unochekereswa ,Zanu Pf is operated by a 1man the rest zvidhori Zvake izvoo,

  • even if he tells us would that make him one of us

  • Sometimes Zimbos act like 5 year olds, politics is a dirty game! In your dreams, you will see Itai Dzamara. Is he the first one to disappear and regrettable not the last.

  • Shame it is so sad somebody gives command for his thugs to do such a thing.I’m thinking where are his bones today.In a shallow grave somewhere,or was he thrown in abandoned used mine or was he throws in the river full of crocodile.Fellow ladies and gentlemen there’s no peace in Zimbabwe.

  • Free countries citizens play with their leaders,make jokes about their leaders everyone laughs happy tears,others smile some don’t but they all healthy.Why us Zimbabweans get slap on the face,beaten up even get killed.

  • He won’t do that. He is part of the system.

  • Mike Mushavi you are on point. These thugs will not reveal their dirty secrets.

  • Ed anoziva kuti chii chakaitika kuna itai

  • He has nothing to do with dzamara.you must ask grace n kasukuwere.only cheap politicking g40s will hide behind such. Why are u not asking the whereabouts of Rashiwe Guzha.

  • Tinyararire iwee nathaniel
    Newewo unoziva kwaari usada kuhwanda nevamwe nxaaaa

  • Chikara ku nuna kudya chimwe chakada chimwe chii mungangowana nyaya dzekudyanana kwevanhu mukadzitswaka munyerere modziwana pakuyambuka batanai maoko muyambutsane

  • Absolutely

  • Vanhu maka pusireiikooooooo-Tsvangirai – Khupe – Dzamara relatives kupusa. Munenge muno ziva kune Hama yenyu imi and munenge muri kutodya nazvoo. The Brother looks happy on her face . Pointless toi toi

  • Forbeska

    Thats a good start.

  • iye ariye akatamba front anotaura sei

  • Mnangagwa,Joyce n Didymus Mutasa are dangerous individuals from Zanupf. People,are u sure u have spared your votes on these pple? Comeon your relatives n friends have perished,till now they are still hiding the truth. Im very sorry to say this bt u are idiots n u must go to hell

  • Chikiti

    Its most likely he won’t say it.

  • ask Mugabe nt Munangangwa plus who is ruling this country go ther and ask wher Dzamara is

  • Rumwenda

    This one asking actually is the one who knows what happened to Itai…its strange