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Patrice Evra sacked by Marseille and banned by UEFA for kung-fu kick on supporter

Patrice Evra’s contract has been terminated by Marseille after he was banned until June 2018 for kung-fu kicking a fan.

Patrice Evra SACKED by Marseille after kicking fan in the head before Europa League clash
Patrice Evra SACKED by Marseille after kicking fan in the head before Europa League clash

The former France captain was sent off before Marseille’s Europa League defeat against Vitoria on November 2 after lashing out at a supporter who Evra claimed was abusing him.

UEFA charged Evra under article 15 of their disciplinary regulations, which deals with the misconduct of players, banning him from their club competitions until June.

And Marseille quickly followed news of his suspension by terminating his contract with immediate effect.

A statement published on Marseille’s website read: “Patrice Evra has been exemplary on the field and in the locker room. He played an important role in reviving the team and in the improvement of results.

“However, on November 2 in Guimaraes he committed an irreparable act by responding to provocations from a handful of individuals.

“Nothing justified such a reaction, especially from a senior player whose attitude both on and off the pitch should inspire the youngest of us.

“In that context, the conditions were no longer right for Patrice Evra to accomplish his mission here with serenity or, above all, effectively.

“Both parties agreed to end the collaboration by mutual consent.

“This incident also highlighted the unacceptable attitude of a small number of people who uttered insults and threats of violence towards the player and his family before contemptuously invading the pitch.

“Such behaviour, which exposes the club to sanctions, has no place in the stands of a football stadium and at Marseille in particular.”

Club president Jacques-Henri Eyraud added: “Today, there is sadness. For Patrice Evra first, who obviously understood all the consequences of his action and who will no longer be able to exercise his passion at Olympique de Marseille.

“Also for Marseille fans, who are stigmatised because of the irresponsible behaviour of a handful of them.”

Marseille’s American owner Frank McCourt had described Evra’s behaviour as “unacceptable” and “not something that we can tolerate”, while fans held up a giant banner before last Sunday’s game against Caen saying: “We don’t want you in our colours anymore. Evra get lost.”

Marseille have also been fined €25,000 by UEFA for their supporters invading the pitch, setting off fireworks and acts of damage. Sky Sports

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  • he was just kicking racism away besides, he can get a contract in one of the Asian countries and still get millions,legendary Evra💯

    • If it was a racism issue then Evraa is 102% right

    • People dont know how to draw the line, remember the Man U days when Suarez refused to shake his hand,racism is an ongoing issue in football, especially in Europe

    • So why blacks can’t we start our own leagues and monetetary institutions and leave Europe alone.I’m black but at times blacks we cry too much.is there any justification for kicking a fan.the fact that we were once looked down upon during slave trade and colonial era does not justify us to do wrong.the issue is like gender issue where women just cry for automatic elevation irrespective of whether they qualify or not.what we is just sanity whether black or white full stop.the club is right to cancel the contract becoz who likes to pay an employee who is not part of work force.

    • he is French born and a citizen,what’s sad is ,he has achieved well ,to an extend of raising your country’s flag high but you are still treated as trash because of the color of your skin,my thing is if we are going to start our own leagues and money institutions we gonna have to start supporting each other first as black people, our biggest issue is we compete rather than work towards one motive,we still have a long way to go bro

  • You can’t just find yourself kicking someone unprovoked.address the circumstances leading to that.

  • banned by uefa..he can still go and play fo a chinese club

    • Hope they tolerate kumfu in soccer if they don’t he must plan for another destination before another ban falls on him like a tonne of bricks.

    • evra was and is not violent..he played for man u and we never saw him kickin anyone…

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    • Footballers are in business if you fogert that its you who suffer coz fans are enjoying their spoils at matches after that they go back to their business.what then next to a player who has messed his business.there is a difference between fighting in street and fighting at work.remember fans are the one who make players earn in directly. However there is no justification for fans to misbehave.the thing is only players with wisdom will make a lot money during the short life of their football career. Football rules will just apply whether the player is wrong or right.

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  • Evra played soccer at the highest level and cant kick someone for no reason.if i may ask….did they investgate the circumstances that led to the incident?
    I suspect its all about racism and That Euefa is full of racists coz they cant ban him without considering events that led to the kicking.

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  • A lesson to would be offenders .

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