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Woman snatches best friend’s hubby

By Gibson Mhaka

Julian Ndlovu experienced double tragedy when she was admitted at a Bulawayo hospital in 2008 when upon release she found her husband gone and children abandoned.

Julian Ndlovu

Her best friend, Ketty Ncube fell in love with her husband Kwanele Ncube. It’s alleged that Ketty took advantage of that Ndlovu used to tell her secrets to do with her marriage.

A heartbroken Ndlovu recounted her sad love story at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Ketty sued her for disturbing her marriage to Kwanele.

“Ketty Ncube was my best friend and problems started sometime in 2009 when I got sick and was taken to Mpilo Hospital.

“I was shocked when I got home to discover that my husband left our two children alone and eloped with Ketty.

“It is not true that I am threatening her with death but she just wants to stop me from communicating with Kwanele so that we talk about the plight of our children,” said a teary Ndlovu, adding that she was disgusted that another woman’s lust for a lifestyle upgrade was worth the devastation of her family.

Ndlovu’s lament came after Ketty had asked a Bulawayo magistrate Adelaide Mbeure to bar her from coming to her house.

“I am customarily married to Kwanele Ncube and his ex-wife Jullian Ndlovu is coming to my house threatening to kill me. She even threatened to cut off my ear. Whenever I try to reprimand her she becomes violent towards me. I am now living in fear and I am therefore seeking a peace order so that she does not come to my house to disturb my marriage,” pleaded Ketty.

Ndlovu, who is apparently nursing her broken heart, disputed Ketty’s version of events.

In her ruling the magistrate however, granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties to keep peace between each other. B-Metro

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  • Zimbe remoto usasiya …ukasiya vanotoraaaa zimbe chisikana

  • It happened to my ex girlfriend Portia Chida (Die slow bitch).Hanzi i used to tell my friend kuti ende murume wangu anogona bonde vasikana.Anonyatsondirova parere moyo nayo.One day she returned home to find her best friend in bed with her hubby achikiriridza kunge mupositori.Hanzi i just froze

  • Very bad

  • The problem is we all try to bring our best friends to be close to our partners…Its not a problem ,but some people have rotten intentions whenever they get close to their friends wives,husbands/girlfriends and boyfriends …Never ever let your best friend closer to your lover or spouse…they can sometimes bang each other behind your back for life without you even finding out sometimes and if you are lucky they will openly start dating and even get married .A best friend snatching your loved one.. . now that’s shocking painful betrayal,and its happening daily in Zim.

  • sad

  • Chikiti

    I’m yet to hear of a man gone with the children, in most cases they leave them