The Rise of Zimbabwe’s IRON LADY

By Cde Nathaniel

(Not to be confused with Nathaniel Manheru)

Lady Grace Mugabe could very well become Zimbabwe’s IRON LADY, our very own Margaret Thatcher of sorts. After all it was an uncompromising leadership style and politics that earned Thatcher the title, IRON LADY.

President Robert Mugabe and wife at the Zanu PF headquarters
President Robert Mugabe and wife at the Zanu PF headquarters

The likelihood of Lady Grace becoming Zimbabwe’s Hatshepsut “IRON LADY PHARAOH” is not beyond a reasonable doubt. She could very well be the first woman pharaoh of Zimbabwe and her rule might even outlast her husband.

As I am writing this I can hear some saying,

“Hakuna zvakadaro! Hazviite Hazviite !”

As it is, the first lady is absolutely siting as Queen Regnant! She is not a mere Queen Consort or Queen Dowager ! These are her days, this is her time. She is absolutely holding the reigns of power and influence. She has indeed achieved what the opposition could only dream of by purging Zanu Pf ranks.

Others question her mental state and ask, “Dzakakwana here?”

I think mentally she is sane, but she could do better with more anger management. She could learn to accommodate the views of others, to compromise and collaborate without alienating others. If she could learn politics from her husband then she is capable of learning and she can transcend her husband and become a truly successful African stateswoman who cares about the people.

Thatcher went on to become the longest serving prime minister of Britain in the 20th century. Perhaps Lady Grace Mugabe could become the longest serving president in the history of Zimbabwe. For that to happen, she will have to do more than the current purging and reshuffling.

She would have to set up real policies of reform and development and reach out to the international community. Key on her policy agenda should be WELFARE FOR THE POOREST, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, JOBS CREATION AND THE DEMOCRATISATION OF DECISION MAKING.

Lady Grace could transform her leadership style into a real African stateswoman. Ancient Egypt had its very own female pharaohs like Hatshepsut and Sobekneferu. Hatshepsut commissioned many construction projects, established trade networks and send successful trading delegations to the foreign land of Punt.

Could Lady Grace be able to reestablish Zimbabwe’s economy, commission construction projects like road rehabilitations? Can she create jobs ? Can she manage to rehabilitate the damaged foreign relations ? Can she manage to purge corruption and promote democratic decision making ? Its not impossible, it all depends on how Lady Grace

Mugabe transforms herself into a real African states woman and also how her behaviour and attitude can be influenced.

It is in my humble opinion, that pursuing a policy of coercion and antagonism against Lady Grace Mugabe is counterproductive. Rather, I think a policy of persuasion and rapport is ideal, in order to influence her attitude and behaviour in a manner that is beneficial to the people of Zimbabwe and the international community. Such a policy would result in a win-win situation for everyone in my opinion.

That is the rationale behind my writing, A POLICY OF PERSUASION to influence Lady Grace to do the RIGHT THING. I have tried the opposite policy with no results. Therefore, it is prudent to pursue this current policy of persuading and encouraging the first lady to do the right thing.

This rationale is underpinned by my interest which is to see a better Zimbabwe where the true measure of development is not who gets what post, or who drives a big fancy car, but rather how the nation treats its most vulnerable.

I care about the poor, the destitute, the forgotten of Zimbabwe and if pursuing a policy of persuasion, diplomatic encouragement and engagement with Lady Grace will result in a better environment for the underprivileged, then it is a policy worth pursuing.

Think about it.

Until then.
Au revoir !
Cde Nathaniel.
Disclaimer. (Not to be confused with Nathaniel Manheru)