‘I gave him food when everyone else was refusing to share with him:’ Mutsvangwa on Mugabe

By Sibanengi Dube

War Veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa was in Sandton (South Africa) yesterday where he addressed a press conference that I attended. I couldn’t believe what he was uttering.

War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa
War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa

Stunned journalists listened in horror as Mutsvangwa literally read from the MDC script, complaining about how undemocratic Robert Mugabe was and how the 93 year old despot was selfish and only concerned about surrendering power to his young and clinically ‘mad wife’, Grace.

He expressed anger over how Mugabe dumped his long time ally Emmerson Mnangagwa who he fired a few day ago, to pave way for his wife. He described the scenario as a coup through a marriage certificate.

He said Mugabe was handing over Zimbabwe to Grace just like a husband giving a ring to a wife. He called upon the people of Zimbabwe to stop the demented and senile Mugabe from parcelling out their country to Grace and her G40 protagonists. He refrained from ‘coup threats’ but appealed to SADC to intervene and avert a potentially looming bloody resistance.

Mutsvangwa fell short of apologising on behalf of the war veterans for violently terrorising MDC in the previous elections. This followed after journalists questioned his sudden change of heart.

“Vana vembwa havasvinure musi umwe chete,” he said.

Loosely translated as puppies do not open their eyes on the same day. 

Mutsvangwa also claimed that Mugabe never shot even one bullet in the liberation struggle. He went as far as claiming that the 93 year leader of Zanu PF was not in any way connected to the liberation struggle. He only came to the military camps once as he was banished to Maputo.

Mutsvangwa said he received the starving Mugabe when he arrived in Mozambique.

“I gave him food when everyone else was refusing to share their food with him,” said Mutsvangwa drawing laughter from members of the media.