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Funeral mayhem and terror…. Step-grandson cuts corpse, fondles granny, demands cash

By Whinsley Masara/ Prince Sunduzani

MOURNERS fled in terror when an injiva ran amok at his step grandfather’s funeral wake in Bulawayo, cutting up the corpse’s face, fondling his grandmother and demanding to see the colour of her urine.

An unidentified man (left) accompany an Injiva who caused chaos at funeral.

He even broke open a coffin and demanded to inspect the corpse’s toenails. Shadreck Matsose (41), who relatives say last came to visit in 2014, arrived at his late step grandfather’s house in Northend suburb on Monday and terrorised mourners who had gathered to pay their last respects.

The step-grandfather, Lesto Warasi (68), collapsed and died at his home on Friday last week and was buried at West Park Cemetery yesterday.

Matsose allegedly demanded money from his grandfather’s funeral policy.

“He claimed the money was substantial because his grandfather had been contributing for more than 30 years,” said a mourner who asked not to be named.

Continuing with his bizarre behaviour, Matsose allegedly grabbed a large kitchen knife and frenziedly shredded his grandfather’s mattress, claiming that’s where the money was stashed.

“After failing to find the money, he became violent and assaulted mourners. Residents fled. He then locked himself in a room with the corpse and cut its face several times. We suspect he was carrying out some muti ritual,” said a witness.Residents Association members had to call the police who detained Matsose at Sauerstown Police Station and released him yesterday morning in time for the burial.

“We had to call police yesterday because he destroyed property and assaulted mourners, seriously injuring one of them. However, as soon as police left him at the house today, he ran wild again,” said Ward 2 Residents Association secretary, Mrs Lucky Moyo.

A relative who asked not be named, citing fear of reprisal by the violent Matsose, said the injiva’s behaviour was disturbing, especially when one considered that Warasi was not even his blood relative.

“What he did ranks among the biggest cultural taboos in our culture. It is unthinkable that one can disrespect the dead, especially our elders in that manner,” said the relative.

“When he failed to find money in the house, he confronted Gogo and fondled her breasts. He accused her of hiding Khulu’s money in her bra. He chased her out of the house and she had to seek refuge at a nearby lodge,” said the relative.

The family members said they suspect the father of four had come to perform rituals on his grandfather as he chased everyone out of the room where the body was and cut the deceased face before leaving the coffin open.

“Men had to wrestle him after he had desecrated the body. He rabidly shouted that he wanted to inspect the body to see if there were no missing parts. Matsose said he wanted to check even the toe nails,” said the family member.

At the burial at West Park, The Chronicle observed the lanky Matsose pacing around, mumbling to himself.

His hands were swollen “from punching walls and beating up mourners.”

Mourners looked terrified and seemed to expect him to blow his top again at any moment.

A neighbour, Ms Mercy Phiri, said it was disturbing and unAfrican for someone who is not even a blood relative to cause such chaos at a funeral.

“When his grandmother excused herself to go to the toilet, Shadreck forced her to pee in his presence claiming he wanted to see the colour of her urine.
“The family has begged us to help them as they are afraid he may even kill them,” said Ms Phiri. The Chronicle

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