: Madiba’s grandson praises sister for opening up about rape

Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela has lauded his sister, Ndileka Mandela, for her disclosure of rape in her own home.

Ndileka Mandela has disclosed that she was raped in her home. File picture: Paballo Thekiso

Ndileka joined a growing number of women who have spoken out about their stories of rape through a social media campaign #MeToo.

Among them is former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson, who recently levelled rape allegations against a well-known sports administrator.

Ferguson had taken to Facebook and her blog to provide details of her ordeal, saying she was raped by the man one night 24 years ago in a Port Elizabeth Hotel.

Ndileka this week broke her silence, detailing how her former partner raped her at her home in 2012.

On Wednesday, Mandla said Ndileka’s disclosure of rape in her own home must be an encouragement for every household in South Africa to engage in a bold dialogue to confront this scourge.

“If it is possible for umzukulwana kaNkosi Dalibhunga (grandchild child of chief Dalibhunga) to be sexually assaulted and feel compelled to keep silent for five years, then we live in a very sick society and must ask ourselves how many thousands more have fallen victim to this crime of power,” he said.

“Sisi (sister) Ndileka drew on Madiba’s own example of disclosing my late father Nkosi Zwelinzima Makgatho Lewanika Mandela’s HIV status, and used it as an inspiration to add her voice to the growing list of women all over the world joining in the #MeToo campaign.”

Mandla called on all South Africans to bring an end to the silence and deal with the problem gnawing at the heart of the nation.

He said his sister’s bold disclosure must spur every home to create a safe space in which victims can muster the courage to speak about their ordeal and get the psychological support that every victim of rape deserved. The Star