Tarisai Vushe back to Revive Us

Zimbabwe-born female singer Tarisai Vushe took Australian Idol (2007) by storm and eventually came fifth in the singing competition. In April 2010 she launched her debut single ‘Head Over Heels’ before 50,000 people in Sydney. The singer then landed a role in the Disney Musical “The Lion King”.

Tarisai Vushe back to Revive Us
Tarisai Vushe back to Revive Us

Tarisai set out to record her debut album in the United States of America. She told Nehanda Radio that the album took almost a year to produce with a combination of three song writers and producers all with different stories that contributed to the journey of the album.

“Every individual that wrote a song on this album including myself has a story that relates to a certain song.”I thoroughly enjoyed my writing session in Georgia and it is something i will be looking forward in my next album. The interesting aspect about this album Redemption is that our personal experiences in life were all similar so it worked out to be a perfect combination.”

This year on the 18th of October, the first single out from the album REVIVE US was released.

“Revive us was written as a cry to God for REVIVAL. The world has been experiencing different problems such as war, natural disasters and political unrests in different nations. Our only hope is God resolving all these issues as we believe that He is the creator,” she said.

“Revive Us is a song that gives hope to anyone that feels like giving up due to their situation. No situation remains the same therefore at the end of the day there is always a solution.”

What about the album?

Tarisai says she will be launching her debut album REDEMPTION on the 11th of November in Sydney at her home church God’s Power Ministries. She has invited Zimbabwe based gospel singer Mathias Mhere to be a guest artist.

“I felt that i wanted to share the stage with one of my own as i remember my days growing up in Zimbabwe singing to gospel music in church.

“Mathias inspires me in so many ways.I have valued his music as it gives hope therefore i feel honored to be sharing the stage with him on the 11th of November,” she told Nehanda Radio.