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The Cult of Grace Mugabe

By Tendai Tagarira

 Denmark based Conflict Analyst: (Studied Conflict Analysis with UN Peace University)

A culture of power struggle, political brinkmanship and election violence is evident in Zimbabwe. How much of the conflict is fuelled by the cult of Grace Mugabe?

Provincial Governor and resident minister of Mashonaland Central Martin Dinha kneeling for First Lady Grace Mugabe (Picture by NewsDay)
Provincial Governor and resident minister of Mashonaland Central Martin Dinha kneeling for First Lady Grace Mugabe (Picture by NewsDay)

The system of devotion and veneration directed towards a particular figure or object goes back to the ancient world. In ancient Egypt and the Greco-Roman world, the cult of Isis exercised great political and religious influence. The cult was consulted by rulers and leaders, who sought omens for making decisions. Such cults claimed to interpret omens by inspecting the entrails of sacrificial victims and other intricate rituals like observing the flight path of birds or observing the movements of planets.

In Zimbabwe such cults existed and continue to exist, albeit in a hidden form that is not so obvious to the undiscerning eye. But thanks to Grace Mugabe, we now know there is a cult influencing decisions and events in the nation.

Zimbabwe’s first lady, Amai Grace Mugabe openly admitted at a political rally that she is at the helm of a major cult that is influencing the politics of the land. Her statement undoubtedly merits close inspection and deep analysis.

In her own words she said the following statement in a speech,

“ ASI Mwari akati enda unoshanda ku Mash Central. Kuno ku Mash Central kuno, sekuziva kwenyu ndoo kunobva kwaibva Mbuya Nehanda. Pagomba pandiri apo, vanoziva history, ndopavakabatwa ipapo nevarungu vakazoitwa execute ku Harare. Saka ini kana ndichinge ndirikushanda pagomba ipapo, ndonozviona ndichiita represent Mbuya Nehanda. Ndirimudzimai wemutungamiri wenyu, ndichibvumidzwa kuvaka panhu pakadaro, ndinoona zvakafarira kuti ndirikurepresenter Mbuya Nehanda. Mukasvika pa office pangu pane statue yavo. Patakaita birthday rapresident kuno uku, vakapihwa staue ya mbuya nehanda, ndikati haipfuri pano, inogara ipapo. Saka ndopairi.”

The english translation for her words is as follows,

“Then god said go and work in Mash Central. Here in Mash Central, as you know, is where Mbuya Nehanda comes from. In that pit (cult site) where I am based, for those who know history, that is where she (Nehanda) was captured by the whites and then executed in Harare. So when I am at work (cult work) at that pit (cult site), I see myself representing Mbuya Nehanda (as her incarnation). As the wife of your president, being allowed to built on such a place (pit-cult site) I see it fit that I am the incarnation (representation) of Mbuya Nehanda. If you come to my office, there is Nehandas statue (idol). When we had the presidents birthday ceremony, he was given her statue (Nehanda) and I said it will not leave the cult site (pit), it stays there. Thats where it is (statue, idol, cult object)”

Firstly, she claims god send her to Mash Central. But which god? The Hebrew GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or another god?

Secondly, she admits having build and operating from the ancient cult site or shrine of Nehanda, a spirit medium (svikiro).

Thirdly, she admits herself to be the incarnation of Nehanda, meaning she believes to now embody in the flesh, the spirit that was on Nehanda.

Forth, she admits to be in possession of a cult idol (statue) of Nehanda, which was gifted to the president.

Minister Chombo kneeling before Grace Mugabe at a rally
Minister Chombo kneeling before Grace Mugabe at a rally

Therefore, in one statement, Grace Mugabe has admitted to be at the helm of a svikiro (spirit) cult and herself channeling that spirit, whose worship obviously includes going into a trance, sacrifices, rituals and veneration of the cult object (statue).Thus Grace Mugabe admits to be a priestess, a svikiro, which is ironic, since she also claims to be a Christian. Remember Leviticus 19 verse 31, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your GOD.”

History records that Nyamhika was the half sister of Matope, who ordered his son Mutota to commit an incest ritual with Nyamhika, who went on to become Nehanda. The incestuous and sexual ritual “heiros gamos” was believed to be potent magic for strengthening Matopes rule. Such were some of the rituals that established the Nehanda cult and political influence and the first lady Grace Mugabe admits to be continuing the cult practices, rituals and traditions of the Nehanda cult.

In this context, it is imperative to ask the following questions.

What role does the cult of Grace Mugabe have on conflict and the political paradigm emerging Zimbabwe?

Is the cult a secret driver of national conflict through its secret practices, actions and decisions ?

Who are the members? Which top leaders consult Grace Mugabe and how much of their decisions are based on her advice and or commands ?

What rituals are involved in channelling the spirit ?

How much political influence does she have ?

How many of the nations decisions are being made based on the consultations of the svikiro Grace Mugabe?

The nation deserves answers because the cult of Grace Mugabe, albeit operating as a hidden secret society, its actions and decisions are impacting the people.