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‘I beat her up, she deserves it

By Yemurai Nyarungwe

There was drama at the Harare Civil court when a man claimed he beats his wife because she deserves it.

Delma Mabena
Delma Mabena

Delmar Mabena opened up in court saying that her husband, Lynos Zindova, exercises psychological, physical and emotional abuse on her.

“Your Worship, it’s like I am living in hell with a monster.

“He is always after my life.

“He always beats me up for no reason and always insults me regardless of the crowd around us.”

She went on saying that it is not her fault as people visit their house to fetch water as they are the only ones who drilled a borehole in the neighborhood.

“He thinks they are my friends whilst they are only neighbours to me.

In response Zindova said:

“I am opposing what she is saying your worship.

“She invites half naked women to the house and it pisses me a lot.

“I once tried talking to her but she does not listen.

Zindova added that he beats up his wife because she deserves it and also that his action is justified.

“I do have the right to beat her because she is trying to tempt me by bringing naked women at my house.

“Ndikazovanyenga oda kuzoti ndatadza iye achindiedza.

“Yes I chase her away from the house sometimes because her actions will end up tarnishing my reputation.

“She invites a lot of friends at the house, so if I beat her in front of those silly friends of hers she will tell them to stop visiting my house.

“I tried talking to her nicely but it seems she wants things the hard way.”

Magistrate Tatenda Sharon Chipanga granted the protection order in Mabena’s favour. H-Metro