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Pool of death ‘claims’ Poly student

By Nyaradzo Bakari and Siphathisiwe Tshuma

A STUDENT from Bulawayo Polytechnic College allegedly committed suicide by throwing himself into Enkwalini, also known as the “pool of death”, following a misunderstanding with his mother.

Scores of Entumbane residents thronged the Infamous Enkwalini dam were a younman is suspected to have thrown himselves following a misunderstanding with his mother.

The “pool of death” in Entumbane suburb has claimed many lives over the years.

Timothy Michael Tembo (24) from Entumbane suburb allegedly told his friends that he was going to commit suicide on Monday afternoon.

His family is in anguish as his body has not been recovered.

The family suspects Tembo threw himself into the pool on Monday night after finding his slippers at the side of the pool.

A family member, who was part of scores of residents that waited by the pool for the police sub-aqua unit yesterday, declined to speak to the Press.

“We are in great suspense. We cannot speak until his body has been found,” said a woman who declined to identify herself.

Tembo’ friends said he was distressed and they last they saw him moving around the edge of the pool on Monday evening.

He was a final year boiler making student at Bulawayo Polytechnic College.

The sub-aqua unit searched for the body for hours yesterday and had to give up when it became too dark.

They are scheduled to resume the search today.

A source close to investigations said Timothy had a misunderstanding with his mother on Sunday, leading to his disappearance from home on Monday morning.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said investigations were underway.

In January, the body of Ngoni Savanhu (43) was found floating in the “pool of death,” days after he went missing.

Last year in April, an 18-year-old boy died in another suicide case in the same pool.

It is alleged that Victor Sibanda committed suicide after being beaten up by his mother for scratching a car belonging to the mother’s boyfriend.

A week earlier, Dalisa Ntele, a man from Njube suburb had allegedly killed himself in the pool.

It is alleged that he had told his family and neighbours they were seeing him for the last time.

Witnesses said he sat at the edge of the pool for a long time sniffing snuff. Suspicious fishermen quizzed him about his intentions but he told them to stay away from him. When they did he threw himself into the water.

The body of a 16-year-old girl was found floating in the pool last year, a few days after she had gone missing. She was a Form Four pupil at a city school and it was suspected that she committed suicide after finding out that she was pregnant.

Earlier this year, Entumbane residents suggested churches and traditionalists should combine to exorcise a spirit of death from Enkwalini.

They said there was a demon that invited community members to plunge to their death at the pool.

Residents urged the City council to fence the pool and have it guarded.

In April, Entumbane Councillor Gladys Masuku said council would look into putting a perimeter fence around the pool and engage security guards.

Reports say this is a man-made pool, dug allegedly by Davies Granite for quarry stones. After getting the stones and the money that goes with them, they left a gaping ground that has become a death hole. Water collects in it whenever it rains. The company has denied responsibility. The Chronicle