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Hungry Zims stampede for hangman’s job

At least 50 people want to become Zimbabwe’s hangman, a job that fell vacant over a decade ago, officials said Tuesday, stressing that applicants were “very interested” in the role.

Over 117 prisoners on death row in Zimbabwe.... but no hangman
Over 117 prisoners on death row in Zimbabwe…. but no hangman

The country, which has an unemployment rate of more than 90 percent by some measures, last executed a prisoner in 2005, after which the serving hangman retired.

“The response has been overwhelming and the applications have been from both men and women,” justice ministry secretary Virginia Mabhiza told the NewsDay newspaper.

“We have received over 50 applications in the past few months. People are very interested.”

After a long search, a new hangman was reported to have been appointed in 2012 but the chosen candidate was never confirmed.

Rights groups including Amnesty International have often called on Zimbabwe, which has 92 inmates on death row, to abolish capital punishment.

Zimbabwe’s new 2013 constitution exempts women from the hangman’s noose.

“All men between 18 and 69 years (who) have been convicted of murder in aggravated circumstances can receive capital punishment,” Mabhiza was quoted as saying.

She did not say when the hangman would be appointed or if Zimbabwe intended to revive executions soon.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was justice minister until a recent cabinet reshuffle, is a strong opponent of the death penalty. Radio VOP

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  • Only 50 applicants responded. Is this a stampeded, compared to the dynamics of Zim. Zvimwe zvacho

  • We are all sentenced to death

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  • i will better die poor.

  • If Mugabe , his family and friends were on death row I will be the first one to apply for that job

  • i send my CV longtime back but they never responded am sure basa racho ndiro rakatorwa naSaviour Kasukuwere

  • Munangagwa does not want death penalty because he could face it one day..Stanley Goreraza” Stanley Goreraza| Do you remember the nightmare of election violence in 2008? Well, the murderer responsible for that wicked episode in our country’s history confessed in a recently held politiburo meeting. Emmerson Mnangagwa actually boasted of saving Zanupf and Mr Mugabe by having hundreds of opposition supporters murdered and thousands of homes destroyed in rural areas. [ 209 more words ]
    ‘Mnangagwa pleads guilty to 2008 murders & terror’

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  • Are they still taking applications,please?

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  • Isu taka dayidzwa ku interview they said they might call

  • At least I was shortlisted…..can’t wait to bag it

  • They are taking too long to recruit..what’s the problem…no need to communicate the process instead action action….people who killed should face the same fat.

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  • Stampede ???? show us pic’s

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