Mugabe brands Moyo a “sell-out” as Mnangagwa hits back in heated politburo meeting

President Robert Mugabe branded Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo a “sellout” during a heated politburo meeting where Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa came out swinging.

Jonathan Moyo seen here with Mugabe

After Moyo’s video presentation on the 19th of July this year, accusing Mnangagwa of capturing key state institutions in a bid to take over from Mugabe, it was the turn of the Vice President to respond at Wednesday’s meeting of the Zanu PF politburo.

Mnangagwa presented his own dossier exposing Moyo’s alleged role in leaking Zanu PF and state secrets to the media and foreign spy agencies. The VP also readout articles in which Moyo said Mugabe “was no longer fit for office” and also even criticised the influence of his “young wife”.

Despite spirited attempts by Grace to help Moyo, Mugabe was having none of it. After Grace reportedly patted Moyo on the back saying “I like Jonathan (Moyo) because he accepts his mistakes unlike some people here,” Mugabe is said to have interjected telling the meeting;

“We cannot have people who sell out like that. It is unacceptable that all these crimes are by one man. Only one man! Why? Why do you talk to the likes of (Sapes head) Ibbo Mandaza and his regime change friends?”

“The President asked why Moyo had never talked about the issue of trying to form a party on Mnangagwa’s behalf in the past (if that was true). He said the issue was irrelevant now and that he knew of G40, but not Lacoste,” a source who spoke to the NewsDay newspaper is reported saying.



“He (Mnangagwa) was aggressive yesterday (Wednesday) when he presented his response, accusing Moyo of leaking sensitive politburo and confidential government information to the media. He asked the meeting to reflect in 10 minutes of silence why politburo minutes and sensitive information were now always being leaked to the media,” the source said.

“It was a gripping account of the man that Moyo is. His association with Western powers especially the Americans and that country’s CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Mnangagwa identified Moyo’s handler and his code number as a source of information.

“Mnangagwa gave dates of meetings and the information leaked from government and party gatherings between Moyo and his handlers.

“Moyo’s discussions at (local think-tank) Sapes (Southern African Political and Economic Series) and his introduction of (Defence minister Sydney) Sekeramayi as a potential successor to the President when the party policy has consistently been that there is no vacancy”.

Mnangagwa reportedly began his presentation with a video clip of Kasukuwere praising the VP’s contributions to the struggle and development of the country.

“It was an eight-minute video of Kasukuwere during the Chiwundura by-election campaign early this year introducing Mnangagwa as the most loyal cadre Zanu PF and Mugabe has ever known. Kasukuwere was shown extolling Mnangagwa’s virtues and at the end the VP asked how he could suddenly have turned against the President in a matter of months.

“He painted Moyo and Kasukuwere as serial flip-floppers. Moyo was shown denigrating the President, his marriage to a younger wife and that he had overstayed as leader of the country,” the sources said.

“Mugabe sat there thumping his fingers on the table and tapping his feet apparently in anger as Mnangagwa played videos and read from articles Moyo wrote arguing the President was no longer fit for office. Moyo, (Vice-President Phelekezela) Mphoko and Kasukuwere sat sullen-faced as Mnangagwa tore into G40.”


Moyo later told the politburo meeting that he had accepted his mistakes.

“He argued that he had accepted his mistakes, including the Tsholotsho Declaration that Mnangagwa was part of. He accused Mnangagwa of dumping them at the 11th hour and having been behind the stillborn formation of a party after the Tsholotsho debacle,” the source added.



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  • So for all along Mugabe didn’t know that ?

    • Ofcourse he knew

    • Giant Gold Goliath

      I don’t know about now with the way the things are but I can tell you Mugabe has always known everything that goes on in Zimbabwe.
      He doesn’t like sloppiness. The problem is the association between his wife and G-40, Mugabe has never taken sides, never needed to, he doesn’t need to start faction wars because people are dying over the decades to appear to please him as this is the only way to further one’s ambitions for power.
      It’s the power of compartmentalization, hence the periodic cabinet reshuffling, no one dares misinform the president because you don’t know what the next guy is telling him. You can still do your corrupt dealings but in your reports to government you have to be professional with Mugabe, and his CIO tell him everything about the corrupt deals because that’s their job. That’s why Chombo is very close to him, he is so corrupt Mugabe doesn’t even need a file on him. Chombo, as are many of the old guard in the party, is in a precarious position, being too close to the power of a dying legacy, renders you powerful in the interim yet very disposable in the foreseeable future.

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        does anybody fund any program they are in charge of? he produced results vamwe kuba and zero product. Ed is a hard worker

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  • The worst thing that a rival can do during a war is to disclose how one plans to attack one’s enemy. Probably, the G40 camp have set themselves up for failure by revealing their intentions to get rid of EDM, and how they were planning to do it. EDM, together with his strategists, securocrats financiers and internal and external backers now know what is at stake and will not allow themselves to be stopped in their tracks. Like wounded lions, they will seek to ensure that does not happen. As I have always maintained in my previous observations, it therefore, would be either naïve or ignorant to think that EDM and his radical camp would surrender primarily because the VP has had a petty fallout with his boss and the boss’s wife over the poisoning saga. Clearly, the internal ruling party simmering infighting and the tussle to succeed RGM is now at fever pitch. And EDM may capitalise on the G40’s obvious weaknesses.

    • In this world people do not believe anything that you tell them and they have evidence for their decision.
      Tell a rival exactly what you are going to do and you will confuse them so much. I believe that is the plan.

    • It’s a poor strategy #KarenVaughan. In the run up to the cabinet reshuffle, the Lacoste camp were alerted in advance that it was specifically meant to trim EDM’s powers. The Lacoste at that time might have adopted a wait-and-see. But now, they know what the other faction is capable of, and that they announce their plans publicly in advance and then execute. So the Lacoste camp will be in counterattack mode this time around to avoid a repeat, and they will be out in full force.

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      Very true, Mugabe even has counter intelligence about ED and all of them.

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