Cops use water cannons to clear vendors

Riot police used water cannon salvoes to scatter vendors

By Helen Kadirire

Harare City Council (HCC) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police yesterday implemented a high-handed blitz against vendors in the city centre targeted at removing all hawkers.

Police officers enforcing the ban on illegal vendors along Simon Muzenda Street (formerly Fourth Street) in Harare yesterday afternoon
Police officers enforcing the ban on illegal vendors along Simon Muzenda Street (formerly Fourth Street) in Harare yesterday afternoon

The blitz, which started off around the Market Square area, rounded up traders in the greater parts of downtown Harare. 

Riot police used water cannon salvoes to scatter vendors.

Operation Restore Order was mooted after President Robert Mugabe told a youth gathering at the weekend that illegal vendors should be taken off the streets.

When the Daily News scanned the streets of Harare yesterday, there were no pushcarts in sight while the few brave vendors who were left behind had little wares.

Some vendors who spoke to the Daily News said even if the authorities removed them, they would be back as their market was in town.

“Even if they arrest us and confiscate our wares we will not be deterred. We cannot go to Coca-Cola Corner or Coventry Road because no one goes there. The people who buy from us are in the central business district (CBD),” one vendor who declined to be named said.

HCC spokesperson Michael Chideme said the city’s thrust is to ensure that all vendors comply with the directive to move to designated sites.

“We have managed to secure mobile toilets which we placed at all the designated sites. In some places like Coventry Road, where we anticipate a lot of traffic due to the kombis, we have placed an additional four ablution blocks for the traders’ and customers’ convenience,” he said.

Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (Viset) director Samuel Wadzai said until the alternative designated sites that council has established have been made conducive for business, traders will go there.

“The operation which is using the same tag line as Murambatsvina is irrational, inhuman and barbaric. Street vendors provide valuable services to the population while trying to earn livelihoods and it is the duty of the State to provide safety to the population as it earns a living.

“Forceful eviction of informal traders will not solve the current vending morass where such evictions do not correspond with the allocation of alternative spaces in the designated sites,” he said. Daily News

  • Tangai mapa vanhu mabasa

  • Zvichapera mhata dzenyu imi mapurisa namhdara venyu

  • Wonderful ,pavements are for walkng

    • But mouths and stomachs are for feeding…kkk

    • Tbere are designated areas for sellung the council built them, even those old flea market bacame vegetable places i wud rather buy expensive vegies inside the supermarket than support people selfish people who litter the city evry day..they are the major reason ehy its so dirty

  • This was overdue. Vendors should have designated areas where they can conduct their busness.

  • 1980 vazhinji vaka pembera Ngozi vachiti Midzimu.

  • mujibha

    It’s high time Harare was a nightmare.

  • With unemployment at 99%,what must they do to feed they family’s,it may be irritating but the have to make money…

  • Good move people will really notice kuti nhamo irimo munyika voziva pekugadzirisa…if possible tumai futhi mapurisa andilozvambura varijoni dhayasipora kuti dzokai mushandre kumba tiite muonera pamwe 2018

    • Hauna mukanwa you dont sympathize with fellow citizens.Actually ndiwe unoda kuzvamburwa

  • tsvaga chikonzero chaita musoro uteme kusimbirira mhopo, mhopo pamusana wongororora chaita musoro uteme, let’s open our industry, let’s us create investor confidence environment, let us give people with innovative solutions key position, let us fight corruption in each and every sector, let us create more jobs as much as we want to have many graduates, let us plan and organise our economy without blaming others, let us start to monitor and evaluate our resources wisely

  • Siyai mavendor akadaro mubvise mahwindi

  • Zvange zvanyanyawo. Tsvina yange yanyanya.

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