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Big boat spectacle on Zim highway

By Sydney Kawadza

The African Dream, a houseboat believed to be one of the biggest houseboats to have been built in Zimbabwe and has been a spectacle along the Harare-Masvingo Highway, passed through Masvingo city yesterday after a painstaking five-day journey from the capital.

This Botswana bound boat which left Harare on Sunday is expected to spend ten days to reach its destination.

The boat handlers chose to use the longer route to Victoria Falls to avoid traffic congestion that is associated with the Harare-Bulawayo Highway, as that could have resulted in a major disruption of traffic flow.

According to crew members travelling with the gigantic houseboat, the journey to Victoria Falls would take a further 10 days.

“We are moving at approximately 30km/hour on good roads like this one (Masvingo-Bulawayo Road), but the journey from Harare to Masvingo was painstakingly slow,” said one crew member.

According to the Fisherman Magazine, the African Dream, which branched off the Harare-Masvingo Highway is heading towards Bulawayo on its way to Victoria Falls.

In Victoria Falls, it will cross Kazungula Border Post into Botswana, where it will be launched onto the Chobe River.

The houseboat will operate as a floating luxury hotel — the biggest ever to operate on both the Chobe and Zambezi rivers.

“For the technical mind, the ‘ship’ will measure an impressive 33.4m (109’) in length, with an eight metre beam (26’) — wider than the entire road — boasting three spacious decks, of which the upper-most deck will be removed for the journey,” according to the Fisherman Magazine.

“Though her total weight once complete is 157 tonnes, she will be stripped to around 100 tonnes for the three-week long road trip.”

The boat is being accompanied by a police escort, and a plethora of technicians, including some from Zesa Holdings.

The houseboat carrier will average around 10km/hour, stopping every few kilometres to allow road traffic to pass.

“If you are on the roads in the next three weeks between Harare and Masvingo, or Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, you might need to exercise a little patience,” the Fisherman Magazine warned.

The majestic boat has provided a spectacle as road users and on-lookers jostle to take photos. The Chronicle

  • How true ist that it’s coming to Botswana?

  • Mozambique thts wat I heard

  • This platform has gone to far on lies

    • Its true

    • Good things are happening in Zimbabwe although we have our fair share of problems. The African dream was built in Masasa near Ransbury Mercedes and it’s not the 1st one.

    • champion lover

      Do you have proof that its a lie or its only that you are not well informed. Cant you believe that we still have the brains and the capacity to do good things in Zimbabwe.

    • I see it myself, even where it was made, in Msasa

    • Chikonamombe things are happening around. Kikikiki I like yr level of doubt, chenjerai kupfuura Thomas kikkmk

  • Where is it heading to, if not Kariba or Binga.

  • Africa…Some are already living in space, a houseboat is a breath stopping scene in Zimbabwe.

    • its all about zim engineering bro……….. why dont you go where they live in space

    • Could have been way ahead.

    • This is just new to nehanda lol house boats have been built in Zimbabwe for donkey years. Maiti isu masalad. I’ve seen bigger & built in Zimbabwe😂😂

  • Kkkk aiyas

  • Wasn’t it possible for them to break it into small parts so that it fits in a goods train or in a truck? This is embarrassing🙈.

    Nehanda Radio; please I’m having it difficult to read your articles in your website. There is too much interference. I’m not sure whether if I’m the only one who is experiencing this problem.

    • Pawakati mha ipapo ungapa idea ipi kumunhu akagadzira chinhu chakadai iwewe.

    • I’m sure chinopatsanurika. Mota zhinji dzinouya ari maParts dzozojoinwa kuno. Zvingaramba pachikepe here?

      • Prof

        Most of the equipment used to join it is not easily movable…so it is “cheaper” to move it this way…there are a lot of learned guys involved in these things so such issues are considered in the project planning…

    • cc

      after breaking it then you transport the whole factory and machinery and set up a factory parwizi ipapo ..tichidhonza magetsi nekuvaka dzimba dzvashandi etc…..to re assemble the boat …..then transport the whole factory again to H town …thats great thinking Bootie

  • With the “strip” roads that exists in the country it surely should have been mission impossible.

  • Zim roads are a nightmare!

  • Like that lovely:-)

  • Remember the first hydrofoil ???

  • Which company has built that boat

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  • Peter Oosthuizen

    great looking boat, interesting that it’s cheaper to build it in Zimbabwe and transport to Bots then building it there.

  • Remember titanic!

  • PAmuchanyura mese ndopamuchaona kuti hamuna kungwara. Ask the makers of Titanic

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  • I’ve got my hand on this on. Kkkkkk

  • Today’s news, I thought its the world’s biggest boat

  • Lol that’s not the biggest in Zimbabwe. You just haven’t known the community that builds house boats. Ask people who live that life. It’s new to some that weren’t domestic tourists.

  • Reminds me my brother Harry Russell he used to build these things

  • Usanyepera vanhu iwe, get proper details from the manufacturers then post the correct info, pa size apo waulaya, safe trip guys, GWEJA ndivigirewo chouviri pa chobe apo, congrads guys boat looks great.

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  • This is the best news I have heard so far coming frm my beloved zim

  • Great engineers

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  • mwana wacho

    Can someone tell me please, which one of the roads is busier Harare to Bulawayo or Harare to Masvingo Road? How many trucks pass through the Harare to Bulawayo road as compared to Harare Masvingo Road?

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  • But great invention

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      10% less cost. Kushaya njere….vakazowana imwe problem chapinda mumvura for the 1st time , ibasa zvakare.

      Bad Engineering.

  • that house boat was build here in harare in masasa ndiriziva in and out irikuenda ku namibia

  • Is it the boat going to Vic Falls via Masvingo then Botswana??