Eddie Cross writes on Tsvangirai’s health

By Eddie Cross

Somehow life always manages to disappoint. When I was younger, I was ambitious and aggressive and at 38 years old found myself at the head of a large Agri-food company with over 3000 employees. I was voted the “Most Outstanding Young Zimbabwean” by the Jaycees and then Businessman of the Year. To the world around me I had arrived in human and financial terms.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka

But the reality was that I found that my achievements were an empty paper bag, smart on the outside, empty and nondescript on the inside. It was a shock and a wakeup call. There were compensations – the aspect of being the leader in some sense, of a management team and staff, the challenge of taking them through the turbulence of the transition in 1980 when we became Independent and a new government took control. The challenges of meeting market demand with limited resources – both financial and human.

When you get married it is often in the glow of a new love. After a few years the glow fades, neither of you are what you were at 25 years old and what is then needed is commitment and dedication. Marriages based on both are rewarding and satisfactory. If you do not believe me then look up all the research – why do orthodox, conservative (theologically) people have more fulfilled marriages than those without a faith? Even the sex is better!! It’s the same with life itself – so often it is all about a struggle with controlled satisfaction and a sense of achievement is very often missing.

It is not about status or money – it is something that grows inside of each person who faces life with the right attitude. At one of the companies I led, I found a person in Head Office whose job it was to make and deliver tea and coffee to the staff. In middle age he was quite happy with what he did but the service he gave was lousy.

I called him in and told him he was fired. He reacted with complete shock and then I told him that I was instead, going to give him his job back as a business venture. We would fund the project, give him what he needed but he had to sell his services to the staff. In weeks he was in a smart uniform – had employed an assistant and was not only offering tea and coffee but snacks and light lunches. He was a roaring success and the small kitchen he had been using for years was completely transformed. I am sure that change reflected into his home and into his social life. What he made was not my business, just that the staff at Head Office had a better service available to them at a price that they accepted.

When we started the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999, it was in great hope that we would sweep the board and take power in a matter of a few years. We nearly did, beating the sitting Government in the referendum in 2000 and then nearly unseating them in the elections. The man who made it all possible was the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Morgan Tsvangirai. Dynamic and charismatic he caught the imagination of the people of this country in a way that we had not seen since the era of Joshua Nkomo and Ndabaningi Sithole. As we followed him into battle he earned our respect and loyalty.

I am certain he won the 2002 Presidential election – beating the incumbent, Robert Mugabe by a wide margin but the regime simply falsified the results and stopped the voting after two days when it was clear he was heading for a landslide. Three years later, in another heavily manipulated election MDC was beaten soundly and found itself facing a regime with a clear two thirds majority. Then came the near total collapse of the economy and South Africa stepped into the ring and facilitated a reasonable election – MDC won most seats and Morgan won the Presidency gaining 54 per cent of the vote – Mugabe 27 per cent.

Again, he was denied the Presidency by the security services who simply falsified the results and this led to a Government of National Unity in 2009. Then 2013 when, MDC was undermined by the failure of Regional States to keep their side of the 2008/9 bargain, Zanu PF were again able to crush the Party and retake a two thirds majority. Once again, the country slid into an economic and political crisis which now threatens the stability of the State and the welfare of all its citizens.

During all this, Morgan Tsvangirai stuck to his principles, refusing to allow violence or retribution, when abandoned by his closest colleagues he carried on, he has suffered constant propaganda attacks and worse. His wife, the light of his life, was killed in what many of us believe was a hit in the form of a staged accident caused by a State controlled truck driven by an army officer. Without financial support he has often gone without and has been unable to pay his essential staff who have simply gone on working without pay.

Now, just as we expect a wave of support for our 2018 Chakachaya program, he is suffering from an aggressive form of colon cancer. He has been struggling with his treatment and the family is concerned that he might not handle the election and subsequently the responsibility of being President of a country in a deep crisis. After a lifetime of principled struggle, to have it all threatened by a disease in your body. Life can be a bastard at times.

And if you think that is a tough situation – just think about Emmerson Mnangagwa who in the past two weeks has just recovered from being poisoned at a Zanu PF Rally, been lambasted publicly on several occasions by the so called “First Lady” and now humiliated in public by the President – someone whom he has loyally supported all his life.

So often in the past 50 years, Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken the heat for Mr. Mugabe, it was the Vice President as Chairman of the Joint Operations Command who gave Zanu PF their two thirds majority in 2013 and returned Mr. Mugabe to State House for another 5-year term. An effective, even brilliant organizer he has held the State captive for Zanu PF. One of the very few Zanu PF Ministers whose hands are relatively clean of corruption he has survived in the Shark Tank – but now is under sustained and coordinated attack.

Many will argue that those who live by the sword will die in the same way, but still it’s a tough call for a man whose whole life has been dedicated to his Party and the State President, even though he knows full well, that the President, more than any other person, is at the very center of our problems and must go or the country runs the risk of either armed conflict, a coup or simply becoming a failed State.

And if you think that these two gentlemen have been given a tough ride by life, just think about the rest of us. We have had our entire life savings wiped out and it looks like it’s happening again, we have suffered under a Military Junta of sorts and the ravages of life under a totally corrupt regime for 37 years and it shows no signs of going unless forced. Where does that leave us – just depending on God for our survival and for some sense that the struggle is worth it and that we must carry on.

My own experience is that despite all that life throws at us, if we have the right attitude and real faith in God, we will discover the wonderful truth that the rest does not matter and that God does not owe us a dime. In the end we are “more than conquerors”.

Eddie Cross is the MDC-T MP for Bulawayo South but writes here in his personal capacity

  • My advice to him is “ipa chitanda kune umwe and focus on yo health. After all we only live once”

  • May God heal that man. We want to see the end. I will pray for him he will be well.

    • GOD

      ok will try

  • So sad save may the Lord almighty heal yaa

  • Yes ts high time someone takes over

  • GOD

    I enjoyed the article until he started to talk about me. I don’t care about the Rohingya people and I don’t care about Zimbabwe. Im tired of people saying I can help. I fucking can’t.

  • Sory

  • This is the man who behaves exactly like the current president. It is so obvious to everyone that he is not well and can not handle the pressure that comes with elections campaign. Why not step down and someone takes over as soon as possible. We are few months away from election.
    This is being self centred and selfishness.

    • Indeed I once mentioned the MDC -T talks of change without change at all.How can you battle elections and ill health? He is discrediting himself.

    • Very tru…h z gng t cost a lot f ppl aplenty bcz f hz egoisim

    • Endai muno register kuvhota

    • Some of the names that liked this are so disgusting. Why would you choose such a name? Something wrong with your head.

  • Kana Moses haana kusvika Kenani

    • tafamutekwe

      Tongogara, Chitepo, Nikita Mangena the list is endless.

  • Ngaape Chamisa

    • tafamutekwe

      Even Khupe. Why not. A woman should make a difference in a country reduced to rubbish by self opinionated men.

  • Moses akatardzwa kunzi uko but iwe hauchasvike ikoko asi vana vako ndovachapinda muCanaan nyika izere uchi nemukaka. Tokutendai nekumbooneswa kut muhurumende munonaka, gvt of national unit, Zimbabwe itsva mmmm baba hamuchaigoni asi munenge muchiona chete. tambidzai vamwe chtanda tipfuurire mberi 2018 ane pressure uyo.

  • The sad thing is that there are many strong educated men who are passing on now and were never used in the last 37 years to provide for the community so that they could really be part of the decision making in Zimbabwe.
    I am afraid this happens all over the world while people helplessly die of starvation and indignities put on them. The leaders in the meantime are squabbling.

    • Squabbling? The incumbent leader does not entertain people who disagree with him. Squabbling didn’t cause our current problems , a dictator decided he was a god and nobody else was fit to succeed him. He has done everything he can to retain power.

    • Every time he opens his mouth is some kind of diversion from the work he should be doing and yes when he is disagreeing or accusing other people he is not doing his job. When he doesn’t do his job then the situation deteriorates and when he reacts in his disagreements he hurts the population.

  • Why can’t Eddie Cross take the reigns …just thinking

  • There is No “That Great” Measure/Metric, . . . that could really express How Great God Is . . .God is real, we order him to heal our Zim bro. Cancer…I Order you to be silent ,our good God will remove the pain .

    • At this rate our great great great grand children will be dead when your god deigns to respond

    • GOD

      You need help…

    • You do not get to “order” God or anyone else for that matter. You woukd do well to inquire of God what His will is over the matter. John the Baptist died at 30 and Jesus at 33. It’s life. Get with the program abd stop these delusions

  • I am sure most people acknowledge that TSVANGIRAI has fought a multi-frontier battle. He has won some of it and not all of it. The biggest battle he now faces in his health circumstances is NOT to be Mugabe’s copy pasted character. He needs to hand over to someone elected according to the party policies and guidelines. He will still have a role in politics but focus more on his health – people will understand and support his decision

    • Well said 😘

    • the only candidate strong to remove Mugabe is Tsvangirai he is the key figure to remove zanu

    • I share your view Ronald Chigwida

    • aA fit and up and running Tsvangirai will do that But he has enough battles of his own at the moment. It does not mean he will vanish away from politics. He will be there and play another role

    • Into zamashona so😂😂😂

  • The body needs Rest end of story. ..Forget about the President 🙏🙏🙏

  • Please stop talking nonsense, Only God knows the destiny of Zimbabwe

    • GOD


  • Bullshit… ko kutaura nezve age ya president arukutonga currently makuda kukonzeresa friction ku opposition…. murivanyengeri imi mose

  • Sad news i wish him speed recovery

  • Anything from Cross is crap!!

  • Surely life can be just too bad

  • wish him speed recoveryy

  • Yah life can be meaningless at times

  • it’s not a big deal, Moses died before reaching the promised land

  • I believed in u b4,but since ur Ndebeles article-fuck u Eddie cross!

  • GOD

    Poor Zimbabwe, some lunatics think Im real.

  • Chamisa to lead

  • Tsvangirai should rest and get sick leave

  • kutonga machinda kani havatongi/kan kutungamirira wega ,ko mashaya zvekutaura here,ipapa hapana kana aka mbotaura nezve kukuridzira ku register, asi kukuridzira kisiya chigaro haaaaaa, chii nhai?

  • It was never God’s will for Tsvangirai to be President. We may make our own plans but God has the final say, knowing God’s plan and will for your life prevents you from having to toil in vain. This is a lesson for everyone. Make sure that whatever you work at in life is backed up by God Himself or else you are labouring in vain. Its sad I know, I also feel sorry for him but many of us are also labouring in vain, living outside the will of God for our lives and then when things don’t work out we ask “But where did I go wrong??”. Know God’s will for your life and stick to that, so that whatever you do has God’s blessing.

    • I entirely disagree with you.

    • How does one get to know God’s will

    • GOD

      You are mad. That is my final say.

    • You shouldn’t say “It was never God’s will for Tsvangirai to be President”, maybe all that’s happening is part of God’s will, the good & the bad, but you don’t know God’s will for his life, because you’re not God & you’re not Tsvangirai either. Maybe you should stick to prayer & getting to know God’s will for your own life so you can help the lost folk get saved, rather than placing fullstops & commas in people’s lives.

    • Do you know God’s will for people? Judge not for you shall be judged as well

  • Evan mawarire must be a new name in politics ‘this time around ,if tsvangirai cant stand himself it means there is no game

  • Icho chinoita kuti asapa vane hutano chekugarira chiii

  • Mr Tsvangirai is a great leader, we pray that let God’s will be done.He (God) knows what s the future holds for our MDCT

  • teaboy will NEVER rule zim

  • It’s part of life, in other words it’s unpredictable. I wish u get well soon

  • Morgan Tsvangirai is similar to Mugabe he has to handover power he already save in the State House and accomplished zero. As we have seen a man who rose from Workers Union has never looked back to the needs of those workers again and now we are being exploited by Asia

  • K;K

    Morg if he is not well (we ordinary people are not sure what is happening) but if it is true, he should give the baton to Biti to be assisted by someone like Prof and he could be in the wings to assist if need be and recuperate

  • Inga vamwe vanongofa vachimka wan

  • Va cross vava mutauriri wemhuri yekwa Tsvangirai here hamuone kuti vanenge vamhanya here apa hupenyu ndehwa mwari iye wacho wamuri kuti asiirwe zvake zvirwere munozviziva let’s pray for him pane kutanga kuitisa ma division

  • Chikiti

    Chamatama must retire and rest at home, politics hadzipere

  • Vabatwa offside kkkkkk

  • Eddie cross uri satan chaiye anouraya vanhu vachiri vapenyu chimbwa sungata

  • This disgusting tribe

  • 94 year old candidate another bedridden what the fuck is this msoonery?

  • Eddie haanyepi

  • Ita high time this man takes rest. Pride pays no more.

  • Morgan,go onto cannabis treatment

  • The last time I checked this Eddie Cross is neither Tsvangirai nor the party’s spokesperson

    • cineaste

      So? It clearly says he writes in his personal capacity…at least read the damn thing before criticizing.

  • We want his wisdom. Just tell him to lead us even to toilets cos pres RG has failed us

  • Of course yes but ngatiregiste tivhote

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