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Soldier stabs pregnant cop wife

By Tendai Rupapa

A 36-year-old soldier reportedly stabbed his pregnant wife, who is a police officer, more than five times, leaving her seriously wounded before breaking both her hands after she had asked for a divorce.

File picture of soldiers in Zimbabwe

Muyengwa Maponga, who is based at Parachute Regiment at Inkomo Barracks, is said to have stabbed his wife with a bayonet in the ear damaging her eardrum and nerves, which affected her eyes. (A bayonet is a knife attached to the end of the barrel of a rifle.)

Maponga also stabbed his wife on the back, on the breast and shoulder. He further stabbed her several times on her hands, before kicking and stamping on them, breaking both her hands.

Maponga, who is facing attempted murder charges, was denied bail by magistrate Ms Josephine Sande when he recently appeared in court. He was advised to approach the High Court for bail issues. Prosecuting, Ms Linda Gadzikwa alleged that on August 27, at around 3pm, the complaint went to the shops in the company of her mother and sister.

They were called back home by her husband and since the couple was having some domestic issues, Maponga told his wife that he wanted to discuss something with her.

According to the woman, Maponga once assaulted her and her brother and to avoid violence, she took two police officers from a nearby police post and went with them to her house. She wanted to discuss with Maponga in the presence of the police.

After their meeting in which she told Maponga that she wanted a divorce, the complainant drove back the police officers to the station and decided to sleep at a relative’s house.

At around 4am the following morning, Maponga proceeded to where his wife had slept and broke the door to gain entry into the house. He allegedly ordered his wife to return to their house and she complied. When they got to the house, they went into their bedroom and Maponga suddenly became violent and strangled his wife, it is alleged.

It is the State’s case that Maponga told his wife that he wanted to kill her and would also commit suicide. She managed to push him away and screamed for help. While she was crawling to the door, Maponga, the State alleged, drew a bayonet from his jacket and stabbed his wife on the ear, damaging her eardrum and nerves, which affected her eyes.

The complainant’s sister managed to open the door from outside and saw her sister lying on the ground bleeding profusely. She tried to restrain Maponga from further stabbing her sister, but he turned to her and threatened to kill her as well before chasing her away.

Maponga further stabbed his wife several times all over her body before breaking both her hands. The complainant then collapsed and Maponga disappeared from the scene thinking that she was dead.

Maponga went into hiding and was arrested a month later in town after he had made an appointment with the complainant’s sister who he was alleged to be dating.

Meanwhile, in a related matter, a 45-year-old Harare man Tafanana Dangarembizi, allegedly struck his wife twice in the head with a machete. Dangarembizi attempted to kill his wife for talking to their male neighbour. He is now facing attempted murder charges. The Herald

  • Hondo ye mapurisa ne ma soldier yaramba kupera ka

  • Hondo ye mapurisa ne ma soldier yaramba kupera ka

  • ko annga ari pa roadblock here kkkkk

  • ko annga ari pa roadblock here kkkkk

  • Nothing shocking about this, this is normal behaviour amongst Zimbabwean men

  • Nothing shocking about this, this is normal behaviour amongst Zimbabwean men

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    • You are absolutely right, Zim men havadi kurambwa, they become very abusive.

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    • Handi tinenge takasaina, Till Death Do Us Part

    • Nice of you to judge all Zim guys on one crazy guy.

    • When growing up we had a Tennant at my parents place who was of foreign origin. He used to beat up his wife every six months no matter he was wronged or not.This he would say would make the wife know that he’s the man.So its not only Zimbabwean man.

    • Sipho Khoza always find it a pleasure to comment against Zim men. Yesterday you commented that video of a girl who was inciting Zim men to perpetrate violence in the name of regime change and you said negatives about them. What exactly is it they did wrong??? You have xenophobic brains my friend. There is no country without mishaps. Learn to behave yourself

    • I guess Patricia Mubare and Gaby Geremah are divorced ladies. Comments from Gaby Geremah are always along those lines. Let me tell you this, your former husbands do not represent us all as Zim men. It’s you who were unfortunate to have bad choices. My beautiful wife right now is surprised to learn that you say Zim men are all the same because she never had that bad experienced that with me. Give comments about the particular event and relate it to your situation if it fits not “ALL ZIM MEN”. How many men did you love and dump to have such guts??? If many, so the problem is with you if not you!!!!!

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    • They are trained to kill en not to wound.its their slogan to an enemy nt to innocent pple

    • Zimbabwean women need to start dating foreign men and leave these beats

    • @ Sipho Khoza what’s your Nationality?

    • Nigerian

  • Which one from that pic? Thats defamation

  • Which one from that pic? Thats defamation

    • I don’t think you know what defamation is mate.

    • uri dofo,allow me to say that

    • Wat is defamation james enlighten me

    • – Defamation is the act of damaging another’s reputation by any slandreous or libel communication.

      – Slander is in the form of defamation through spreading false rumours about someone.

      – Libel is in the form of defamation other than spoken words or gestures, its by written or printed (published) false words including pictures that are degrading to a person or broadcasted through radio and television causing damage to one’s status or reputation.

    • Thanks kevy i knew that only dat james wanted me to spoon feed him wat i meant but i thnk most pipo understood. Wat i meant is the pic has 3-4 guys nd no one knows th actual perpetrator so evryone wll pick anyone from that pic which is wrong they should hve cropped or made other faces blurry

    • Lovemore Moyo you are right that’s defamation unfortunately Key Kagondo wanted a show of to the whole world that he knows something about Media Laws and Ethics. The other army personnel in that pic are being subjected to character assassination. A pic tells a story in thousand ways like what Rueben Barwe always say when reporting.

    • Nkosinam Vimbelela i wonder why you seem to be troubled by my elaboration on defamation, i neither defined it to shine nor showing off to the whole world as you said.

    • Nkosinam Vimbelela i wonder why you seem to be troubled by my elaboration on defamation, i neither defined it to shine nor showing off to the whole world as you said.

    • Nkosinam thanks for fighting on my side but Kevy Kagondo was helping me too th only problem here is James Suave nd Mudyano Wemancity who think they are professors on Facebook if they wer that learned am sure the President would hve selected them instead of china…. . So thanks kevy u made them understand their mistakes dats y they neva came back wth ma answer

  • Do u ask for a divorce??

  • Do u ask for a divorce??

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  • Says a lot about Zimbabwean security personnel

  • Ya kuramba kurambwa is kinda our thing as Zimbabweans.Weird.

  • What do you expect from people whose commander-in-thief is Rawbutt Mugabe?

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  • That’s what they are trained ….they are trained to kill not to injure …..you can’t stop them …..

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  • Zimbabwe army’s job is to protect citizens, but they do opposite, beating up people, harassing civilians

    • Masoja basa ravo is to kill…why marry programmed humans?

    • Charles tsungu defence force duty is to protect the country not to kill civilians or wife. Only if someone don’t know how he or she must conduct his duties

    • Don’t paint every soldier with the same brush

    • Tawanda Dhuvai Mpofu maybe soilders from other countries….The one i know in our country are barbarians who beat to kill civillians, the whole of last week they were torrorising Chitungwiza residents daily.
      Again ibasa repi rinopindwa nekushata kumeso?

    • Paint soldiers with same brush kudii zvavanokwira kombi dzevaridzi vasingabhadhari havazivi kuti kombi ibussiness remunhu akutsvaga mari y not pay masoja emuno akajaidzwa ini ndikaita kombi yangu munhu wese anopabhadhara

    • All i am saying is beating civilians is not their job, the fact that some of them do that is unacceptable and is not limited to one country, every country’s defence force have a duty to protect their nations from any threat

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    • We shld say noooo to violence irregardless of gender…mapabata!!!

    • Wisborn Chiweshe aaaa No to violence of any nature…Lives are lost through violence..Justice must be done..sorry hako

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  • Iye ayimurambirei? That’s exactly what they are taught to do to us when we refuse to be oppressed, abused and mislead by our government

  • Iyo ingaitawo marriage here soldier nePolice,vanhu wanoshandisa chisimba havafe wakawirirana

  • Madness

  • That is what happens in a country where the majority are under severe stress caused by incompetent ZANU PF. You will read and hear more of this as long as ZANU PF remains in power.

  • Th law makes them untouchable.

    They cause rampage in Hre beating th police

  • Guys listen!! Be very afraid !!! If a soldier can do such a thing to their wife,imagine what he will do to you,an enemy of the State.

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    when a marriage fails people should just divorce peacefully.

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  • Teach a child violence and they will become violent!! It is very bad that he took what he is taught at school home. !!!

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  • Whosoever sheddeth mans blood by man shaall his blood b shed

  • This man must face justice, LIFE in priso.

  • This man must face justice, LIFE in priso.

  • abuse is rampant in Zim.

  • abuse is rampant in Zim.

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  • Pakaipa full time

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  • I know all the truth story but the problem with our media now is they trim out all other facts and butter the story to their side which will make their paper to go virul there by msking a lot of money but misleading the public mukadzi uyu aitodhandwa kuside munin’ina wake akaudza bamkuru Kuti mukadzi arikurohwa poto pese pamunofonerwa paye muchibvunzwa katatu katatu Kuti mukuuya kumba here muchiti muripabasa munhu anorara asipo so pakazoita issue yekubaiwa iyi mface akange afonerwa 3 times achibvinza kt nhasi mukusvika nguvai iye akati nhasi ndiripabasa ndouya kuswera mangwana madam vakati semazuva ese kwandodeedzwa hubby bva auya pamba akaona sure munhu hapana apa anemimba they waited kudawo semunhu ange akurova mainini poto vakatotiwo mkana wedu kwakuzomirirazve munhu but hapana akauya kwakuzouya kuma4 am munhu akaparara nedoro pamba that’s a part of what happened but let us not forget Kuti besides basa rake hes a juman being u emotionally fail to jold yourself Kana padai guys though its not good zvaakaita but all those points of eardrum damage,breaking of both arms are all lies shes the one who gave help yekubatwa kwemurume akutaura maye pafon yemunin’ina wake achizviita semunin’ina because hubby haana kuziva uye kumbofunga Kuti deal rake rakabatwa,the wife is in a good state walking talking good nehanda juss publish the truth tinongoverenga your posts

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