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Doctors slam Moyo over HIV comment

 A doctors’ group in Zimbabwe has condemned a minister in President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet over his comments about HIV.

Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo
Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo

Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo suggested in a tweet that excessive use of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) could induce diarrhoea and vomiting. 

“The lot on my TL with crap about poison & food poison must note that chronic use of antibiotics or ARVs also induces vomiting and diarrhoea!” he tweeted.

Bitter rivals 

The remark was seen as a jibe at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had to be rushed for treatment in South Africa after he was hit by a bout of vomiting and diarrhoea at a rally on August 12.

Mnangagwa said last week that doctors had told him that he had been poisoned.

Mnangagwa and Moyo are bitter rivals in squabbles over who will succeed Mugabe.

However, on Monday night Mnangagwa was demoted by President Robert Mugabe from Justice Minister to Minister of Tourism and there are reports that he might also lose the vice presidency and his position as vice president of the ruling Zanu-PF.  

The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights condemned Moyo’s comment, which it said could affect users of antiretroviral treatment (ART).

‘Baseless and insensitive’

“The message, which in our interpretation was part of [Moyo’s] response to the Zanu-PF’s circus over succession battles, if wrongly interpreted by the public, may lead to defaulting of ART, ill-informed fear to be initiated on ART and as a disincentive for HIV counselling and testing,” the group said.

It called his comments “baseless” and “insensitive”.

The Zimbabwe Medical Association of practising medical doctors said on Twitter that Moyo’s “unfortunate” comment “may stigmatise those living with HIV and AIDS”.

In a response to ZIMA, Moyo tweeted: “There was no reference to any individual, but only a challenge to the claim that poison, administered to kill, induced vomiting & diarrhoea!”

An estimated 86% of the 1.2 million Zimbabweans living with HIV are on antiretroviral treatment, according to official figures. News24.com

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  • He just tells the truth as it is i don’t see any problems probably those doctors sympathise with the lacoste

    • vembuya

      Talk to those living with HIV if ever they experience those symptoms, some of us who have seen victims of poisoning knows what happened to ED was definitely poison, they wanted to finish him off and failed.

  • He just tells the truth as it is i don’t see any problems probably those doctors sympathise with the lacoste

    • is there evidence in what u r saying

    • Why ED can’t make his status public as a public figure then?

    • Pane mutemo unoti Hiv status yako should be known with the rest of the nation if you are a politician nhaiwe

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  • Ko mabhora

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  • Ko mabhora akamira sei?

  • Professor hamunyari here you should draw lines between political and moral issues. We will all respect your learned point of view.

  • Which Doctor’s group? Tell them to leave politics to politicians

    • I’m also surprised! That’s good advice 👌

    • It was not politics for doctors but they are just against someone who disclose one’s HIV status on public without his approval

    • Where did he disclose someone’s status. Zimbos munoda nyaya stereki! Check his tweet again.

      • vembuya

        I think you are defending something which can only be defended by idiots or you are Moyo himself using pseudo name. What he said in normal countries would lead him to quit his job.

    • Very true & the same doctors have said nothing about the shortage of ARVs and the deteriorating standards in hospitals through out the country,, nxaaa faceless doctors!!!

  • Which Doctor’s group? Tell them to leave politics to politicians

  • People are just making noise for nothing! Did he mention the croc’s name or he just outlined some possible causes of diarrhoea? Those who hate this guy are wasting their time, he knows how to play his game n he won’t stop scoring because of haters 🤣🤣🤣 lizatsheka lidabuke isampaza kwaaaaaa👆

    • But I just hate him even though ndisina hangu zvekumuita…..

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    • you don know medical ethics sir

    • @ Zhou which medical ethics say a person must not state side effects of a drug?? He never mention any individual, directly. It’s people like you who make Jonathan appear as if he is invicible because of your ignorance!!!

    • Watipashe Zhou revisit his tweet, he never said so n so has got AIDS. What medical ethics are you talking about. Don’t be driven by hate coz it will confuse you

      • vembuya

        Just like when they made noise ED had never said he was poisoned, he only said it after they made too much noise after missing him.

    • Buyiselani Ngwenya 👌

    • Milton Nkomo mumwe wangu you know exacly what ethics is being toked about

    • vembuya

      Those symptoms are not caused by ARVs, I have many relatives on ART who have never shown those symptoms.

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  • I think Msoro Bhangu is a political novice….he is a small boy when it comes to practical politics…he might have been a political science lecturer but on the grounds in real practical terms he is the dullest of all Zim politicians who have been in the game longer than him. .We all know that university economic or business school lecturers never become the richest busines men in the world in practical terms.

  • I think people should not read too much in his statement. Politics is very dirty game. One day the two were planing to remove Mugabe next day they are on each others throats. It’s just a game of dogs!

  • This is politics, sometimes there is mud slinging, there is no permanent friendship or enemity. At some point on the Tsholotsho declaration there were bossom buddies now they are enemies dont be surprised if they are wining and dining together in the near future. The spectators will cry foul and say you used us..!!! Its just a game after all the participants dont even take it seriously!!!

    • vembuya

      Somehow almost every Zimbabwean is affected by HIV so saying that was very insensitive. Now he was told about his close people who are collecting ARVs are they to make drugs or they are on ARV treatment.

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    If RGM approves of all this then we are doomed?