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Breach of promise to marry attracts $47k lawsuit

By Mashudu Netsianda

A HEART-BROKEN woman from Bulawayo has approached the courts suing her abusive ex-boyfriend demanding nearly $50 000 for allegedly breaching a promise to marry and “wasting” her time.

File picture of a black couple fighting
File picture of a black couple fighting

Ms Mandiedza Joana Mushonga is also accusing her ex-lover Alan Dube, an engineer at Zesa, of ganging up with another woman to assault her.

Ms Mushonga fell for Dube four years ago after he had promised to marry her.

In papers filed at the Bulawayo High Court, Ms Mushonga cited Dube as the defendant in the matter.

Ms Mushonga, who is a self-actor, said she felt embarrassed and humiliated after she caught her man in the company of another woman.

Ms Mushonga wants $47 050 for breach of promise to marry and damages for emotional and physical abuse and money for the damage of her cellphone during the assault.

“Sometime in June 2013, I accepted an explicit love proposal from the defendant on the understanding that we would marry and have a white wedding. However, on 21 September this year, the defendant conducted himself in a flagrant breach of justice and love such that he caused me great embarrassment and indignity after finding him with a girlfriend,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said Dube teamed up with his girlfriend and they assaulted her.

“Dube and his girlfriend assaulted me with a wire mesh and punched me on the head before pushing me onto the windscreen of a car. I am still on medication after sustaining injuries,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said her cellphone worth $100 was damaged during the attack. She has approached the magistrate’s court seeking a protection order against Dube.

“I have also opened a case of assault against Dube at the Bulawayo Central Police Station and police are investigating,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said her ex-lover has through his actions reduced her prospects of having a “normal” future marriage and humiliated her before her parents and peers.

“The defendant’s actions have reduced my prospects of having a normal future marriage, which has been diminished because for the past four years all my professional and social associates have known me as the future wife of the defendant.

“Dube has taken away my pride as a woman and left me embarrassed and humiliated before my parents, professional peers and the community,” she said.

Ms Mushonga said despite breaching the agreement, Moyo has not shown any remorse for his actions. The Chronicle

  • Uum munyika ino here boyz?

  • Ichibvepi $50k. Dai sisi vachingofamba famba ava.

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  • Good girl

  • kkkkk.haya.Does the man have contractual obligations in this case?

    • Verbal agreement ehe

    • Verbal agreement should have witnesses.The man could have his own reasons to change his mind of which change of mind is not a crime.

      • Sengu RaMudhara

        Haanaki or akawana iri homwe yebhatye….wonzi ndiroore chete anopenga mukadzi uyu!!!

    • If your actions affects other people then you have to compansate…

  • Azvina musoro ndiye anemutundo wakakosha atanga kurambwa nhasi

  • Haa kachigunwe kemukadzi uyoka ma1

  • Next story

  • The man should just tell the magistrate to wed them on the spot,obviously the woman is going to refuse, kkkkkkk.

  • If women also want and need marriage then why the fu** do we pay lobola??It seems the feeling is mutual and the benefits are equal to me.Why does the other partner have to pay?

    • Its culture garai pasi munyarare imi

    • Culture is dynamic.It changes with the passage of time.We do not practice musengabere and arranged marriages,do we?We do not kill albino and twin babies at birth;do we??Culture is open to interrogation.It can and it must be changed when it becomes irrelevant and counter-productive

  • That’s civilisation. Very common in developed countries to see such lawsuits. If we could have our laws aligned to defend men and women who are made victims by psychopaths the better.

  • Some courta are a disgrace ….why dont she sue all axes coz he s not the first one to promise

  • 47 Dollars o 47 thousand, really I mean where does she think this guy will get such an amount working for Zesa hahaha futhi nikisi

  • To hell gold digger

  • Instead of giving her that 40grand i will just use just 1000 dollars to sort her kwa sekuru ndunge if the thinks she is clever
    An eye fo an eye ,ini handiitwe izvozvo manje

  • This is also a crime in Botswana, if you stay with a woman for than 6months then you are meant to marry them, if you don’t then when you separate you share the property like hubby and wife…its also called “Breach of promise to marry”…this is why its important not to stay with a man before he marries you and also if you date a man for 2yrs at most and see no sign of marriage then leave him…unofa uchingonzi ndichakuroora…😂😂😂😂

    • Aaah ko ukaona kuti haaiite kkkk

    • Kurumidza wazviona so as not to waste 5years dzemunhu uchida kungoona kuti anoita here…the first 3months of a relationship are enough for you to play detective and find out all the information you need. In this age of technology its very easy to investigate someone…😁😁

    • Women are good pretenders…. Dzimwe dzakaroora dzichifunga kuti imhandara. Kwakuzonzwa pamuchato baba vemusikana vachiti…. ‘Ndatenda chaizvo wazoroorwa, kekutanga wakambobvisa pamuviri ukasungwa nemapurisa, repiri kwakuita mapatya ari kumusha asina baba. Asi nhasi wazopinda murenda!……’

    • It juss depends on who meet that’s why um saying do your research pronto so you know what you are getting yourself into. Men are also good pretenders. Mumwe unotozoona tuma bush babies twakuuya pafuneral pake…😂😂

    • By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher like me…

    • Lol @ bush babies. Gaby ka.. Lol

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  • Anopenga krambwa knoshamsa ngauye kuno timupe arimwa tomsya kwete zvaarikutaura zvekupenga

  • Shanda usatsvage mari in such a way hanzvadzi

  • Zesa pays that much ????

  • What is the damage?

  • the guy will jus get off the hook cz he will simply say yea l did say l will marry you and l never said l will marry u first or when so yea my sis sit down and wait for me to come and m,arry u

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  • akatambisirwa nguva achinzi ndokurooraka saka amai vari right .boys musada kutambisa makumbo evanoda zveimba

  • Ndebeles at it again

  • Breach of promise to marry Kikikiki.
    African women need to be reeducated because l think many are under intense social pressures to get married hence they cry when a relationship fails.

  • Yoweee…even ari kuroorwa wacho haaroorwe mari yakawanda kudaro….even tikaisa nemuchato wembasera hazvibude

  • Its good to comment on issues we have facts about. Of course when papers write they spice issues. This lady in question is our frend and for the past 3 weeks she been in hospital after being beaten up by this guy who had been confronted for cheating. So you telling me it’s justified to be cheated on worohwa pamusoro pazvo 3 weeks in hospital as we speak mohukura kutaura nonsense idzodzo kuti after all she’s going through this guy should just be let go. Imika iri hama yako chaiyo hamutaure tsvina dzimwe dzandiri kuona in your comments

    • khanda1

      If you find someone cheating dont act as if you are Mayweather. Shona guys might allow assult them but these ndebeles will beat you back very hard🐴🐴🐴besides, she is just wasting her time with such an outrageous law suit. You lose a limb in a bus accident in Zim you will never get compensation more than 2k. It seems people people have not moved from zim$ mentality as you even hear the vice suing for $50m. There is usually a good reason why this Dube fella did not marry this woman…haana kukwana. Proof is this $50k lawsuit…nothing other than 1 word MADENESS

    • khanda1

      She was’nt beaten up, they were fighting, i am the neighbour i was watching. Do you want the video evidence

  • Ivo vaida kuroorwa mariii

  • Makore akawanda ma silly mistakes anowanda wo

  • Miles Lancmore

    Gold digger of epic proportions.

  • Fox

    Hahahaha get lost. Which magistrate or judge will grant such a suit?

  • She is right.some men date for hobbies

    • Kutoisa pa list yema sports…lol

    • khanda1

      If you go to a shop shopping for clothes, would you not try clothes before you buy. If possible come again and again to see if it really suits you and thats really what you want.
      From experience, there are many crazy women out there and all expect to be married. Honestly, even sumsung now offers a 2yr warrantly on its phones & they dont live forever like this woman who is still alive and tormenting the poor man.
      So a man being a buyer can choose not to keep a defective product

  • comments …

  • Kkkk kkkk tongoregazve kunyenga vaskana vacho toenda kumachamwala kubhawa ncawwwww

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  • 50 000 in Zimbabwe is that in bonds ?

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  • Chemahara hakuna

  • So she wanted to be married by an abusive man still

  • Sengu RaMudhara

    To a black man there is a thin line between love and lust…pamwe this woman anga ava kunakira kure kure!!!

    • khanda1

      Kkkk…sometimes its better that way

  • I dont see her winning such a case in Zim.

  • Achadzoka hake musiye

  • Breach of promise….. That’s stupid

  • He should pay the lady for breach of promise, akamutambisira nguva yake. All those yrs munhu ari faithful to you wongoti zvapera, Nada!!!!! bhadharwa iweeee, he should feel the pinch.

    • khanda1

      My friend thats what she says, that she was faithful because she was nt caught. Maybe she did’nt ve any respect for the man, then you still expect them to marry them despite that. Unless of coz if the woman was paying for her lobola then maybe she can sue

  • Haa ashaya zvekuita here

  • Haa ashaya zvekuita here

  • Rutendo Benson Matinyarare mukarasisa mwana vangu $47 000

  • Rutendo Benson Matinyarare mukarasisa mwana vangu $47 000

  • Social issues aside this guy will not win,the case comrades,the guy will pay apa , musanyeperana,a test case was done in Masvingo and the guy paid the woman $15 000,for breach of promise,next time nyengai muri direct

  • rudo rwakadai runozoita here kuti mugare muchifara??