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Zimbabwean man chopped to death in SA

By Mashudu Netsianda

A 27-year-old Zimbabwean man was chopped to death in South Africa following an undisclosed dispute with a local resident.

File picture of SA police attending to a scene in Morebeng Village outside Modjadjiskloof, in Limpopo (Photo by Paul Mukhufi - Daily Sun)
File picture of SA police attending to a scene in Morebeng Village outside Modjadjiskloof, in Limpopo (Photo by Paul Mukhufi – Daily Sun)

The assailant was killed a few minutes later by the local community, which meted out instant mob justice, following the murder last Friday just before midnight. The double homicide occurred at Modjadjiskloof village outside Tzaneen town in Limpopo Province

South African provincial police spokesperson for Limpopo, Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe identified the Zimbabwean as Trust Tarisai and his attacker as Hlahla Chauke (35).

“The two men were fighting at around 11.50PM. One of them, a Zimbabwean, ran away to his shack. The suspect who is a South African followed him and chopped him to death with a sharp instrument in front of his shack before he fled from the scene,” he said.

Lt Col Ngoepe said soon after Chauke had killed Tarisai, an angry mob from the local community followed the suspect and assaulted him to death at his shack.

“Soon after Chauke had committed the murder, members of the local community mobilised each other and followed him to his home where they fatally assaulted him,” said the police spokesperson.

Lt Col Ngoepe said no arrests have been made and investigations are underway.

“We are still investigating the two incidents and the motive behind this conflict is not clear at this stage. The suspects in the mob killing are still unknown and there were no arrests. Anyone with information about the suspects involved in this killing should please contact Lt-Col Joseph Baloyi on 082-565-8145, or visit any nearest police station,” he said.

The two bodies were taken to a local government mortuary.

The latest incident comes barely two months after a Zimbabwean pastor and his wife were shot and killed by two armed robbers in South Africa while their two daughters, one of them aged three, looked on.

The armed robbers went away with two cell phones and a laptop.

Proud Kanyungwe, (32) and his wife Belinda Tarisai Mukucha (28) were murdered during a robbery at their rented home in Scottsville Extension in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal. The Chronicle

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