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Mugabe reshuffles cabinet: Chombo new Finance Minister, Mnangagwa loses Justice Ministry to CIO boss

President Robert Mugabe has with immediate effect reassigned 10 ministers and made eight new appointments in a cabinet reshuffle announced late on Monday. The 93-year-old Zanu PF leader created a bizarre new ministry called Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation.

President Robert Mugabe (Picture by AP)
President Robert Mugabe (Picture by AP)

Dr Ignatius Chombo is the new Finance and Economic Development minister while former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has been moved to a new ministry titled the Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation portfolio.

The rest of the ministries have been announced as follows, through a press statement issued by Dr Misheck Sibanda the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet: 


Walter Mzembi, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Obert Mpofu, Minister of Home Affairs

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Minister of Macro-economic Planning and Investment Promotion

Patrick Zhuwao, Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Simon Khaya Moyo, Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services.

Saviour Kasukuwere, Minister of Local Government, Rural development and National Housing

Christopher Mushohwe, Minister of State in the President’s Office Responsible for National Scholarships. 

Makhosini Hlongwane, Minister of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

New Appointments

Edgar Mbwembwe, Minister of Tourism, Environment and Hospitality Industry

Major General (Retired) Happyton Bonyongwe, Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

Cain Mathema, Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees

Chiratidzo Mabuwa, Minister of Youth Development, Indigenization and Economic Employment.

Aaron Mabhoyi Ncube, Minister of State for Matabeleland South Province.

Thokozile Mathuthu, Minister of State for Matabeleland North Province

Webster Shamu, Minister of State for Mashonaland West Province

Paul Chimedza, Minister of State for Masvingo Province.

  • Dokora ?

  • Mzembi and Chimedza the biggest benefactors in Masvingo vana Hungwe vakatarisa

    • Am sure hungwe remains “psychopath” kkkkkk

      • Sekuru va Nhunzi


    • apa zvipfukuto,amai mujuru is cming bck i cn see that one cming

    • Isn’t Hungwe, Lazarus Dokora, Jonathan Moyo, Opper Muchinguri, D. Parirenyatwa, D. Mombeshora occupying their ministries.

      • Shalom

        Yes remained in their ministries

    • Which one is Hungwe’s ministry?

    • Hungwe is the Min of Psychomotor anomirira mavocational training centers uyo

    • Choto

      Mzembi distanced himself from the Mahofa fiasco.
      And for acting good boy..has been tremendously rewarded.
      Then in passinng we now all know WHO poisoned Mnangagwa; Robert Mugabe himself.
      Just reading this story reveals quite a lot.
      Robert Mugabe wants to die a LIFE president.
      On his death bed, He wants to transfer power to his wife.
      Mugabe knows everything.
      He is the one playing the two camps one against the other.
      BUT, he has total control of both sides.
      We ALL now see how Zimbabwe was ruined.
      Even with this defense from Mnangagwa; the onslaught will continue BECAUSE it has the blessing of Mugabe.

  • This thing thou, thol’ ukuthi hey!

  • Ngavawedzere majere coz pa facebook ,ne whatsaap tichataura kusvika zvanaka

  • This pic is disturbing yall

  • the only country with a minister responsible for WhatsApp, Twitter and facebook!

  • ED has lost G40 is in control

    • Ak


  • Education, Health??

  • Chinamasa now new Admin of Whatsap and Facebook.


  • Uuu kwava kusakara kwe doo mukuru uyu akura dai vanhu vamunzwirawo tsitsi vachimurega azorora.ukaona uchiisa x pamunhu akadai une hutsinye

  • Pliz give us a break. It’s not the 93yr old who has created a bizarre ministry. These are all the dirty works of G40. Even baboons are smart enough to know that there is a human being behind the erection of scare crow structure in the maize field and knows very well that it’s not the scare crow that planted the maize, but that it’s the human being who is hiding behind the scare crow.

    • Nick Box

      Sam wakazvipengera.

    • s

      thanks, but we are the worst. ask how many people at present have rushed to register as voters to fight mugabe whether we win or not. always complaining and doing nothing. people like morgan are dying alone now while we critises them for the fight. poor Zimbabwean.

    • The 93 year old is the one who started it all. He hasn’t been 93 years old all his life. Corruption and the fall of the economy hasn’t just started now. This has been going on for years.

  • That cabinet is large for such a pap economy.

  • Kkkkk saka zvichabatsirei

  • Is that pic of a living creature??

  • Chombo finances nehumbavha iwowo

    • Kkkkkkk zvakafanana kubatidzira fodya mu drum rine peturu

  • Taura hako

  • Congrats to us Zimbabweans!
    We now have:
    1. A National WhatsApp Group Admin
    2. A Minister of Scholarships

  • Its all dead wood,Mugabe himself my reshuffle his ass off,been changing the same rotten fishes over and over ,when are these old guys resigning

  • problems unsolved kuwedzera nhamo paneimwe zvakafanana nothing can change

  • from bad to worse kkkk

  • Jonathan Moyo is where?

  • So Mushowe goes to work in the morning just for scholarships?? Why not put the parent ministry of higher and tertiarty education

  • So Mushowe goes to work in the morning just for scholarships?? Why not put the parent ministry of higher and tertiarty education

    • Chara

      Not only that EnCik he also gets a Mercedez Benz and an all terrain vehicle. Also that Whatsapp Admin ministry can also fall under the ministry of information. This old man has gone bananas.

  • Part of the two million jobs created, Ministry of cyber Security Threats and Mitigation formed.

  • Seriously! Do scholarships need a separate ministry or they fall under Ministry of Education? How much work is needed on scholarships to justify the whole ministry. Who is getting these scholarships anyway because I know a lot of intelligent but underprivileged students who can’t access these scholarships.

  • Bete mumukaka Chombo apinda machena, gonzo munzungu zimbavha haro iro local government he looted ,converted council properties to personal properties , owns half of Zimbabwe’s land ,with his partner in crime G40 Fidza . We thank God zvakavharana zvikapesana maybe they made up ,now they will own banks together Barclays bank here comes Fidza backed by minister Chombo.

  • Nxaaaa a new president is needed also WHY changing ministers only??? Is Mugabe “a God” who can’t be replaced???

    • Very true it’s high time that we made a change ONLY us Zimbabwean we had the same president for ”tis long 😩

  • Go and rest Mr Old Dirty Bastard

  • Kkkkkkk hapana zvazvinobatsira apa asi panongova ne same list kani revanhu vanofanirwa kuita ma minister. Kaya moyo, shamu, chimedza

  • new ministries new top of the range 50 litres per km per minister cars . and we get to wonder where the diamond revenue is going

  • Regai Chinamasa azorore sure. I think he is the happiest minister on earth kkkkk

  • Vamwe vanhu vakazvarwasei chaizvo aah CHOMBO ?? Kufinance , inga zvavo vane luck nehupenyu , mwari wavanonamata akaitasei anoramba achivapa zvidhafu dhafu , aah zvakaoma????

    • saka ndichizoti hakuna Mwari ini…are you sure God watches over Zim…munonyeba imi

    • Zvino toti kudii pakadai ukaona vanhu vanedzimba hobho , dzimwe masmall house , mastands havatozivi kut mangani fut ekuba fut , pamusoro onzi zibasa tiii ,, aah wozodei wapinda denga uripano pasi , zvese izvi zvinogona zvakaipa asi MWARi VARIKO

    • Zvino toti kudii pakadai ukaona vanhu vanedzimba hobho , dzimwe masmall house , mastands havatozivi kut mangani fut ekuba fut , pamusoro onzi zibasa tiii ,, aah wozodei wapinda denga uripano pasi , zvese izvi zvinogona zvakaipa asi MWARi VARIKO

  • Chombo?kurindisa makudo munda wenzungu kuitawo here uku.

  • registai muvhote

  • Handina kuona Dhokora wani!?

  • Is this even relevant,seriously?

  • When the top thief begins to manage yr money..

  • Section 208 (4) of the constitution states that serving members of the security services must not be employed or engaged in civilian institutions except in periods of public emergency. CIO is a security service and Bonyongwe is a serving member therefore , we are in public emergency 🤝🤝🤝😇😇

  • Sure whatsapp admin yatovawo neministry haaa varume nyika iyi yangova ngoro isina mavhiri

  • Mugabe must also take his Damn Ass home and Rest with her gold digger Gire

  • Makundikana mkuru! Resign!

  • lets register to vote and also encourage others to register and vote for change,faction ya looser apo should know kuti kurwadziwa kwavarikuita e ordinary citizens hv suffered more than that.hope they are seeing the light kuti washandiswa unosvipwa

    • Vazhinji vachatadza Ku voter anzi registration iri Kuda proof of residents aaaah

    • Haa takatopedza. Usina proof panenge pana commissioner of oath ipapo. Hameno kumwe

    • Do young think votes counts in Zimbabwe? I don’t think so.

      • AK

        They will just rig whether The whole of zim votes Mdc saka vote yevanhu Haina basa. I don’t know why people waste time vachivhota

        • Zvangendaba

          Votes do help my friend. In 2008 we had GNU due to those votes, one day the regime will be overwhelmed and fail to cheat

    • kkkk ku bvr kune cyber security

  • Idiot

    Chimedza wanyururwa. Kuzoti Shamu…. kana nevhudzi richaita brown nekunanzva.

  • His got one foot in the grave and Grace says his going to rule from the coffin ,Grace has rejuvenated him maybe Bob died last year and that’s a ghost ,

  • I can laugh kkkkkk

  • I’m dead

  • Idiot

    Totonyora nhasi minister veCyber chakuti vasati vapinda muCyberspace vakatiisa makechemu.

  • Horse manure. Minister of scholarship !!!??? 😂😂😂

  • Chinamasa leave this bizzare ministry and just opt to practice law.u are the only minister who is poor coz of being honerst

  • Chipoko

  • The cabinet is now chaired by G40. Ngwena dzese out. Ma1 atangisa manje

    • AK

      Lacoste to locust

  • Chombo????

  • WE WANTED YOUNG BLOOD. Recycling old and tired

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • How about the deputies?

  • Shuwa munhu unga minister of scholarship and social media kkkkkkkkkkkkk kupererwa chaiko

  • Kanhu kane Jende ako kanonzi Mugabe


  • Never seen him looking like this

  • Kuvukura kwashaya basa! Zanu inokuwachisa!

  • thanks for relieving dr chinamasa.the appex position in the finance ministry requires a man without a heart.zimbabwe, you expect better nemafanizi iwaya?nxa!

  • Gonzo Pfee mudura renzungu 💰💰💰(Finance Min)

  • Ndiani apinda paChinamasa?

  • Masiya JONATHAN MOYO lol

  • Zvigobatsireiko nhaiwe Rawbutt? Recycling deadwood kubva muna 1980

  • Sorry kwazvo. Saka kuri kunzi ndagonei apa. Shame chaiyo. Ko kuchizorora

  • Manje chombo chinodya mari zve….

  • New ministry = Chief Group Admin.

  • wilbert

    What a waste of time! Zimbabwe is in total meltdown and this will do nothing to end this nightmare!

  • Zimbabweans lets register in numbers so tht we can give a big blow to this comedian Zanu guys Taneta taneta

    • AK

      THEY will rig

      • Zvangendaba

        But if we vote in huge numbers it will be difficult for them to rig

  • Horaiti

  • Horaiti

  • Horaiti

  • That pic tho, he looks like he wants to audition for Walking Dead, natural looks.

  • I agree on Cyber Security bcz a lot of information is being misused and a lot ransomwares and hacking is now on the rise. Cyber crimes need to be addressed

    • we have a ministry of defence and national security. we also have a ministry of home affairs. cyber security falls within their scope of duties, no need to create a ministry specifically for that. oh and we also have a communications and tech ministry by the way.

    • Wait until they Further devide it to Ministry of Social Media, Ministry of Fake News Monitoring ndopauchaona kuti madhiri ekupinzana basa ari kuitwa nembwa idzi. Who else works for that ministry ye Cyber Security, Deputy Minister, Permanent Secretary and other departments.

  • Picture iyi hanziiko? kuumburuka mumadota here?? Kkkkkkkk

  • Happyton Bonyongwe to me its a demotion its a smart way of getting rid of him,must be a worried person

    • Justice is a very powerful Ministry my friend. U can use it to terrorize your enemies. They go one by one behind bars

    • oh really

    • Rwendo

      @Simuka. I agree. ‘Kicked upstairs’ – must be first CIO DG ever to be made a minister. At night, on Mon not Wed as announced… hope he was keeping his ‘personal files’ outside the office.

    • Bonyongwe is very dangerous too and evil….watch him carefully guys

  • And Garwe rakuchienda mumwena wejeri manje with those fraud charges and alleged misappropriation of party funds, mark my words. Now he won’t have the judiciary under his control and that will be the quickest way of getting rid of him. And Majonga issue that’s Bob’s tactics

  • Ahhh kkkk chombo wave minister wefinance ooh finish

  • Hapana zvaitwaa apa frm bad to worse

  • Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation …. are we seriously under any threat? I thought North Korea or USA or Japan could be doing that. Ndapererwa. So Mr Patrick Chinamasa, former Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance suddenly goes to this new job?

  • Minister of cyber security, hey

  • Ak

    Lizard i. loser

  • Ak

    When is mugabe going to reshuffle the Vice Presidents. Ndipo pazvicha nakidza

  • minister of cyber security threats and mitigation haaaaaaaa kana Zuckerberg anotoshamisikawo tichango muka takanzi no mo social media lol

  • Lol Chombo owns half of Zimbabwe’s land. By the time he is done with finance ministry, he will own half of Zimbabwe’s banks and will have a bond note print press at his house

  • Someone ask Chinamasa what a worm is or Trojan horse 🐴? Lol probably say it is not my responsibility kk

  • Why don’t the old fossilised grand pa just resign he has become such an embarrassment to the world.

  • Minister of Cyber security and Threat detection will be called Minister of Anti Virus with immediate effect

  • This country is being led by stupid people-what was Mushore saying?-saying Mugabe is like Jesus Christ & the ministers are like Jesus’ disciples??? ooooh this country shall be cursed forever!!!

  • This country is being led by stupid people-what was Mushore saying?-saying Mugabe is like Jesus Christ & the ministers are like Jesus’ disciples??? ooooh this country shall be cursed forever!!!

    • Gotosa please spare me of the laughter I am about to burst into

  • Ndapererwa veduwe

  • Ndapererwa veduwe

  • This is putting the country from the frying pan into the fire. Chombo is a total failure.

  • This is putting the country from the frying pan into the fire. Chombo is a total failure.

  • Webster Shamu is back. What a joke.

  • And suddenly we have a minister responsible for whatsapp and facebook!!!!!!

  • Same old song, nothing new here.

  • Rearranging seats in a sinking ship.,……makes no difference

  • Ndokumbirawo copy and paste yestory vane buddle.

  • ED will be expelled from the party in the next ZANU PF meeting, possibly this weekend, watch and see.. we have to wait and see the circus unfolding…Though he has been part of ZANU PF, I think he can get some thousand votes from some few sympathizers…

  • Mugabe is not and will never be serious

  • VeDotojena

    Kutora gonzo(chombo) kukanda mudura renzungu(Finance)

  • This old man is taking every 1 for a fool

  • Ko Dokora?

  • Running scared? This is the Paranoia Cabinet.

  • Zim yakadhakwa , PERIOD!!!!!

  • Maziso kunge echitunha

  • 0+0=0.0000000

  • tintin


  • Reshuffle reshuffle hapana vamwe here vanogona mabasa iwayo, reshuffling same old clueless pigs.

  • This was not a reshuffle for perfomance but for political gain, mazimbabwe tiri patight ah

  • Makaveli101

    Minister of whatsapp and facebook lol… My Zimbabwe, Mwari wa Abraham chiuyai mutitungamire….

  • But for the why, zvichiitirwei?

  • Yekedero kkkkk

  • What about Ministry of Primary and secondary education

  • And Ministry o Tertiary education

  • UMMM

  • Nothing surprising

  • Gonzo

    Dokora is a buffoon, a clueless minister of education. He is one of the most hated ministers in the whole of Zimbabwe. Why are all MPs in Parliament keeping quiet about Dokora’s shambolic new curriculum and bad running of the ministry of education? We hear that many classrooms in schools have potholes appearing on the floors of the classrooms, lack of textbooks broken windows, broken toilets and dilapidated school buildings which all need repair, but Dokora is not doing anything about it. We want Dokora out!!!

  • Harahwa iyi yapererwa

  • SAME OLD SHIT! Its jus a recycle of the same dead wood. Chombo the world”s most corrupt minister rewaded

    • Moustache

      ever tried shuffling an old deck of playing cards, notice how difficult that is.

  • zvino ndove yekudzura sekuru iriko here kuharare motonotsvaga chero yenhoro

  • What will Chombo do with the Ministry of Finance, nxaaa lets be serious guys

  • Kana shungu !!!

  • Kkkkkkk

  • Eishhh

  • Tobva tadii paya? Tobva tapfekedza Chombo bhachi raasingakwane, ende haana kumboramba, cyber security yabva yaiswawo ipapo

  • Chinamasa minister of social media kkkkkkkk paipa apa iwee

  • As much as i would like to believe Chinamasa will be minister to deal with Cyber threat we could be in for a Kenyan style election rig

  • Chikiti

    Gono bearer cheques, Chinamasa bond notes & coins, can’t wait to see what Chombo will bring