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Mugabe is daydreaming: Vendors

By Blessings Mashaya

National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe chairperson Sten Zvorwadza has said President Robert Mugabe is “daydreaming” in his bid to ban street vending.

National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza
National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza

Zvorwadza told the Daily News yesterday that they will not listen to Mugabe.

“As the informal sector, we will not listen to such nonsense; we are going to stay in the streets. He is daydreaming. I bet with my head, the president has no capacity to remove vendors from the streets.

“He must depart from this issue of daydreaming. Mugabe must appreciate the role of the informal sector. Zimbabweans must understand that Mugabe is old and he is a dead man walking.

“The move to chase away vendors will be a final blow to the dying economy. Mugabe is living a good life with his family; he thinks that we are in the streets because we want to do so, failing to understand that he is the one who created this situation.”

Mugabe said on Saturday that he will be issuing an edict aimed at bringing order to the bustling city of some 2 million people.

He said food stalls would be moved off the pavements and some could be relocated to new sites. He said he will not allow street vending to be a common feature of Harare “Nigerian style.”

The teetotaller said the vendors should move out as the government will not accept the chaos they bring, adding that they must accept to be relocated to designated vending stalls and trade openly where the authorities assign them.

This comes as Mugabe has failed to create jobs for the burgeoning, young population.

“When I arrived from South Africa, I heard that Harare is now dirty with vendors now everywhere, even streets which were given names such as (Julius) Nyerere and Robert Mugabe are now covered with dirt,” Mugabe told the meeting of his Zanu PF youth wing.

“Some vendors are selling their wares during the night so that they cannot be arrested.”

Ever since the City of Harare launched a crackdown on vendors, they have taken to selling their wares well into the night to evade municipal police and also make a better killing through quick sales to a homeward bound workforce.

Mugabe said he was told that some senior Zanu PF leaders are protecting the vendors because they fear losing the forthcoming 2018 elections.

“I was talking to (Home Affairs minister Ignatius) Chombo yesterday saying why do we allow our roads to be grocery shops. I said we must give them designated areas so that they will sell their wares outside the roads and leave the roads free.

“He told me that the vendors are saying they want to sell their products everywhere.

“I said that we don’t want that indiscipline, down with that indiscipline, they must go to designated areas.

“We don’t want the Nigerian style. Harare must be the smartest city because it is our capital city,” Mugabe said. Daily News

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  • Where was this guy hiding


  • Iiii munodzingisa vanu muroad pasina chamunogona kuzoita

  • Stan zvorwadza finally emerges..

  • akabvira kare muchinda uyu kukotsira and he dreams

  • Yeeee Zvorwadza I stand with you Stan this is the type of leaders we want. Vendors are not in the street for luxurious reasons but they are trying to make ends meet in a dilapidated economy like this. Some are single mothers trying to raise their children they don’t have other source of income. Then you just workup and say Kasukuwere remove vendors in the streets for what reason wachiendepi. Mr President just dig grave sufficient for the number in the streets and just kill them and burry them if you seem annoyed by their presence. If you’re to deal with vending cases once and for all address the root cause why are they vending is the greatest question you should answer rather than scourging innocent souls striving to make a living. Mr President you were not born President understand the difference in family set up pamwe kwenyu maiwana zvese saana chatunga Mugabe asi murombo munhu haawigwe asina kufa let’s join hands and change lives.

  • Imbya iyi nxaaa maVendors out plis kuitira weti pesepese tseki

  • Saka kana vabva paroad vobva vadii paya ????,,

  • The whole city has become Mbare Musika. Nxaaaaa bring back the sunshine city status

    • Pple want to survive, if it wznt him mugabe who destroyd the economy it could b stll sunshine city. There is no wrk ppl want to feed their families

    • do you mind walking down the streets of a sunshine city on an empty stomach, expelled kids, tattered, and just broke.first things first!think twice.

    • Does it mean you have to shit the whole city because you want to feed yourself. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Be organised pple

    • kkk, thanks Sir! but i’m of the opinion that our leaders have ignored simple methods of removing vendors, e.g revisiting economic policies to ensure some conducive investment environment.i also believe that even if vendors are removed, if it’s possible in the long-term (which i hardly think is), a sunshine status will not be achievable.

      remember, this status can only be achieved through some change of mindset of all citizenry, and such change (i affirm) will only come if the Zimbabwean populace’s standard of living has at least surpassed the current.

      people in general are not currently stable.they wake up the next day not knowing what will become of them.they forsee a gloomy near future, especially as our economy has become very shaky and unpredictable.just look at the huge changes that have occurred the past two to three weeks.just imagine!

      sunshine city status is a collective goal and carries some responsibility with it.each one of us is responsible, especially from an environmental point of view.however, i always ask myself whether the general masses, which has some potential to help this dream come true, are ready to carry such responsibility in addition to those bursensome livelihood responsibilities which our ailing, comatose economy has imposed upon them.

      conclusively, i go back to my initial idea, “first things first.”

  • I like this man. So far the best leader who fights at the fore front not the Pastor from the terraces or plastic handcuffs.

  • battle lines have been drawn between hungry vendors & state apparatchiks

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    Vendors are the ones that are dreaming mugabe I’ll just clear them off the streets if he really wants to

  • Create jobs for them that is the only way to chase them away from the street

  • Second murambatsvinaThis plan yekubvisa mavendors its a plan to eliminate all opposition supporters from harare kuendeswa kumusha so that vatange campaign ye hero and terror.

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  • We appreciate the role played by the vendors but there is a need to bring order into the city centre

  • Yes our state of economy is in a bad state no two ways about it , all and all we need to be very considerate, the way how the city has been turned into vending place leaves a lot to be desired. Vendors should just do a decent thing , to move out of the city centre and do their businesses elsewhere. We need an easy flow of traffic , clean city which is also free from drug dealing !

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  • regai tione