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Jonathan Moyo HIV tweet backfires

By Staff Reporter

Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo on Sunday sparked a fierce backlash after he appeared to stigmatize people living with HIV by implying that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa fell sick in Gwanda as a result of taking Anti-Retroviral drugs (ARVs).

Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo
Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo

As the saga over the alleged poisoning of Mnangagwa continues to rumble on, the acerbic Moyo took to his Twitter account telling his 179 000 followers that “The lot on my TL with crap about poison & food poison must note that chronic use of antibiotics or ARVs also induces vomiting & diarrhoea!”

The tweet however sparked an immediate backlash with one Andrew Maimba asking Moyo on Twitter: “Are you familiar with the National Aids Policy? Ndiwe watanga, are you aware your daughter at IDBZ collects her ARV’s at a Newlands clinic?”

Twitter user @YanFaan told Moyo “Stigma is a big problem in the fight against HIV/AIDS, don’t encourage it for political mileage. HIV knows no faction/party…”

Trevor Ncube whose company Alpha Media Holdings owns NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent and Zimbabwe Standard also expressed his thoughts on the debate tweeting; “That awkward moment when you thought you were fighting ED (Mnangagwa) and then you stigmatize people taking ARV’s.”

Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa joined the fray telling Moyo “And be careful when you seem to be castigating those who are living with HIV, you might expose your closest allies.” 

Mliswa escalated the matter further by claiming “ARVs are not poison, they can treat people who are living with HIV. What is used to treat homosexuals?”

Zanu PF is currently beset by fierce infighting over who will succeed President Robert Mugabe. Moyo is a linchpin of the G40 faction of the party that is opposed to Mnangagwa taking over. Mnangagwa leads the Lacoste faction of the party that is supported by war veterans and members of the military.

  • Not so intelligent Moyo.

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  • Hey zvakaoma

  • *Higher and Tertiary Education Minister* huh…okay enuf said

  • dont see where the stigma is.he just suggested that over-use of ARVs is another possible cause of vomiting besides poisoning and food poisoning!where is the stigma,unless any mention of the word ARV is now a form of stigma

    • What on earth is ‘over use’ of ARVs? Supporting stupidity makes you look more stupid than this foolish man jonathan

    • if u dont understand such simple english then you certainly wouldnt have understood my post!

    • Define ‘over use’ with reference to ARVs and stop trying to teach me a language I boast of an ‘A’ in at O’Level Cambridge exams.

      • Doctor

        You must have got someone’s results, if you do not understand chronic use then go hang.

    • M glad u said u don know wher the stigma is….but y did he even mention arvs in tha first place??? Arvs are a srs issue to begin with ….neva to be played with any day or tym…more so to settle trivial political scores!!!! Welcome to tha real world

      • Doctor

        Get away, how about the antibiotics, malaria drugs, which are mentioned day in and day out? How about the looming shortage of ARV’s which has been publicly reported? There is nothing taboo about mentioning the acronym ARV, Who ever is complaining about that is actually stigmatizing it.

    • lol ukutotaura O level.the phrase is self-explanatory.you’re exposing your inane state of mind.

    • thanks for educating me Mr Eddison Mandizha.i didnt know that to say ARV is stigma

    • George Marunga don’t be insane, do you really understand stigmatisation, if you don’t understand that simple word why can’t you shut your asshole, Shy do you support that nincompoop Jonathan insane Moyo who has syphillis of the brain

      • lawyer

        The problem is with your dick head who takes everything the Prof says with a pinch. You seem to have sperms in your head then brains, thats why you always think of STD’s. Its you who fails to comprehend stigmatisation.

    • yes,please educate me Sir.What is stigma?And please relate it to that.

    • OK George it is when you mock persons with a certain condition.

    • thanks very much.in his post he didnt explicitly mock anyone,but suggested another cause of vomiting.of course people can derive other intentions by way of implication.But that was an intelligent statement not clearly directed to anyone…..asi ndipo panozonzi anyumwa bere nderake

    • This George guy or gay is more stupid than what I thought.

    • yes,i am stupid

    • George you totally correct! Jonathan too

    • George, George, George…why dont you just shut your beak and stop telling people of your A’level and O’level English…

    • Siyanai naye anodya pamwe najonono wacho

    • George u seem to be more brainless than Jonathan himself 😕

    • Geoge murume waaniko mai vekwake vatibatsirewo

    • George you are so right, nowadays people get offended by the truth. We now have have to sugarcoat everything so as not to offend anybody…its a whacky world we living in.

    • Zimbos seem to be very educated maybe inyaya yekuti tikavenga munhu nekufunga hatichafunga or kunyanya kutambura kwataita.Jono akngoti kana maARV ukamavanza unogona kuita diarrhea. vanhu varikungowachisana chete mupolitics dzawo unless kana urisupporta yaNgwena ndipo pazvingakubata.Akangotsvaga mashoko anobaya chete, no stigma here.Tinovanzwa vanhu mumacombi uuuum vachitukana wani kuti imwa mapiritsi ako zvakanaka ndokukanganisa.Nzwisisai nyaya kwete kungonjamuka njamuka hapana anekumba kusina asina kumborwariwa kana kufiwa nechirwere ichi

      • Mukotami

        Context Mudhara, ukanyanyoda munhu you fail to see wrong yaanoita, He was saying it in reference to the ED poison saga, in short he meant kuti “ED ngaasati akaisirwa poison pamwe ma ARV nema AntiBiotic aanomwa ndooakamuitisa manyoka”, simple as that, hapana kuvengwa because he posted it himself and was not forced. He was offside to try to Mock ED on the basis of a supposed HIV ailment…wakabatabata vakawandawo who have nothing to do with the fight

    • kkkkkkk kufunga kwevamwe ungati pfungwa vakakwereteswa!!!!chavanogona kutuka.kutukirwa maonero angu.everyone is entitled to his opinion.

    • yes George,we feel sorry for pple living with HIV,however being HIV+ does not make yu special above any other patient . I have asthma ,but when someone talks about Asthma or its drugs I don’t rush to find faults in the message.

      • Mukotami

        sabhuku munonyanya, nyaraiwo, comparing Asthma and HIV stigma, hakusi kuti marasika here sabhuku? HIV chaiyo ne Asthma nhai baba?

    • mr lee

      ARVs are taken daily for life and may i know what is to over-use pane pamwe paanombomira kumwiwa here

    • George you are right, vanhu ava havanzwisisi zvawataura

    • Shaft was here reading comments

    • John Shaft murisei kkkkkk

    • Bhoo zvekuti muri sei George Jr Marunga

  • ARVs have side effects it’s not stigmatization to point that out.

    • mabwe

      Is Musorobhangu now a medical doctor? If so he should answer Hon. Mliswa’s question…mushonga weungochani chii? Because jonso needs that medicine rough.

      • Chiremba

        enda unovhiya mbudzi nedhunyazi rako temba, kundandama nekufunga kwese. That boy Temba love ass fucking, the word can’t gets out of his brains. Maybe ndiye arikuda kurapwa.

        • mabwe

          You seem to know Temba very well. You must be talking from experience.

    • can u prove that😕

    • Vomiting provoked by…….

  • Chikomana jonso chikoro chashaya basa apa

  • A DICK will always be a DICK nomatter what you do to it

  • Facts remain stubborn

  • Why saying that when doctor confirmed food poisoning.is Moyo a doctor now.we know him as big head.

    • Doctor confirmed poisoning, not food poisoning. Not the same thing by the way

      • mabwe

        Exactly. And that’s what ED has been saying all along.

  • wemusoro demhe inyoka mumuchenjerere trouble coza

  • There was no stigma he just researched what might caused diarrhoea and vomiting of the garwe and was spot on

  • And to think this bullshit is coming from a ‘Higher and Tertiary Education Minister’? No wonder the whole country is in a mess

  • The Higher, Tertiary, and Mnangagwa affairs minister strikes again..

  • Kumunhu kanopenga aka hakapererwi nix mhani this bastard is mad he can’t runout of words

  • Very stupid and minimum of a professor.

  • I never ever liked Prof Jonathan Bhangu ftom dsy one,he thinks he is the best thinker in Zim…coming up with funny policies,AIPPA,POSA and now his stinky STEM crap.On top of that he talks so much msuro/umsuzo.

    • in as much you might hate him stem is a good thing

    • Stem is a good initiative my bredren…

    • stem isn’t his idea ,its an international thing we just adopted it late, google Kenya’s stem policies or just look at USA they are the best example of how to implement stem policies

    • Fuck STEM!!

  • No stigmatisation Jonso was saying what he thinks can cause vomiting nd diarrhoea besides poison

    • He’s not a medical professional and shouldn’t be diagnosing people based on rumours.

  • #jonathanmustfall

  • I love this circus between Prof and the Lacoste. At least we know who is who

  • Prof stooping to low! What a shame!

  • Of all the possible causes of diarrhoea and vomiting, he thinks only of ARVs! Its stigma all right. The learned professor ought to be ashamed of himself.

  • This guy is mad

  • And then seriously

  • Now Minister of Mnangagwa when the country is burning

  • I don’t think Zimbabwe is still a country. If it is then there is only one person with freedom of and after speech. If a doctor confirmed something continuing to think and suggest is somewhat unprofessional. This Jonso thing is becoming too big for its shoes. I think Jonso is a prophet coz if he is not, and by some chance ED become president, jonso will definitely go to live in the pitcott of Dr Amai kuDubai. Kkkkkkkkkkhameno he is not coping from Tyson akaisa muswe wake pakati he is smelling danger. The truth is ED heavy weight champion and if Bhobho fail to deal with him no one would not even Amai. MuZimbabwe hatina maDiplomatic I Immunity kana Garwe vati pfe ma1 atanga.

    • E.D be coming a president? That would be a miracle

    • The yu shld prepare yourselves to live with miracles.

    • E D my foot he is the worst in Zanu pf

    • I understand yo concerns guyz, but looking at the political game plan ED is better than this #lady. She is just like her husband and once ED falls the country will be their bedroom. If Bhobho and wife stand unopposed they will definitely braai us alive. Mbuya vayi havanyari zvachose. Can’t yu see that. Just doing anything possible for a 94 old to continue president is on its own crazy and greedy. Immature stupity, merciless, rude and insane.

    • Now taurai tinzwe

    • What do yu think happened. Mugabe acted professional, Chinamasa messed and Mugabe removed the napies. Justice is a influencial and Bhobho put most trusted guru. Tshinga Dube failed to combat Mutsvangwa and guys so sacked. None can doubt Walter he is the best Minister and his reassignment to Foreign Affairs is crucial. Chombo just a loyalist and managed to snatch away the Treasury. #say what Madlenya Luis Cee.?????

  • Zimhanza

  • Dick head professor Mlevu is sick upstairs.

  • All G40s are fools whenever they utter something it turns to be a national disaster. Mboko, Jonono,Fugunde,Chatunda they all suffer from verbal diarrhoea

  • Hant vamugabe vait this wk reshuffle ndopamuchaona vachisiya vanamoyo vachibvisa vnhu vnogona bsa bt as i see zanu has sunk

  • Lost his head

  • Where on earth did you get your degrees,you are a disgrace and you don’t reason like one.I pray on this reshuffle that you must be a minister without portfolio

  • Musoro unenge zai

  • Kkk

  • Tsvangirai made a big mistake by saving this man.

    • Sorry my you elaborate

    • He came back to Zanu Pf with a seat he got from Tsholotsho which he won against Zanu after MDC ddnt field a candidate to save Moyo. If the MDC did field a candidate there, Zanu Pf could have won it and it was not going to be easy for Moyo to come back to Zanu since he was going to be empty handed. Zanu accepted him back because he was bringing something to them therefore Tsvangirai saved Moyo’ s political carrier

  • This George must b a manager at gushungo dairiboard.

    • Mupurisa anoja ikoko

    • there are two things here: 1) ARV 2) Politics. George is on ARV issue. If they cause side effects and someone says it ,where is the problem there? Dont mix these things.

  • New ministry in Mugabe cabinet Minister of Higher Tertiary n Mnangagwa Affairs Jonathan Moyo

  • Sekuru vakataura parally yeku Bindura last month kuti Jonathan vanga varivese na Mnangangwa pa vaironga Tsholotsho whatever , ,asi nhasi Moyo aku taura zvakadai kunemumwe wake,kkkkk

  • If you elect a clown, expect circus.

  • Musoro bhangu duzvi are you a doctor? Moyo Jonathan horo yako

  • That’s politics. Good one. I can see most Zimbabweans are very immature in politics. Zvaakatotaura so akapedza basa for his faction. But he didn’t mention names ma Zimba ndimi makadudzira mega.

    • Stigma has got nothing to do with factions or political affiliation, especially coming from a man of his capacity..period.!!

    • What stigma are you referring to? Isn’t it a fact that ARVs can cause vomiting and diarrhoea? Bashing someone for mentioning side effects of ARVs in public is laughable. We should encourage disclosure and people should freely discuss their experience with any medication including ARVs. If he had mentioned an antimalarial drug nobody was gonna find fault with it but just because it’s HIV you want special treatment. In this era you still want HIV to be treated like it’s sacred?? Those who lament stigma are the ones who stigmatize others. Let’s move on hey !

    • the prblm comes whn u try to coverup poisoning by sugestn Arv reaction wat th fuck

    • Wodyisa munhu poison woti arv stupid

    • luis cee is also misinformed like professor..

  • Stupid minister.

  • champion lover

    @ Prof JNMoyo Have u finished sorting out the mess in the schools, the rampant satanism etc.? It seems like u are harbouring Presidential interests as well. You no longer know your real mandate as a minister.If am not mistaken a Minister reports to the vice President and only in Zimbabwe is where you find people like you who just go anywhere like a stray bullet. Uncontrolled

  • kkkkk Jonso anotaura zvisingaiite…kutaurawo here uku..ndosaka nyika yafa mhani

  • Zimbabwe ‘s most stupid learned professor. Heartless,Directionless, ,troublesome, Divisive monster, destructive etc

  • Just go to their twitters both MDC-T, NPP, and other opp parties spokespersons munotoona kuti isu povo ndisu tirikungotemesana musoro iwo varikutoziva kuti mashoko evaviri varikungoudzana maodza moyo chete, no stigma at all.Vanhu zvavanongotukana vani mutown kuti. inwa mapiritsi ako zvakanaka ndokukanganisa.Pane anoti ini kumhuri kwedu hapana ati arwara kana kufirwa nemunhu nechirwere ichi imi ngatisadero siyai vatukane voga uchatoona vamwe vachitourairana nyaya iyoyi that’s insane zvinenge zvakubata papi kuti Jonso atuka ED. Unless u r a follower of ED but still ndipo paachauya kumba kwako vafa kana kuchipatara vakuvara.

  • Jonathan ibenzi ndosaka aiita mkadzi kumwanasikana wake asati amuchekeresa

  • some of these degrees aipirwa vanhu kunyara kkkkkk especially those earned outside our borders . vaingopihwa as a human right kkkkkkkk

  • i lk d guy xeem


  • Stupid professor.

  • All this just to divert our attaention to critical issues….

  • Truly speaking I do not expect to hear such rubbish from a Government Minister and a whole professor. Some of these degrees with these people who masquerade as professors are fake. This is the reason why Zimbabwe has collapsed

  • Backlashes

  • Doctor

    Only idiots will twist the Prof’s words here. Its a fact that chronic use of any drugs, be it antibiotics or ARV’s has side effects. Even the packaging on most medication has that warning. Temba Mliswa is equallly a stammering idiot, his brains seem to stammer as well. Kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une katuru. There is no stigmatization at all.

  • lot chitakasha

    For Prof. Moyo,the end justifies the means, he wants to destroy his opponent and he will deploy every weapon..(the weaponisation of HIV). Remember he also talked about the Majonga tragedy, he is trying to show that his adversary is a “bamba zonke ” who cannot be trusted to take over the reins of power…the adage ,Politics is a dirty game has stood the test of time.

  • How he knows how Arvs cause vomiting and running stomach is a mystery. Are they poisonous?

  • Professor wekumhata ngazive Hungochani hwake

  • Datya remunhu..

  • Hameno zvirikumboitika kuHarare zvinotoda kugadziriswa

  • Politics a dirty game

  • Even a professor can be an idiot.Very stupid of a minister to trash people living with Hiv.We demand the president to wield the axe on such an ignorant politician.

  • Coming from a professor what a shame 😡😡😡😡

  • What a shame on dis stupid Gay Professor

  • Ministry of Speculations in the offing

  • I told people long back kut these people are cowards they dont deserve to b leaders they are suppose to show their support to those who are hiv + bt c its a shame

  • James Bond

    HIV life expectancy ‘near normal’ thanks to new drugs
    By Philippa Roxby
    Health reporter, BBC News
    11 May 2017

    Young people on the latest HIV drugs now have near-normal life expectancy because of improvements in treatments, a study in The Lancet suggests.
    Twenty-year-olds who started antiretroviral therapy in 2010 are projected to live 10 years longer than those first using it in 1996, it found.
    Doctors say that starting treatment early is crucial to achieve a long and healthy life.
    Charities say there are still too many people unaware they have the virus.
    This is particularly true in the developing world, where the majority of HIV deaths occur because access to drugs is limited.
    More effective prevention
    The study authors, from the University of Bristol, said the extraordinary success of HIV treatments was a result of newer drugs having fewer side effects and being better at preventing the virus from replicating in the body.
    It is also more difficult for the virus to build up a resistance to the most recent drugs.
    Improved screening and prevention programmes and better treatment of health problems caused by HIV are thought to have helped, too.
    But many people with HIV still do not live as long as expected, especially those infected through injecting drugs.
    Antiretroviral therapy involves a combination of three or more drugs which block the normal progress of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).
    They have been called “one of the greatest public health success stories of the past 40 years”.
    A line
    Drugs ‘do work’
    Jimmy Isaacs, 28, discovered he had been infected with HIV by a former partner nearly three years ago.
    He takes three drugs once a day at 18:00 and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.
    “My health is absolutely fine. I’m eating healthily and drinking healthily,” he said.
    “It doesn’t impact on my job and hasn’t impacted on my social life either.”
    Although it took two changes of medication to find the right combination for him, he says he now has no side effects at all.
    “I had heard a lot of bad stories about the drugs back in the ’90s – but when I did some research, I realised the drugs had completely changed.”
    Not all his employers have been supportive since his diagnosis and he says that is down to ignorance.
    His current employer has given him time off to tour the country and speak to students and school pupils about HIV prevention and treatment.

    The researchers looked at 88,500 people with HIV from Europe and North America who had been involved in 18 studies.
    They based their life-expectancy predictions on death rates during the first three years of follow-up after drug treatment was started.
    They found that fewer people who started treatment between 2008 and 2010 died during this period compared with those who began treatment between 1996 and 2007.
    The expected age at death of a 20-year-old patient starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) after 2008, with a low viral load and after the first year of treatment, was 78 years – similar to the general population.
    What is antiretroviral therapy?

    Antiretroviral therapy combines three or more drugs which stop the HIV virus from progressing
    First used in 1996, it involves a combination of three or more drugs that stop the HIV virus from replicating
    This means damage to the immune system caused by HIV can be prevented and it stops the disease spreading to others
    More recent drugs are even more efficient and have fewer side effects
    The World Health Organization recommends that antiretroviral therapy is started as soon as possible after diagnosis
    Dr Michael Brady, medical director at the Terrence Higgins Trust, said the study showed how much things had changed since the start of the HIV epidemic in the 1980s.
    But he said it also meant people aged over 50 now represented one in three of all those living with HIV.
    “As it stands, the healthcare, social care and welfare systems simply aren’t ready to support the increasing numbers of people growing older with HIV.
    “We need a new model of care to better integrate primary care with HIV specialist services, and we need a major shift in awareness and training around HIV and ageing, so that we’re ready to help older people live well in later life,” he said.
    ‘Medical achievement’
    Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard, who chairs the Royal College of GPs, said: “It’s a tremendous medical achievement that an infection that once had such a terrible prognosis is now so manageable, and that patients with HIV are living significantly longer.
    “We hope the results of this study go a long way to finally removing any remaining stigma associated with HIV, and ensuring that patients with HIV can live long and healthy lives without experiencing difficulties in gaining employment and – in countries where it is necessary – obtaining medical insurance.”
    She said steps were being taken to increase appropriate HIV testing by GPs.
    The proportion of people with undiagnosed HIV has fallen steadily over the past 20 years.
    But one in eight people with HIV is still thought to remain undiagnosed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76da3d3cf63aa19bd49e0b055bbedaffff102d49c21fba7df25dd5aa1ff7e04f.jpg

  • Devil’s incarnate! Always dividing ppls minds turning brother against brother wonder whr yu got your degrees frm!!!!! U are not even ashamed of all the misery yu alredy burden us wth!!!!!

  • Griiiiiiihhhhh Jojola…..griiiiiiiihhhhh Gwenaaa

  • ngatimbosiyai zvepolitics timbodai so
    ko dai akati ma Salbutamol aya eAsthma anokonzeresa kushaya simba plus dzungu maiti its Stigma here kkkkkkkkk

  • Instead

  • marikos

    No stigma there. Nxt nyaya pliz

  • This is another diversion.

    The leaders of every country should have a table or spreadsheet of everything they are supposed to be doing as part of their job serving the people.

    This is more like the children fighting over the swings in the playground when they are first let out to play.

    I don’t think this is acceptable in any country, but I always thought we knew better in Zimbabwe.

  • Nxaaaaa

  • Mike Musakaruka

    Let us embrace Ubuntu culture and help each other than sxposding our dirty linen in public,let us focus on the economic meltdown and spruce up ther programmes that stir the country forward than your cock fighting jamborees as they don’t help the general populace,in case you have forgotten your mandate is within our vote,we don’t elect you to go and fight individuals.The world
    I guess is questioning the kind of professors we are producing in Zimbabwe.Lead by example please.You are evening putting the President in a difficult position as he shall stress to hold the centre pin with your unncecessary bickering when the country is on fire.

  • Pedzeranai mega kuzanu ikoko isu chedu kuvhota moenda kunorwira kuruzevha kwete mu office nyika ichiwira pasi

  • ana moyo ibvai apa

  • Saka vice president haapa power Mu Zim .gwena na mboko ma decoration

  • Johathan Moyo you are a complete ass and an insensitive son of a bitch. People that are living with HIV did not go to the store and buy it you idiot.

  • James Bond

    Saka wanga uchida kuti atore chinyi for HIV, mutombo here? Dhakwa mushe Jonso…

  • The Theory of Destroying Zanu Pf from within is right on Track.

  • cineaste

    Musoro banga

  • People do the most to gain political mileage over others look now

  • hezvooo nanajonavapindawo munyaya dzacho isu veoppostion will be laughing out loud🤣🤣🤣

  • ava professor ava ka

  • Rumours cause a lot of trouble Professor Moyo

  • TSM Season 7 –

    Mukanyanya kumuseka Johnso akaenda ku Information Ministry
    muchavharirwa all these forums kkkk

  • Apa Musoro bhangu wakairasa. Wadzokera kugrade creche from professor

  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    Surely a whole Professor !!

  • inini1545

    I compassionately hate Jonah Moyo. To be fair his run on-statement. Was specifically constructed with an intended target. From a medical perspective, he is on point. The use of Antibiotics has side effects that display a foray of symptoms including diarrhea. The mentioning of ARV is simply focusing on a particular group of Antibiotics that are believed, to suppress the progression of a specific virus. Now coming to the intended target, one has to fully understand the facts surrounding the matter that foreshadows the background. Apparently, certain political figure suffered from diarrhea during a rally, and was hospitalized. The politician recovered from that ailment, and now word on the street is that it was food poisoning. However, an official response from the politician refutted the claims of poisoning on a public medium. After a little while, Jonah posts his tirade, and people are believing that he is referring to the politician who suffered from diarrhea. It is on record that the politician denied that it was food poisoning. Do you think Jonah is still targeting that politician?

  • This professor is good at underatting the citizenary

  • Chikiti

    I’ve always said this professor is the most foolish I’ve seen

  • Kudayi vanhu vaifunga seni tose tisina ma benefits from those political parties taingorega kuenda kuenda kumisangano yavo tione kuti vanotiita seyi

  • Rega ndimwe ndandato kanganwa

  • sekuru madzibwa

    but is it a lie????….may prof is saying this out of experience …so why a re people crying foul play