#YourThoughts on Mnangagwa saga

Jameson Timba (Former MDC-T MP for Mt Pleasant)

“I have no brief for him. I disagree with him politically. But give it to ED Mnangagwa. He made his opponents including the learned Assistant Prof. Jonathan Moyo look like fools. He said he was not food poisoned. Which is a fact. But he was poisoned, which is another fact but a different one.

MDC Mt Pleasant House of Assembly losing candidate Jameson Timba
Jameson Timba

Mugabe confirmed that his Doctors said he was not food poisoned but was poisoned because he had traces of poison in his blood. Which is a fact. He said what happened to him is what happened to Mahofa. Mahofa fell ill at a Zanu-PF gathering in Vic Falls and was airlifted to somewhere in Zim and subsequently to SA. He fell ill at a Zanu-pf gathering in Gwanda and was airlifted to Gweru and subsequently to SA-hence the similarities.

So ED has been consistent with his story and his internal opponents have been duped by a smart talking lawyer and they are all over saying he is contradicting himself when it is them who are failing to read and understand simple English.” 

Karen Vaughan

In this atmosphere of paranoia, facts are not being taken in sensibly, and this is a diversion from what 90 percent of the people need in the form of basic necessities. If you measure the time spent on one of these arguments, and how much time and action has been spent on the citizens of Zimbabwe, then we can see why citizens of Zimbabwe are starving and being beaten to death.


Right let’s look at this way. Mahofa ate food and died. So if what happened to Mahofa has happened to me means there is a killer at large and he has done it again. BossCup goes on and says time will tell. Tell what exactly? Since when did Mnangagwa speak in tongues. Do we normally speak in puzzles among our friends and say when going Joz am going to the industrial capital city of Azania. Liar Mnangagwa stand by your word man be man enough .

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko

“There’s now little doubt, if there ever was any, that there appears to be an agenda to undermine the authority of President Mugabe and to destabilise the country by using lies to fan ethnic tensions for political purposes.”

First Lady Grace Mugabe

“Even these days when false claims are being peddled by politicians, you hear some saying someone has been poisoned by ice cream from Alpha Omega. It’s unfair. That is unfair to say that. Can I prepare just one cup for Mnangagwa, to kill Mnangagwa? I’m the wife of the president. Who is Mnangagwa? Who is he? Who would kill who here?” 

First Lady Grace Mugabe stresses a point during her address in Harare last night
First Lady Grace Mugabe stresses a point during her address in Harare last night

“My husband is someone who is very disciplined when it comes to women. He is not a bambazonke (grab everything) type, never ever. He keeps me and me alone. Why would I want to kill someone who was appointed by my husband? It is nonsensical. If politics gets to this stage, it means you have run out of ideas. If you have run out of ideas, go home and retire. It is not proper to say you like the President yet you hate his wife, it’s not possible. I asked you in the Midlands whether the President erred by appointing you.”

“We don’t like people who go around threatening people that if their preferred candidate or Mnangagwa is not elevated to the presidency, we will shoot you. Kill if you can, why aren’t you? We must all agree if the President says he wants to resign. We must all agree as a party over who shall take over. We say no to those who threaten to use bazookas. We are being threatened night and day that if so and so is not appointed (president), we will shoot you. We will not bow down to that pressure, never. You will have to arrest all of us for you to rule,” Grace said.

“We don’t want people who intimidate us. Don’t force people to vote you by threatening. If you choose to stage a coup, no one will recognise you. The AU doesn’t recognise such a government and don’t even dare talk about it. You have to be grateful that President Mugabe is a good man, otherwise some people would have been serving time now. Don’t take that tolerance too far.”

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  • Sly!

  • they are not the only candidates they must go home these old stuff

  • It is the obsession with the smearing of ED which has blinded some people.

  • Musoro bhangu ndiye anezvese izvi.

  • In this atmosphere of paranoia, facts are not being taken in sensibly, and this is a diversion from what 90 percent of the people need in the form of basic necessities.
    If you measure the time spent on one of these arguments, and how much time and action has been spent on the citizens of Zimbabwe, then we can see why citizens of Zimbabwe are starving and being beaten to death.

  • Musoro bangu n team tribalists and no doubt about it, they should stop it n concentrate on developing the country

  • Thats the difference between a student lawyer like Jonso and a veteran lawyer like the croc.

    • Where was he practising

      • Peter Walters

        The experience through the ministries he has been leading eg justice Ministry. We have political analysts but there are not politicians so whats your problem.

    • Government nhai bambo

  • They know in Zanu pf that Ngwena is the brains behind their machinery to retain power

  • Kimmie Kae, Nigel Real, Mimie Milkah Moyo

  • ko,haiperi neiko nyaya yacho,,kuita kunge murikudiridza matomatisi nguva yechando

    • kkk taura hako yakusvota iyi

      • Pasi neZanu

        Chikaranga chinoti, “Kana ngoma yoririsa, yoda kuparuka” Nguva yekuparara kweZANU yasvika.
        Hatinei nematakanana avo avari kuitirana. Dindinge rinonakirwa richakweva rimwe… Regai zvibayane. Mbavha dziri kurwira nyika yavakaba. Kubira vanhu kodzero dzedu dzekusarudza mutungamiri watinoda …2008

  • Its time to resign ko

  • Indeed our second v p was exposed for his lack of the grasp of simple english

  • A lawyer ..s game

  • Ini am happy zvikuitwa mnangagwa kutambura kwese kuri kuita vanhu its becz of him.he ws the first person kurambira maelection 2008.vamwe verse vakanga vatobvuma.vanaMtasa vatoenda kumba iye kwakuti hazviite becz he wanted to be the next president.manje tsvatu wary nandi.nguruve yazvikanga nemafuta ayo.

    • I could have said it better .
      Nature is solving Zimbabweans problems
      I don’t feel sorry for this man
      Ask Godfrey Majonga who is now disabled for life over a girlfriend
      Ngaaende ED

      • sarah Mahoka

        He is going nowhere. Looks to me like it is musoro bhangu going

      • Mshabi

        The girlfriend was Mzenda’s makakurira kupi?.

  • look like fools fr real mapenzi chaiwo kunge ndivo vakapazha nekurutsa siyai munhu ataure mapazho ake,mboko dzevanhu,Lacoste power

  • Idiots are the ones who believe Mnangagwa and Moyo are enemies. The two are the Zanu PF mastermind in keeping Zanu in power using dirty cleverly tricks.While you all think Zanu PF is devided they’re actually winning by making the opposition relax and will only realize after 2018 that they have been played.Mnangagwa and Moyo are dangerous strategists and don’t even wish one of them to be the president of this beautiful country.It would be like jumping from a frying pan into the fire.

    • They are enemies who will choose to agree when it comes to elections. Let’s get it straight there has been a division from back in the day but they would fight in one corner during elections. This coming election is no different. Opposition with or without a divided ruling party They don’t have th capacity to win. They have run away from the founding principles and they have a slim chance of winning. I don’t doubt these people are enemies but they will fight for a common cause.

    • Enemies for what? Do you think Mnangagwa will be fired from ZANU PF? Kkkkk

    • Even all those whom you think they were fired they are not. Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo, Jabulan Sibanda and many more. They are still ZANU PF.

      • sarah Mahoka


    • not interested in politics guys

    • Then I disagree, the infighting within ZanuPF is different from what they have been battling the previous years.now its about “succession ” politics which is no disguise but nasty & deadly.

  • #YourThoughts that’s a normal Zanu pf procedure to change the VP as long u show ambitions of taking over power

  • and you think shrewd scholar like President Mugabe would miss such a simple explanation???? Omitting information with the intention to confuse is no intelligence at all. Anger that has been generated by this whole confusion shows that alternative facts were presented to different audiences. some things are so simple to understand zvekuti one doesn’t have to be intelligent to grasp them. Everyone cant miss that, certainly not Gushungo

    • Shrewd scholar my ass. A buffoon who can’t understand simple economics

    • You give him credit than he deserves .

    • If Mugabe is considered shrewd and learned then no wonder all graduates are selling Matohwe mu street. The name is synonymous with outright failure everywhere and nowhere

    • Well, looks like he missed it.

  • I honestly think these guys are just trying to frustrate him so that he can leave the zanu pf bc they know hz a threat

    • sarah Mahoka

      Ed was in Zanupf befoe bere Mugabe. He has s not going. He is ZaNu itself

  • These discussions do not help the ordinary Zimbo in any way.

  • Ask the ordinary guy when was the last day he had 3 meals and you will be suprised

  • We dnt care

  • Wenzira

    ED is making Mugabe’s team look fools. They are making popular day by day. ED arikuita chisveru hake navo.

    Anyway ED is unelectable, butcher man as as per Biti’s view , probably more ruthless than Mugabe.

    ED is making a mistake by applying his law skill on the poisoning saga. What matters is the interprentation of the ordinary man.

    • war

      The problem is not really Gucci. people like ED himself have helped Gucci rise. Gucci have seen kuti she can rise easily by making them turn against each other eliminating them one by one from the strongest to the weakest. ED was there when other comrades like Jabulani Sibanda were booted. He was there when Runaida was humiliated and thrown to the dustbins. This is were these comrades lose it. Real comrades stand by each other. ED was not supposed to watch as heavyweights like Mutasa and Gumbo get expelled like kids. Elimination of such heavyweights is a step to presidium for Grace. Open eyes comrades. right now Sydney is happy thinking he will scoop the presidency…maya mdara. Grace akatokupimayi and shes using you. Sydney stand by ED, all comrades say no to this impending dynastic rule.

  • Its so funny isnt it?

  • Mike Nyamucherera thank you

  • sarah Mahoka

    Kkkk kkk as simple as that..And all the hatred comes pouring.

  • Wakaurayana pachavo ka1

  • Mnangagwa must simply hold the bull by the horns or by the end of the year he will be history and Zimbabwe will effectively be a family affair. I don’t like him but he is the last hope to diversity.

  • He must resign period

    • sarah Mahoka

      kkkkkkkkk just because you say so? kkkkkkkkkkk maita vatete. Ed going nowhere

  • Igarwe here kana kuti ibugwa?

  • Zvese izvi mabhinyonyo

  • Gorden Nyabunze

    Nothing much! This is another Jukwa Facebook page in the form of an infighting. It keeps pple concentrating on it so much enough to forget about asking for 2.2 million jobs, bond notes, cash crisis etc. Ngwena’s succession is inevitable, no other way. After elections, this drama will disappear in a disguised coalition between the two factions.

  • Ko ngatimudzumbunureizv

  • When ED said it,the poison was still circulating in his body.

  • Poisoned or not poisoned that will not change what is in the mimds of VP Mnangagwa’s party colleagues. He is apparently an unwanted being. The decision is his now, resignation or wait for a humiliation when he will be sacked under ululations at a conference. If I were him I would I either be man enough and resign. Dambudziko nderekuti macdes haama personal investments dzavakaita and fear kuti once they oppose zpf or resign vanobva vatorerwa zvavainazvo. Otherwise kutsoropodzwa kwakadai kunorwadza before a crowd. On the other hand I feel kuti amai vanofanira kuva muyananisi pakadai but tiri kuona vari ivo vanotova mberi. Anyway thats politics isu tiri malaypeople who may not be versatile with the game

    • Amai vaaniko,kure nesu!!!

    • sarah Mahoka

      You have no knowledge of zanupf affairs hama. too bad. Ed is going nowhere. Jonso might be the one ano rova pasi

    • Amai vako not vedu.tambira kure iweeeeeeeeee.phumaaaaaaalapa

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Shumba vakapiwa nduru yegwarwe asi naMwari wavakunamata zvakakona . Kuda kuwisa mukaranga gwaikozvino havahwini tino pamamonya ipapo Vakaranga tinemwi

  • Kp

    All just power hungry idiots who there for themselves

  • Then the doctors must tell how he got the poison in his body.

  • “is not a food victim”saka avhunduka mavoti.ZANU.PF hokoyoyi

  • I share the same sentiments witg Timba

  • Nkoko365

    The writer of this article and its commissioners for publication on this platform are lunatics. Why would victims of murder orgies sympathise with their key tormentor being savaged to the death by fellow murderers?

  • He is suffering from paranoia I guess they must give him more ice cream.Thanks to the guys who have put him in his rightful place crocodile,garwe,ngwena all in one!!!!

  • Team Lacoste strategies deals with the planning and conduct of campaigns, the movement and disposition of forces, and the deception of the enemy. The father of modern political strategic , Cde Dambudzo Emmerson Mnangagwa , is employing the battle to gain the end of war against the so-called G40 faction.”
    Pamberi na Cde ED
    Pamberi ne Midlands Province leadership.
    Pamberi nema War Vets.
    Pasi na Grace neG40.
    Pasi nemaDoctor enhema.
    Pasi na tsvangirai ne anus cancer yake.

  • Ndabazezwe Viki

    Mnangagwa poisoned himself by his involvement in the Joice Mujuru saga & probably in Rex’s death too. It is a fact that he leads a faction and Mugabe leads the G40. So it’s time for Mnangagwa to dance the same kongonya Joice danced. Any way I personally do not have an iota of sympathy for him because he is murderer worse than his mentor.

  • Game of Thrones. Mugabe is always a hero either way. I pray to have sharp brains like that of Bhobho. He just designed our country to be a chase board. He played a porn Moyo sometime ago and now he is jumping a horse Mnangagwa. He made them to fight and he presides as a judge or a referee. Their fights is his power. He will continue to declare himself a presidential candidate as long as he is alive. His everlasting rule will end the day the so called Gay 40 and Locaste gathered fight a common enermy Bhobho, unfortunately with the level of his tricks that day will never come. Ukuwo kuOppostion there is his Bishop and he is about make the move. Joice is going to devide our votes again and deny us the much needed Change. I think Bhobho promises these idiots presidentship at different occasions. They are being played. NaProffessor kutambiswa nhova by just an educanist Bhobho. Ini handina kusvika Grade 7 asi handipusiswi zvakadhakwa kudayi bheji kana pane ane nharo.

    • Robert is always divisive to cling on to power. Any presidential hopeful is muddled to portray himself as the only unifier. The wife is one that’s more dangerous, she thinks none else except her should replace Robert,so she’s clearing stumps so she could replace Bob

    • That lady I dangerous and also full of dump shit.zim will always be poor as long this so called liberators are still in power.Alan Smith once said I will rule zim for a thousand years but he only rule zim less than expected.nothing last forever on this earth.our time is near Zim.great change is coming our way.#TAG THIS 🏁.nguva yavo yasvika

  • Baba wakawoma moyo awo kushupika kurikuita wanhu its bcoz of him

  • When you are involved in the conspiracy of murdering 20,000 innocent people, we call that tribal cleansing.
    Every dog has its day.
    It’s not those people buried in shallow graves that are taking revenge on you but the inner circle that you where involved with you when you committed those atrocities.
    DO YOU DIG IT!!!

  • He is paying the price of stupid subordination.

  • I don’t sympathize with ED because he established the one center of power principle and now it’s biting him.

  • Realist

    Right let’s look at this way. Mahofa ate food and died. So if what happened to Mahofa has happened to me means there is a killer at large and he has done it again. BossCup goes on and says time will tell. Tell what exactly? Since when did Mnangwagwa speak in tongues. Do we normally speak in puzzles among our friends and say when going Joz am going to the industrial capital city of Azania. Lier Mnangwagwa stand by your word man be man enough .

  • Game of Thrones. Assassin Games. Good to watch these motion pics, irresistible

  • No sympathy to any Zanu pf leader,let them fight we need our freedom

  • Those who poison the VP must be arrested


  • Too late to concentrate on facts, ED is going, gone. Manje kana Ku opposition haadiwe.

  • Save us Garwe

  • Mseyamwa

    Reminds me of the articles from the eighties 80s when the EDs of that day were throwing accusations at Joshua Nkomo, without proper procedure or evidence, but full of impunity and arrogance. Now after all those years it’s come back in a surprizing manner to them who never thought it could happen to them.

  • I was not poisoned, but I was poisoned????? Was he trying to say he was poisoned but left with no traceable evidence of that attack?

  • Captured opposition and state media by Lacoste

  • Captured private media and opposition by Lacoste faction.

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