#YourThoughts on Mnangagwa saga

Jameson Timba (Former MDC-T MP for Mt Pleasant)

“I have no brief for him. I disagree with him politically. But give it to ED Mnangagwa. He made his opponents including the learned Assistant Prof. Jonathan Moyo look like fools. He said he was not food poisoned. Which is a fact. But he was poisoned, which is another fact but a different one.

MDC Mt Pleasant House of Assembly losing candidate Jameson Timba
Jameson Timba

Mugabe confirmed that his Doctors said he was not food poisoned but was poisoned because he had traces of poison in his blood. Which is a fact. He said what happened to him is what happened to Mahofa. Mahofa fell ill at a Zanu-PF gathering in Vic Falls and was airlifted to somewhere in Zim and subsequently to SA. He fell ill at a Zanu-pf gathering in Gwanda and was airlifted to Gweru and subsequently to SA-hence the similarities.

So ED has been consistent with his story and his internal opponents have been duped by a smart talking lawyer and they are all over saying he is contradicting himself when it is them who are failing to read and understand simple English.” 

Karen Vaughan

In this atmosphere of paranoia, facts are not being taken in sensibly, and this is a diversion from what 90 percent of the people need in the form of basic necessities. If you measure the time spent on one of these arguments, and how much time and action has been spent on the citizens of Zimbabwe, then we can see why citizens of Zimbabwe are starving and being beaten to death.


Right let’s look at this way. Mahofa ate food and died. So if what happened to Mahofa has happened to me means there is a killer at large and he has done it again. BossCup goes on and says time will tell. Tell what exactly? Since when did Mnangagwa speak in tongues. Do we normally speak in puzzles among our friends and say when going Joz am going to the industrial capital city of Azania. Liar Mnangagwa stand by your word man be man enough .

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko

“There’s now little doubt, if there ever was any, that there appears to be an agenda to undermine the authority of President Mugabe and to destabilise the country by using lies to fan ethnic tensions for political purposes.”

First Lady Grace Mugabe

“Even these days when false claims are being peddled by politicians, you hear some saying someone has been poisoned by ice cream from Alpha Omega. It’s unfair. That is unfair to say that. Can I prepare just one cup for Mnangagwa, to kill Mnangagwa? I’m the wife of the president. Who is Mnangagwa? Who is he? Who would kill who here?” 

First Lady Grace Mugabe stresses a point during her address in Harare last night
First Lady Grace Mugabe stresses a point during her address in Harare last night

“My husband is someone who is very disciplined when it comes to women. He is not a bambazonke (grab everything) type, never ever. He keeps me and me alone. Why would I want to kill someone who was appointed by my husband? It is nonsensical. If politics gets to this stage, it means you have run out of ideas. If you have run out of ideas, go home and retire. It is not proper to say you like the President yet you hate his wife, it’s not possible. I asked you in the Midlands whether the President erred by appointing you.”

“We don’t like people who go around threatening people that if their preferred candidate or Mnangagwa is not elevated to the presidency, we will shoot you. Kill if you can, why aren’t you? We must all agree if the President says he wants to resign. We must all agree as a party over who shall take over. We say no to those who threaten to use bazookas. We are being threatened night and day that if so and so is not appointed (president), we will shoot you. We will not bow down to that pressure, never. You will have to arrest all of us for you to rule,” Grace said.

“We don’t want people who intimidate us. Don’t force people to vote you by threatening. If you choose to stage a coup, no one will recognise you. The AU doesn’t recognise such a government and don’t even dare talk about it. You have to be grateful that President Mugabe is a good man, otherwise some people would have been serving time now. Don’t take that tolerance too far.”

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