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Zari finally dumps Diamond, unfollows and deletes his pictures

It looks like it’s over between socialite Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz, the Tanzanian singer who is the father of her two children.

Bongo flava artiste Diamond Platinumz and his partner Zari Hassan
Bongo flava artiste Diamond Platinumz and his partner Zari Hassan

Ever since Diamond confessed cheating on Zari and fathering a child with Hamisa Mobetto, things have never been the same between two.

More signs were revealed last week when Zari missed almost all the 3 birthday parties organized to celebrate the singer’s new age.

As if that was not enough, Zari is deleting Diamond Platnumz from her life. She started by leaving their home in Tanzania for South Africa, before she cleaned her Instagram and other social media accounts of all pictures of her with Diamond.

On top of deleting pictures in which she features with him, Zari has also blocked him on all social media platforms.

Zari is currently in South Africa concentrating on managing late Ivan Ssemwanga’s Brooklyn College and other property, while raising their children.

It’s not clear whether the couple will this weekend see each other like they have always done. Diamond jets in to perform at the Kampala carnival. New Vision

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  • Panashe

    aya ndo anonzi mahure kwete mamwe atinoswera tichiudziwa nezvavo. nyaya ya ZARI na IVAN SEMWANGA ukaiverenga unonzwa tsitsi masiyaniro avakaita. obvious kufa kwakaita muface avakumuka chipoko haachakwanise kurara hope nekamufana ako zvatovharana

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  • Ufollowing and deleting pictures? Like really? This is social media love. Why would you want to say I love you nomore in public. Shame on you two. Loose morals and filthness has corrupted our generation. What are we to do to people like such? We don’t burn them but to teach them the rastaman’s way of life. This is not a shame only to Diamond bt to the likes of Stunner as well who publish their affairs like crap. Maybe they get money out of it but that alone doesn’t stop esp me to say something. If something is wrong then its wrong. What else can they do? It so seems normal and ok if couples say to their friends “ahh you know these days am by maself n you can pass by ma cabin” And I would ask “where is your wife?
    The response is a shocker
    “She left me 6 months ago”
    Like that,somebody doesn’t value the real reason of a marriage. You shall see none of them is going to spend close to a week without finding someone. Women we have moves from one hand to another like a phone.
    They used to cook like their mothers
    And now they drink like their ancestors.

  • To those who follow up..what really happened between this couple..?

  • Chikiti

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