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Plaxedes Wenyika returns with new album

By Vongai Mbara

Soulful musician Plaxedes Wenyika is back with a new 10-tracked album, which will be unveiled at a launch at Alliance Francaise tonight. The album is titled “Metamorphosis” which refers to transformation and Plaxedes said it was inspired by her life.

Plaxedes Wenyika
Plaxedes Wenyika

“I was just at a crazy stage in my life and I wanted to create something funny. In science, metamorphosis is a stage when a larva transforms into a butterfly. I decided to give my album that name because it is showing transformation from a young Plaxedes to a mature one,” she said.

The musician, who had gone quiet for some time, dropped two singles a few months ago which are doing well on radio stations and has spiced up her sound.

“Of course my music is soulful, but I have made it fresh and urban so it now has elements of contemporary Afrobeat,” said Plaxedes.

She worked with different music producers on the album and she is happy with the results. We have so many talented music producers in the country and I wanted to work with a number of them. I am excited to give my fans this new release. I know they are going to love it,” she said.

To date, Wenyika has released albums “Tisaparadzane”, “Kamhanzi”, “Sentiments”, “Full Circle” and “Brighter Day”. The singer is optimistic that the new project will help her reunite with her fans and bring back sweet memories when she performed before lovers.

“I have done a few shows in the past months, but I am looking forward to doing more performances. People have been asking for my music and I am bringing them more soothing love tunes,” she said. The Herald

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    • Muchati Bhuu

      It might be a hobby for this woman.Thats why she was quiet for many years.She is not desperate…but its a matter of “if I can make extra cash, then why not”.Zim urban groovers do not make much.

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  • Deborah Chirandu

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