Botswana government hits back at Mugabe

Gaborone – Botswana’s government this afternoon hit back at Zimbabwe’s 93 year old leader Robert Mugabe regarding comments he made about their President Ian Khama, and Botswana’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi.

President Robert Mugabe seen here with Botswana President Ian Khama
President Robert Mugabe seen here with Botswana President Ian Khama

Attending bilateral talks in South Africa, Mugabe had said Venson-Moitoi lost her bid to become chairperson of the African Union because her principal Khama did not adequately support her.

In a statement, the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation in Botswana called Mr. Mugabe’s remarks inaccurate and unfortunate.

The ministry however refused to offer any further comment on the matter, stating that their position was inspired by their respect for Mr. Mugabe’s advanced age, and an understanding that in light of Mugabe’s age,  ‘certain allowances need to be made’

Full Statement Below.


Gaborone, 5th October 2017: The Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation wishes to respond to the recent media reports in which His Excellency, Mr. Robert G. Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe blamed the loss of the candidature bid of Botswana’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi for the position of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, on the lack of support by His Excellency, Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, President of the Republic of Botswana.

In this connection, the Government of Botswana has taken note of the comments and regrets these inaccurate and unfortunate remarks. However, the Ministry chooses not to comment any further out of respect for President Mugabe’s advanced age and as such, understands that allowances need to be made.

Public Relations, Research and Information Department

  • Sekuru avo vaneta

  • Haha ,thats th classiest insult ive ever heard 🙂

  • ZimDanceHall

    perfect scapegoat,lol

  • Saxton

    Classic diplomatic response. Perfectly translated into ordinary language it simply means Mugabe is just a geriatric maniac no one should listen to. Thanks Botswana for letting these Zanoids know.

  • Ouuuuuuuuuuuch, inhlamba enganani!

  • Last kick

  • s;w

    Botswana should have reminded the Old man about how the Country assisted zimbabweans with the cholera epidemic while he just totally ignored innocent ordinary people that is why ordinary zimbabweans are not wanted anywhere is because of his vicious tongue and that includes that vicious young wife of his . Just keeping track of his attacks from Goliath attack at the UN because the old man thinks he is Biblical David , he is no closer to Biblical David and now what next perhaps it will be wife who is 40 years younger than him to make an attack waht a country

  • Very diplomatic but the insinuations are clear