An analysis of the press statement issued by VP Mphoko on Mnangagwa ‘poisoning’ saga

By Diana Muvhengo

The press statement issued by Vice President Mphoko as published in the Herald on 5 October 2017 is not only inappropriate but begs the question ‘Why is Mphoko so keen on attacking Mnangagwa, and so quick to defend the narrative that he was not poisoned?’

Mphoko, Chinamasa and Mnangagwa seen together in this file picture

This article’s objective is to highlight the weakness, inaccuracy and deliberate misconception created by the statement.  The excerpt below from the statement will form the basis of this  article’s interrogation.

“VP Mnangagwa told an emotionally charged memorial service for Cde Mahofa in Gutu that what happened to her in 2015 in Victoria Falls, is also what happened to him on August 12 in Gwanda. Contrary to his statement, his medical doctor, while briefing President Robert Mugabe in the presence of Mnangagwa, confirmed that Vice President was not poisoned.”

First of all, Vice President Mnangagwa did not mention anything to do with poisoning. He said that ‘What happened to Mahofa is what happened to me’.  There is no official position as to what happened to Mahofa. Mphoko is quick to rush to conclude that both were poisoned. Maybe he knows something we don’t know.

Secondly, Vice President Mnangagwa’s admission that ‘what happened to Mahofa is what happened to me’ is not contradictory to what his doctor, nor the President said at the Midlands Presidential Youth Interface Rally on 1 September  2017.

If one recalls, the words used by President Mugabe were ‘there was no FOOD POISONING’.  The President went to great lengths to explain the causes of food poisoning and how the doctor in South Africa narrated how blood tests taken, proved there was no trace of food poisoning. Watch the link below:

Food poisoning is illness caused by bacteria or other toxins in food and the most common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. Salmonela is an example of bacteria in the gut that  can cause food poisoning. However, there is other types of such as synthetic or manufactured, and chemical  poison, which can cause great harm to organs and ultimately lead to death. 

The doctor, according to President Mugabe, was categorical in that there was no FOOD POISONING but that there was need for further research to find what caused VP Mnangagwa to vomit uncontrollably, to the point of weakness. Food poisoning would not have casued VP Mnangagwa to drift in and out of consciousness. Food poisoning would not need the VP to tracel to South Africa for specialist attention. The VP’s immediate family was by his side through out the ordeal, from Gwanda hospital to the hospital in South Africa.

The President confirmed that “we nearly lost him” and went on to say there was still a question to be answered. What caused the VP’s close shave with death.

Going back to VP Mnangagwa’s speech in Gutu, he is quoted to have said  “ God saved him and it was not his time to die” and more pertinently, that “the truth of what happened to him will come out at the right time”.

The Vice President attributes his recovery to God. When one has a close shave with death, one becomes a lot more aware of their mortality. To trivialize  this experience as a result of food poisoning (which is very common), is nothing short of immoral.

Mphoko’s statement goes on to say,

“It will be recalled that on the eve of the Midlands  Presidential Youth Interface Rally held in Gweru on 1 September 2017, Vice President Mnangagwa issued a statement categorically stating that he did not eat any ice cream in Gwanda . This was after widespread false claims that he had been poisoned after allegedly eating ice cream from Gushungo Dairy”.

If the point of including the above paragragh in the statement is to highlight Vice President Mnangagwa’s inconsistency, unfortunately it does the exact opposite. The Vice President was right in releasing that statement that,

  1) he did not eat ice cream and;

 2) it did not cause poisoning.

At no time at all did the Honourable Vice President claim that he ate ice cream nor that it caused his vomiting. That narrative was birthed in the hype of social media speculation.

The statement continues….

“ Mnangagwa’s latest claim that he was poisoned in Gwanda cannot go unchallenged not least because everyone can see that it is a calculated-after-thought- challenge to President Mugabe’s public account that Mnangagwa’s medical doctor ruled out poisoning as the cause of Mnangagwa’s traumatizing vomiting and diarrhoea in Gwanda”.

Herein lies the true intent of the so called press statement: to accuse Vice President Mnangagwa of undermining the President so as to give grounds to dismiss him or protest against him. It is no secret that G40, which was created by Saviour Kasukuwere, as revealed by President Mugabe at the Bindura Presidential Youth Interface Rally, is determined to eliminate Honourable Vice President Mnangagwa for its own political gains,at whatever cost. The political attacks on Vice President Mnangagwa have been consistant from the time he was appointed to that position.

President Mugabe also revealed that Jonathan Moyo has openly admitted that he ‘would never support Mnangagwa’ and that he had a personal vendetta with him. The ‘learned’ professor has made it his mission to attack Mnangagwa at every opportunity on twitter despite the President’s call to desisit taking ZANU PF issues to social media.

As for VP Mphoko, he has openly taken sides with G40 by standing by Kasukuwere when all provinces passed a vote of no confidence on the Commissar, and he has defended Jonathan Moyo by attacking the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Ironically, it is the statement by Vice President Mphoko that is inciting ‘ethnic tensions, instability and undermining the authority of the President’. For someone who has presidential ambition, he has failed to interpret a simple fact: FOOD POISONING is what was ruled out, nothing else.  

Diana Muvhengo, Political Analyst, BSocSci. (UK)

  • Zvakatanga ne Cyndi mu office mapazwa ka ten ten saka apa tozviramba ere uyo is a threat like Mai Mujuru ndozviripo chete majaira uyo vamuri kushandisa yes boss nxaa

  • Didn’t Mnangagwa say he was not poisoned ?.Why is he changing now?.Both of them are morons.

    • He never said that

    • Mnagangwa denied eating ice-cream with poison but never decline or agree that he was poisoned….

    • Garwe ‘s saga is so complicated so to say.Mugabe at first he said Garwe was not poisoned from the Doc’s report ,barely 4days later he said we want a witch hunting report who poisoned Garwe .Who’s doctor ‘s report who said Garwe was not poisoned? If Shuwai Mahofa was alive she would have vehemently said she was poisoned.Mpoko wasn’t to gain political mirage by fighting on G40’s corner.

    • This guy is a coward asslicker he is afraid of Mugabes who publicly scoffed off poison allegations and he chooses soft target Mphoko.

    • sarah Mahoka

      Read the article. It is very clear

    • Norman Chibukira

      he was not food poisoned , meaning he did not get poisoned in food. whether it was inhaled or what or what is food for thought

    • Yebo yes

      Food poisoning or poison in food. That’s what many people don’t get. That’s what the author is trying to put across. Food poisoned was ruled out. Eating ice cream was ruled. Ur then left with possibility of poison in whatever food he ingested. That’s what this Mphoko failed to get and it’s actually embarrassing. For a Vice President of the country to fail to understand this simple terminology. Where are his advisers. No wonder Zim is in such a state

  • Does Mphoko Mboko ever think

  • I wonder wen Mnangagwa will brew traditional beer to ask his ancestors what has gone wrong.With the look of things its over for him unless he will form his own political party were he will have the title of being the president

    • Destroy enemy from within

    • Who is the enemy?

    • Rwendo

      The irony of it all is that Mnangagwa has been key in ensuring Mugabe’s survival all these years, from countering the attempts on his life in 1980.. to the machinations of electoral fraud, the horror of 2008, the slick Nikuv, electronic magic of 2013. He was one of the key players. He assumed that his reward would be the throne. Karma can sure kick you in the butt. I have more sympathy for General Mujuru who tried to put his party first and paid for it.

  • This Mpoko guy is in government for nothing else other than to fight Mr Mnangagwa.To tell the truth i am yet to see anything meaningful that he has said or done.Ane makuhwa.He must stop behaving like a small puppy He is causing a lot of confusion in government.

    • kwaaa PDN 🙂 “stop behaving like a small puppy” kkkkkk

    • This guy’s behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. Busy kugova zvitiyo zvemurungu

    • Tell us wat mnagagwa has done beside gukurahundu

    • Dopori

      Mboko is is a humpty- dumpty.

    • Felix, oh Felix you only knew today that he is useless. If you know where Zim is, go there & check if it resembles a country run by people with brains. From today just know that Zim is run by useless people & Mphoko is no exception.

  • Mnnggwa kana achida kupona ngaatongozvisiirwa zvake aite zvimwe. Zanu yaramba.

    • Bvanyamulenge

      No. He is gaining ground. Its over for the Mugabes. They running scared!

  • The wise say: “Engage brain before operating mouth piece.” Chickens are home to roost. We now know.

  • Good question

  • Whatever is said by others undermines the President but wen Grace said ndini ndirikutonga Mpoko and others ululated. A lot of inciting statements have been made by Grace but no comments hev been made.

    • Ndiyewo ari kutonga Grace for real. Mpoko & Mnangagwa we did nt vote for them bt were jus appointed by her husband.

  • Reality is Mnangagwa talked of people who wanted to deal with him but by God’s grace he survived..This is the checkmate statement right there.. Mphoko is 100% correct because ED concluded something was done to Mahofa to temper with her health..Did he do a post motem on her?

    • But then Mnangagwa never accused anyone. Why is Mphoko and everyone else so jittery?

    • Mahofa was allegedly poisoned two years ago so surely he was told so

    • Where is Mphoko’s correctiness here? Kwamakabva mitunhu achimwene mazita enyu ayaka ndeekurasira abambo.There is no mentioning of poison in ED’s statement.

    • Wow! what has God to do with pure evil in Zanu PF

    • Uyu haana nyaya imboko also

    • But honestly of all the people on this land planning to poison Mahofa kkk

    • Who doesnt know these g40 thugs are after Mnangagwa’s head ???

  • eish

    But all this contradicts the famous Makandiwa prophet that there was food poisoning, we may end up putting VP ED on a lie dectactor, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Mnangagwa never accused anyone in government for poisoning him. Why is Mphoko and others in ZANU Pf so worked up and defensive about the issue?

  • That’s not analysis that’s propaganda

  • Akaisirwa mushonga wemakonzo irufu iri usatye kutaura wakaita zvekutamba unofa wakasvinura kunge fish

  • Kunyarara kunokunda zvose .munangagwa 100%.usapumha munhu uroyo

  • Bloody fools….this Mboko is a mhatman…ED never said he was poisoned he must go listen to the Video recording he said “what happened to Mahofa happened to me” ED is a lawyer that statements does not say anything even if you were to take legal action. Mboko drew his own conclusion.

    For your own information Mboko a Dr and Patient are bound by confidentiality clauses, whatever the Dr said to Bob was what ED wanted the Dr to say and only ED and his Doctor know the truth.

    Mboko is dumb issuing a government statement over issues of speculation. Even from Bob speech in Bindura he was told not shown any results of his medical tests etc, but here you run like a hore all over the place saying he was not posioned!!

  • I read that statement from Mphoko and i can confidently say the way that statement was written,it was definitely drafted and written by Prof Msoro Bhangu..I have read for so many years Prof Bhangu’s articles and i now know the way he writes statements or articles…. That’s not Mphoko’s brains on that statement against Mnangagwa,it is that motor mouth Professor Msoro Bhangu!!!

  • Everyone knows Mnangagwa can take over and theyre busy making plans to step a wrong person down of which these guys are making the president’s life harder by doing that.Live Mnangagwa alone pliz to move the country forward

  • while we are busy debating abt this issue…. a lot is going on elsewr(the timing if such events)!!!!, 2018 is around the corner if u knw wht I mean

    • Iwe ndiwe uri kuona chaizvo zviri paground i do agree with our focus tsveee yangova kwavari vanhu ava nt knowing kuti its jus a political gimmick

    • it has happened bfr, bt we never learn. Remember #BABA_JUKWA in 2013????

  • imi mavanhu arikufunga kuti ED accused someone kuti akamuroya I think mateacher enyu akakufundisai shona anofanira kuiswa mumajeri coz pakataurwa nechikaranga chaicho asi mukukundikana kunzwa zvakarehwa munonyadzisa

    • Anototyawo ndopa achabuda pachena here? .3 Main events hav happened to ED but achingoma cover.Tht accident and tht Cynad poisoning…

      #Deep in our hearts includin him w all know th truth.

    • are you the doctor of ED or his NOK

    • Zvekugadzira izvo

    • kkkkkkkk kugadzira chii zve mdara

  • He never said he was poisoned but he said “zvakaitika kwandiri ndozvakaitika Luna mai Mahofa….”.meaning he is not saying he was poisoned

  • Was listening to the speech haa garwe haana zvake chaataura chakashata handinei zvangu naye but nyaya haana.

    • nyaya iyi iripachena wangu garwe rakati zvakaitika kunamahofa gore riya ndizvo zvakaitika kwandiri zvichireva kuti mahofa akaisirwa mushonga gore riya saka negarwewo ririkuti ndakaisirwawo mushonga finish

    • But mahofa akambonzi apiwa poison here

    • eehzvee ndosaka warikuvava

    • its mai Mahofa got sick at a meeting as what had happened to ED to get sick at a a meeting ……no poisons there SIMPLE

  • Shuwa shuwa vanhu vakuru kuburitsa tsinga vachisapota mhondi dzeZanu PF (from both camps) in 2017???

  • kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une kayeyo

  • He was the acting President

  • ED now am in luv with yu for a reason. Vanhu vavakukonzeresa kuvengana kuti President vatambise his gud tym nematakanana anajonathan vachisiya maproblems kuvana vavo. Mr President we the people we know enough about mr jonathan .

  • That letter was doctored by the avocado headed Professor Musorobhangu.

  • Zviroto ED z the real deal who z Mphoko n Grace

  • kwakataugwa chikaranga chomene mene , manje vana Mboko vaakugwadziwa , zvakahi nevekare ,kuvhunduka chati kwatara ,hunge une chawakaturika.

  • Wats it to mpoko

  • This mboko is the one who uttered”many orphans in zim they dont have biological parents”.

  • Stalefood saga zii zvangu

  • I feel sorry for Mnangagwa for what i saw in a night vision. I saw group of people discussing and talking about him. And one of those people is Jonathan Moyo.

  • Bonnie-Blue Voue

  • zvima paper izvi ndazozviona mnj izvo pachazvo zvinonyepa izvi, sure nyaya yataurwa munhu wese achinzwa zvakutoita kunge Mboko unotadza kunzwisisa zvinhu zvakapusa, iye ndiye akutotiudza kuti Mai Mahofa was poisoned asi ngasanyepera ED havana kumbotaura zvinoenderana ne poison kwaGutu kunyepa

  • Let him go. He celebrated Mujurus dismissal and cashed in on it. He should have been wiser to know he is being catapulted to a knife edge. He deserves everything happening to him. Besides to most fair minded Zimbabweans Mnangagwa would be a worse off dictator than Mugabe.

  • sorry to ask this, “mpoko gwazhi riripo here. takadzidzeiko zviya muupenyu”.

  • We like the game keep on

  • sarah Mahoka

    Diana thank you . This is a very clear AND correct explanation. Mphoko has ulterior motives. He was trying to cause the expulsion of Munangagwa. unfortunately. It did not work

  • Zvinhu zvokudai hazvizodi kudaro

  • I think Mphoko was the source of the poison unfortunately it did not work

  • The fracas just shows who is the mboko and who is a lawyer

  • Stupid. If it was not food pisoning, the how did ED ingest the poison. Through air. Not sensible. If you agree that it was not food poisoning, then explain how the poison was administered into your body. Through an injection. By word of mouth, kiss maybe. Was it sexually transmitted. ED must come to his senses and stop playing aroung people,s brains.

  • The tiff btw the 2 VP and prof Moyo is nothing bt tribalism

  • mboko ne ma gay thugs vanoziva kuti mdara achauya ende mdara yacho ishumba inoruma ngwena tk ova is inevitable

  • Saka muri kuti Mboko imboko ka

  • wilbert

    Zanu PF’s factional war is now in overdrive, anything and everything goes, there is no holding back. When the fighting is over and the dust settled, there will be blood on the flood!

    Mnangagwa deliberately held back the detail that he was poisoned and had only admitted that not food poisoning.

    “During the Ordinary Session of the Politburo held on September 6 2017 and the Ordinary Session of the Central Committee held on September 8 2017, I informed the meetings that my doctors had said that I was not food poisoned. I did not state that poison had been ruled out,” he said.

    Poor VP Mphoko he is the one who is now look foolish after his statement suggesting Mnangagwa was not poisoned.

    Mugabe is good at making other people look foolish and ED Mnangagwa has clearly learned and from the expert!

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