Plans to set up donkey abattoir slammed

Plans by a Bulawayo-based company, Battlefront Investments, to construct a $150 000 specialised state-of-the-art donkey abattoir risks slashing Zimbabwe’s donkey population by 21 000 annually.

Donkey Meat
Donkey Meat

In a joint statement by Aware Trust Zimbabwe, Spana, ZNSPCA, VAWZ and Lupane Youth for Development Trust, the groups said the plans to set up an abattoir with a capacity to dress more than 70 animals per day will have grave socio-economic, animal welfare and environmental consequences.

The main driver in the donkey parts trade is demand for their skins, which are processed into a luxury tonic “ejiao’, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine for everything from insomnia to impotence. It sells for the equivalent of R5 000 — 17 000/kg, depending on the product.

“If supply met demand, using 300 working days per year, the population of donkeys could be decreased by 21 000 per year,” the groups said in a statement.

“While some local farmers may benefit from the short-term sale of their donkeys, they are unlikely to be aware of the long-term consequences of this trade. The importance of the working donkey to communal farmers cannot be overstated.” Daily News

  • and who will be eating the donkey meat..

  • Can you stop this. Sadc countries stopped it and you going ahead we need our donkies

  • Zim just became a joke lately,your 1st lady also scandalous

    • Just because one sod decides to start killing donkeys??We are a joke?Really?Twisted reasoning.

  • ivo veAbattoir vanorwara wo
    vangade kutidyisa dhongi sure sure….?

  • I saw it coming a brisk business for chinese market botswana already doing it

  • Hanzi paBots apo rinodyiwa too bad. Ichokwadi here?

  • Look at the positive side. Farmers will now start rearing donkeys to sell to the abattoir. Its an opportunity for new “donkeyprenuers” to prove their worth than to just shoot them down. What animal welfare are there if we slaughter cattle, pigs, goats everyday without anyone complaining about the so called “animal rights”. I bet donkeys have more rights that cows? Just a thought!!!!

  • From now I’m a Rastafarian.

  • Du we eat donkey meat here

  • musauraya madhongi

  • Next its dog abattoir, keep on sending this jokes!!!

    • Tsakatire


  • Already we have a struggling donkey population, a success of this abattoir will feed into the pockets of stock thieves.

  • What’s so special about a donkey kana some domestic animals and wild animals achiurawa chotadzisa kuti donkey riurawe riunze foreign currency chii?

  • so its true donkey meat can be consumed by humans?


  • Surely Zimbabwe was respected with their beef. Donkey meat is a sign of moving even more backward. We are not far from becoming cannibals. Human meat business is no longer far from being possible. Shame my Zim.

  • Madhongi haaberekani semombe.Voda kutopedzisa asara.

  • Batayi munhu ( botshani abantu ) the Gvt must take that licence of the battle front investment ….

  • Donkey meat is huge business in China! This wl bring in the already in short supply forex!

  • Who eats a donkey even a dog dies if it eats a donkey

  • There are a menace on the roads

  • Idyai mega madonkey enyu avo

  • This is so disgusting.

  • Fish and chicken would be my favourite….will no longer trust the term “beef”

    • True Bro, unodyiswa donkie!

    • Same here! Unless we slaughter our own cow that’s when I will eat beef period.

  • Who gave them that license anyway

  • Donkey flies moisture flies

  • How are consumers of meat going to be protected against eating Donkey meat unknowingly? EISH…

  • Oooh shame amadonkie abantu avelelwa shame

  • In 6wks donkey ku fuya madonkey.mutengo wenyama uchadzikira becz donkey pfee mu butcher

  • Is this real

  • Its simple let them waste money on tht stupid state of Art ,it only a small matchstick to raise it down nxaaaa

  • Fake news. Like you would even buy it!!

  • Tonderayi

    There is no commercial donkey production in Zimbabwe let alone in any Southern African Country around Zimbabwe. Any business should have a basis for continuous supply of raw material, in this case donkeys, and since there is no commercial donkey breeding in Zimbabwe, this project can not be sustainable without risking illegal sale of donkeys, theft etc. This will indeed raise a lot of incidences of them getting more people arrested as they will be attracted by the opportunity which has no supply base. While the idea of an abbatoir is plausible as a business, I think the promotors need to go back to their drawing board regards creating their sources of donkey supply to avoid stripping the communal people of their draught power for short term gains.

  • Wow people are now eating donkies in Zim

  • zvakaoma

  • Hmmm rotengwa nan vachaivhara iyo

  • 18 “Are you so dull?” he asked. “Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them? 19 For it doesn’t go into their heart but into their stomach, and then out of the body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.)

    20 He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. 21 For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. 23 All these evils come from inside and defile a person.”

    • What is food according to the word of God? What were they eating at that time that Jesus uttered those words?

    • Munyaradzi Mukwada they reared pigs as recorded in the bible. it is not what we eat but the the GRACE of God.

    • That’s a lie Julius Kaz. Your answer is totally divorced from the questions I asked. You cannot understand what is food without going to its author or creator. God defines what is food in His word. It’s what you need to understand from the basics of the original diet which changed after the flood,but God had already defined what could be considered clean and clean. Flesh consumption and health laws have everything to do with our health which God is concerned about. Do some reading on the subject.

  • NO Shit lol tsvagai mabasa musiye donkeys

  • Ko mombe dzapera

  • Sausage dzodhura bossopo kudya donkey pie mayellowbone

  • hanzy Botswana vanodya

  • DOG ABATTOIR , next.

  • At least now people can make money from donkeys

  • Kambe lomsuzo wobabhemi unuka kubi kangaka,pho inyama yakhonake?kkkkkkkkk futhi nikisi mani

  • thus madness

  • Tikutoida nyama iyoyo

  • inoita braii here nyama yacho

  • This ain’t it! Imma stick to chicken zvangu. Lest i eat donkey 🍖 😣😷😵

  • These chinese…soon eyezinja iyeza

  • Umuuu donkeys kwete,

  • Donkeys are going to extinct, recently the govt of Botswana banned the slaughter and selling of donkey skins which are said to have found a lucrative market in the middle East. Our donkey population is already small…. Oh Lord Jesus Christ come and see them abusing your animal

  • Please musoro wacho hauite siyanai nembongora kani

  • Who really eat donkey meat in zim to warrant such an investment. Just wondering

  • I feel sorry for the likes of Charlie, Jakop, Mary, Steenbok, Jeki, etc😂😂😂

  • Do we have that population of donkeys in Zimbabwe????

  • I know that this whole project is inspired and sponsored by the Chinese, but, honestly, the donkey population is too small guys. Lets stop this!

  • Nhaka hedu 😳

  • Umm

    Dhongi rine moyo wakanaka , rakakwirwawo najesu , hutsinye chaihwo.

  • Now donkey meat will be on the table in Zim? No pse.

  • Ndaifunga kuti madhongi ndiwo achapona munyika muno manje aaahhhh zvamawana kkkkk

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