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Roadblock dodge goes wrong: 5 die on the spot

By Freedom Mupanedemo

Five people died yesterday while several others were injured when a pirating Toyota Granvia was crushed while attempting to turn in front of an on-coming bus near Zvishavane.

The bus and the pirating Toyota Granvia which collided near Zvishavane yesterday
The bus and the pirating Toyota Granvia which collided near Zvishavane yesterday

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the accident which occurred about 10km outside Zvishavane along the road to Mbalabala at around 5pm.

“I can confirm that five people died on the spot while several others were injured when the driver of a Toyota Granvia turned in front of oncoming traffic.

The Granvia was hit by the bus killing five on the spot,” she said.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the injured were taken to Zvishavane District Hospital.

“We are yet to confirm the number of people who were injured in the accident but they were taken to Zvishavane District Hospital.”

The police spokesperson urged drivers to exercise extreme caution when driving.

“These are other five innocent souls who died in an accident which could have been avoided. How can a person turn in front of oncoming traffic?

“I can’t be always a road traffic accident police spokesperson. Our drivers should just be responsible. This accident could have been avoided,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

According to an eye witness, Mr Tawanda Mariba, the driver of the Granvia, who was heading for Mberengwa, tried to avoid the police roadblock by turning in front of oncoming traffic.

“There was a bus coming from the opposite direction so this driver misjudged while trying to make a U-turn after noticing a police roadblock ahead. The bus driver could not apply brakes on time and rammed into the car killing people on the spot,” he said. The Chronicle

  • Shame

  • What I find confusing..is why this type of vehicles r allowed to pirate intercity? The authorities responsible for sanity to prevail in the public transport sector seems their heads r stuck in mud. A situation is created to promote corruption. There r people in Zim who can reverse this chaotic situation going beyond transforming the transport sector…but due to the political situation…its not possible…as long as the political climate remains the same…forget of a miracle to happen.

    • Ras Matopos

      “Allowed” to “pirate”?

  • Shame

  • May their souls rest in eternal peace.

  • Please barn all mushikashikas

    • I agree and vazhinji vacho havana malicence..

    • mishikashika not a prob but those who drive it never got to read highway code akadzidziswa nakule kuchinja magear

  • max


  • The bus driver if even he was right was supposed to apply brakes in time. My condolences to the bereaved families

  • Tahadhari pungudza mwendo, mwendokasi unaua ……

  • Sabhuku Nhopi

    Allow me to air my view here on this platform. Human life is very important let us not cheapen it to just kill it like a fly. no not at all. There are people who could have been inspired by those people whose lives have been lost. They could have written songs or written books or even brought a solution to the current crisis but alas their lives are cut short as if they are a useless fly trying to eat from a visitor’s plate. Human life is sacred, we are moaning Las Vegas massacre due to lack of regard for human life. To kill another human being does not have even a reward after death why kill others. Now back to this issue, we say condolenses its just pains me that their lives were cut short by this shameless and highly avoidable tragedy.

  • Chombo&chihuri should be charged its because of them people are losing live everywhere the are cops harassing motorists bribe bribe and more bribe

  • I wouldn’t want to blame corps all the time. Those people who board those pirating cars with yellow plates. They speed and take suicidal overtaking all in the name of daily targets. Even when I’m late there are certain types of cars I don’t board. These people will be packed like sacks in those cars while the driver speeds but they don’t complain. Their luggage even get damaged but they still board. Yet pple continue to perish. It’s not by wisdom but by Grace. Let’s make an effort towards utilizing the grace. May their souls rest in peace. The police take bribes to allow these vehicles to operate and they won’t stop so it’s up to you the civilian to act and preserve life.

  • Chihuri should just resign he has failed to control kombis and these mushikashikas ,ndopaunona tichipembedza vanhu ivava for safeguarding our territorial intergrity from foreigners what about the people being safe from these marauding kombis and mushikashikas in the sovereign country

  • Zhinji dzacho imota dzemapurisa

  • People are dying more because of AIDS and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) than war induced deaths.

  • R.I.P

  • As I alluded before: MUSHIKASHIKA=POLICE=MAHWINDI. Saka no need to complain. Zvakangofanana nekuti warohwa wonzi enda unotora akurova wacho!!!

  • Ummm shame

  • Bribe bribe bribe ndoyaitizwa netoyota granvia.

  • Shame

  • Mercy Kanomanyanga

    Lyda Shumba l can see you lying lifeless in that picture .You are the one wearing black skirt & covered next to that man ..it hurts so much ,so young u are gone …rest in peace dear .Auntie is in pain and your husband as well …What about your child ? Maybe u shouldn have travelled Lydaa …Rufu kaaa wakaoma zvako …