We are in this mess because of bootlicking

The other challenge is almost everyone in Zanu PF is singing for his or her supper.

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

I’ve noted with great concern how our politics has polarized the current situation. Nobody has the guts in Zanu PF to tell the President the truth of what is really transpiring and exactly the situation.

Minister Chombo kneeling before Grace Mugabe at a rally
Minister Chombo kneeling before Grace Mugabe at a rally

Mnangagwa is in big shit, but the very man who is in big trouble is still bootlicking and thus makes it difficult to come out of our situation.

Many times I’ve been watching Zanu PF gatherings be it rallies or other special meetings I’ve noted this with great concern, looking at our economy I don’t think anyone who dare to play games with it considering the gravity our situation has.

Do we really need or expect funnies, or we have to face reality and tell each other openly of how the current mess has affected the livelihood of many Zimbabweans. More than 82% of the citizens are going for at least one proper meal a day, and the unemployment rate has reached 97%, and someone still calls for a press conference to openly tell people that the economy is growing and it has stabilized.

Such kind of propaganda will never be tolerated by Zimbabweans. It is important for leaders to pay attention to what people are saying and there is need for leaders to respond to the current situation with caution. Someone stands at public gatherings and tells people that our economy is improving.

I was shocked to hear from Mike Bimha parading lies to people that the situation has stabilized and the economy is improving. One wonders whether this caliber has been to formal education. We need leaders who debate policies and come up with ideas that can build our economy in a positive way.

The truth of the matter is no amount of bootlicking will save this economy from collapsing and Zimbabwe from further embarrassment. We need reality. No one has the guts in Zanu PF to really come to terms with reality and face the Leader and honestly tell him the reality as it is.

The other challenge is almost everyone in Zanu PF is singing for his or her supper. At the end of the day we have created semi-gods in our situation. This country is an embarrassment with the current poverty levels in Africa. The level of begging in Zimbabwe has reached unprecedented levels.

I was very disappointed that during the GNU era many opposition political outfits especially from the MDC T were seen heaping praises to Mugabe even on international meetings, but today they are crying that we don’t have reforms in this country, but those are the same people who said Mugabe is super human, and look at where we are today, even Tsvangirai himself praised Zanu PF and Mugabe and went to the extent of saying Mugabe is very sober.

There is nothing wrong about talking good about your rival but today how then do you explain to the nation. Many people have stopped watching ZBC TV and even listening to GOVT related radios mainly because of propaganda and bootlicking at its highest.

It is wrong to give wrong information to the public. It is good for the President to be criticized but with due respect. Opposition in Zimbabwe should play a high critical role in offering checks and balances to our current Government. The reason why Zanu PF is having all these fights it is because we have a weak opposition. We need tangible results when national matters are tabled.

This is the time for the current regime to be focused on fixing the economy than to spend most of their time bootlicking leaders. Our ministers have gone below the belt to an extent of kneeling before women to save their jobs, which is an embarrassment to our generation.

With such an educated society, we should be putting facts together to enhance development, but alas this is sad from ZimPapers to the lowest person in society, it is all about bootlicking, we need principled leaders who stand for what is wrong and what is right, we need a generation which calls a spade a spade so that we can come out of this situation.

Today if I may ask a question where is Webster Shamhu? Shamhu would spend most of his day calling Mugabe a cremora of Africa but today that serves him right, honestly people should learn from Shamhu and Didymus Mutasa the most feared man in Manicaland Province, today he is failing to pay utility bills such as Electricity bills and making ends meet.

It is a lesson to many stop bootlicking and call a spade a spade.

Let’s take time to analyze the speech given by the President at UN, many world leaders were very careful on how they approached their situation but Mugabe went on to attack Trump, imagine these are the super powers that can help us and bail us out of this situation but majority of Zanu PF leaders were busy praising him not knowing that the amount of damage will be very difficult to control because America has influence and dominant as a global giant.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Head of Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (SIPAR), which is responsible for Policy Research and Analysis. He can be contacted at [email protected]