Mujuru brands Biti a ‘desperate’ politician with ‘self-exaggerated political intelligence’

By Staff Reporter

The bad blood between opposition leaders Tendai Biti and Joice Mujuru has reached boiling point with Mujuru calling Biti a “desperate politician” with “self-exaggerated political intelligence.”

Vice President turned opposition leader Joice Mujuru seen here with Tendai Biti in happier times
Vice President turned opposition leader Joice Mujuru seen here with Tendai Biti in happier times

As the vicious jockeying to form opposition alliances continues unabated, Mujuru who now leads the People’s Party (NPP) after being expelled from Zanu PF, described Biti as a kindergarten politician.

Last week Biti had said; “I have been holding negotiations with NPP for over two years and I came to a conclusion that Mujuru is in the opposition on the basis of her exclusion from Zanu PF, but she still maintains the blood and spirit of her party in all her dealings. She can’t be trusted,” he said.

A furious Mujuru has now returned fire saying she was concerned by the “display of political kindergarten mentality by self-overrated and so-called champions of democracy in the Zimbabwean opposition trenches by individuals who exude an abominable sense of self entitlement and monopoly as to who qualifies to stand against Zanu PF in 2018 elections.

In the statement signed by NPP secretary-general Gift Nyandoro, Mujuru said “the deceit, ill-conceived and exaggerated political intelligence has turned desperate politicians overnight to be judges of the persona of Dr JTR Mujuru’s leadership and the integrity of National Peoples’ Party.

“How many times has such leadership visited Dr JTR’s homestead begging her and her party to form an alliance for purposes of what Dr Mujuru has clearly seen to be ego-based objectives with sole purposes of looking for donor funding instead of the real cause of liberating Zimbabweans.”

Biti’s party has since chosen to form an alliance with Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T although that in itself is the subject of a rift within his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) after a faction led by Secretary General Gorden Moyo claimed to have fired Biti for joining the MDC Alliance. Nehanda Radio

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  • Most accurate analysis of Biti so far 😂😂😂

  • Kikikikiki rega zvakadero both of them are rejects

  • Camarada Joyce..dzokarai kubato re Zanu Pf , ndokunerukuvhute

  • These shadow opposition parties are troublesome. Pple’s efforts are put in Vain.

  • Biti made a good Finance Minister…then became too big headed

    • And you

      • Makaveli101

        did you see any Stansilous mtizira in the article? if not, stfu dotard

    • Rwendo

      When you are surrounded by mediocrity, there is a risk of mistaking the commonplace around you as proof of your own brilliance. That was and is Biti’s error of judgement.

  • One true out of her mouth. Biti is axactly that he think he knows too much. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yet the only thing he knows is Finance Minister under MDCT ticket, idiot

  • When an opposition politician starts directing her energy towards attacking a fellow opposition politician, it should be clear to all & sundry who she is working for.l think Mujuru’s description of Tendai is actually a description of herself!!!

    • Mujuru is now showin ppl whr she belong

    • I agree there

    • and also Biti wacho ane overblown ego

    • Yaa vlad he is tooo arrogant (

    • Biti left MDC T with Elton Mangoma and formed some stupid group and split again to form another stupid group now he has been fired again and he will form another party and get fired also only to form another party that he will be fired again so that he can form another party that will fired him so that he goes to be a president in a party that he will form with his wife and kids. He loves to be a president too much even if it means being a family president.

  • Vane masupporters here avo

  • Kkk

  • kettle calling a pan black

  • Kusekana kwana kamba.they are all desperate

  • Nxaaa

  • Tambai mese mujairane

  • kkk sounds like Jonathan Moyo..exaggerated political intelligence.i like the political jibe kk.good one

  • Hey yu two career politicians stop being childish

  • most zimbos r actually like that we think.we r so educated but look at our country!

  • Mujuru mutengesi mukuru

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Biti and Mujuru…both exaggerate their support base…at most they have 100 people between them…mainly their families

  • We are all Zimbo’s . Besides your political analysis; let’s look at what he can do for Zim people . Biti is an intelligent man and a lawyer by profession . Biti intelligency flows over , if I were to place this guy , I would allow him to be a consultant for my President . He is an asset on constitutional changes and amendments and will allow it to pass through so fast. He doesn’t belong here at all . Mr Biti get out of here; too much drama .

    • Give us the proof …akambozviita kupi..zvamuri kutaura izvozvi.if you say he is a good speaker .yes

    • How do you know that Endai Biti is intelligent? His track record shows otherwise.

    • Betsania Kandhlera girl child abuse . Verenga Bepa:
      Jan 21, 2016 – ‘Child marriages a violation of children’s rights’ … sets 18 years as the minimum age of marriage in Zimbabwe. … and were now fighting for the rights of the girl child. … Tendai Biti of Tendai Biti Law Chambers, who successfully …

  • Kuzvitaura kkk

  • Mujuru must fuck off,if she doesnt to form an alliance with mdc,to hell with her.

  • 1st time in History to commend zvinemusoro Teurai Ropa bedzi wazoona zvandakaona kudhara

  • She nailed him!!!

  • Same same gudo netsoko kungosiyana pamakore.Joyce and Tendai are equally the same the difference lies on sexual set up only

  • Mujuru hungry power leader.Akauraya nyika ari kuzanu,now she appears as good samamaritan,mujuru a wolf in sheep skin.

  • Namai mujuru hamuna kwatosvika is a zamu pf….she ws fired frm zanu pf cz of bring the party into disrepute n tried to overthrow the gorvenment…..she wants to lead the alliance kkkkkmk its a joke

  • Battle of losers

  • Mujuru can say what she wants about Biti (Self exaggerated political intelligence; desperate politician) Biti has no involvement history of collapsing the country’s economy and its moral values. Wonder why she is still around politics – has no guilt conscious oh her role in dismantling the once great country.

  • Level of confusion leaves the ruling part with no option but to rule forever

  • True dat

  • Hapana asingade kutonga kkkk

  • Biti and Mujuru.Two sides of the same coin.Political prositutes

  • Thats very true Amai Mujuru!!!

  • apa Mujuru akaona chaizvo,Biti overates himself which is why he broke away from MDC -t.Also Biti’s conclusions on Mujuru on her political motivations are quite correct.Zvisinei 2018 SAVE chete chete

  • You would expect oppositions to desist from attaching each other and point all their ammunition and or weapons towards Zanu Pf.

  • Biti kķkk , arohwa chipoko round n.a. Joyce

  • Both of u u are hungry Biti worse mogiza chibaba.

  • Kusekana kwana kamba

  • i agree

  • I view Biti as such. Good observation Mai Mujuru.

  • Opposition within opposition zanu smiles all the way to the ballot

  • Leaders in all spheres of life must appreciate that we are all sons and daughters of mother Zimbabwe , and hate speech does not build but destroys ubuntu Zivai kuvaka kwete kuputsa nyika bcoz of personal egos kurai kurai kuratidza leadership

  • Biti is way way more intelligent than that lying, thieving female buffoon

  • The evil Warthog has been outed as a fake! Well done Biti!!

  • Mujuru failed to do anything meaningful in 34 years.She should shut up.Biti’s record as a minister,opposition leader and lawyer speaks for itself

  • a carbon copy of zanu pf speaking tsve developmental ideologies motanga kushora vamwe mai mujuru munenge muri empty wo imi

  • Spot on,Ms Mujuru!

  • Kunguwo kuseka zizi muro uchinge demo

  • Zvichatora nguva refu refu kuti pave ne change

  • What ever asikungeni.

  • VaBiti ngavazorore zvavo.
    Vanogona kushaya kana 5 votes

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