Man jailed 18 years for raping eight-year-old step-daughter and threatening to kill her

By Chipo Sabeta

A 66-year-old Chinhoyi man who raped and sexually abused his eight-year-old step-daughter and threatened to kill her, has been sentenced to 18 years in jail.

The man pleaded not guilty to a rape charge in contravention of Section 65 (1) (a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act at Chinhoyi Magistrate Courts.

The accused was represented by Phillemon Mazvasva of Legal Aid Directorate was convicted by regional magistrate Mr Amos Mbobo following a full trial on Monday.

It was proved beyond reasonable doubt that the man unlawfully had sexual intercourse with the juvenile (name withheld) without her consent after chasing her mother who cannot be named to protect the identity of the girl.

His wife had initially indicated that she was on her menstrual period and the man chased her away before raping the daughter throughout the night. Mr Mbobo sentenced him to 20 years and suspended two years on condition of good behaviour. He will serve 18 years behind bars.

“The prevalence of sexual violence against children in our society is deeply troubling and the imposition of stiffer penalties will not only give advantage to the survivor, but will also express the abhorrent with which society regards these pervasive, but intriguing acts, said Mr Mbobo.

“The accused continued to deny the abuse and maintains his innocence, thereby forfeiting the “most fruitful source of mitigation”.

The State, led by Trustmore Mukarati established that on April 20 night in Cheutsi, the man demanded sex from his wife, but an argument ensued after she said she was on her monthly cycle.

He chased his wife away and was left in the same room with the Grade One pupil. The court proved that the man had sexual intercourse with his stepdaughter throughout the night. The matter only came to light when the mother observed that her daughter was failing to walk properly. The Herald

  • i hope they give him beorowors EVERYDAY in prison

    • Anna Chiregwi (Mai Chiregwi)

      Its very sad that we women deny our husband their conjugal rights when they need it. A woman can have sex while in period. If this was done, the tragedy could have been avoided. A one night encounter (which could have been painful but not as painful as when she lost her virginity) has caused a life long trauma on the innocent child. I don’t condone rape but I abhor denying others conjugal rights especially when they have asked.

  • What a creep

  • 18 years plus castration. Photographed and registered as a sex offender. That would be a good punishment.

  • All this could have been simply avoided had the mother ran away with her daughter and leave the man to mastorbate all night and all rounds he wished.

  • For beings such as these castration is the perfect solution #sexabusechat

  • 18 years is not enough for this bastard

    • He needs 5 lashes to his bare butt every morning for the first 6 months. Display his picture on every highway.

    • you can say it again

    • I bet he won’t come out alive!!!

  • Evil man 8_ year old ???give him more years stupid man

  • SA take note.It goes a long way to discourage would be rapists.

  • Gud

  • 18yrs is too little. This man deserved life in prison. This is very shameful, terrible.

  • Life imprisonment and castration is justice

  • Where are the other 20 years?

  • Good

  • Rape is a lifetime trauma ,l wonder where these margistrates and judges get these sentences from?,vanhu vanoraper ngavaende zvachose

  • 18 dzishoma dai agarirako zvamuchose

  • Uyu akanyanya behind bars

  • is an animal .8 year Iis young to be his granddaughter ..dai vakamureper kumukosho kujeri ikoko

  • Mha’a chaiyo

  • What kinda of mojo would make a man do that uhm its to much he deserve a hang by the balls

  • An eight year old girl. A baby girl. That makes me want to puke. Plain evil not sex.

  • 18 years is not enough to protect society from this sick person. Children need to be protected permanently!

  • I can’t wait for the new mandatory minimum sentences of 40 and 60 years for rapist to be implemented.

  • Why 18 years only?That idiot deserves life in prison nxaaaaaaa

  • 18yrs in jail wat a joke, why not 93yrs in jail

  • 8 year old is a baby, the word girl is correct but somehow misleading. Life in jail after castration with hard labour, 3 sjamboks daily will do.

  • Haaaaa stupid sentence cumun pliz nxaaaa

  • Devil must be put in hell

  • Justified

  • Chete?

  • Show this monster’s face to shame the bastard

  • inyere rudziiko inotuma kubvisa mwana pambasi uchida zviri mkati

  • Before u send these guys to prison ,please imbotipai a few seconds navo timbovsgadzirisa.

  • Too lenient

  • Only

  • It suits him best in jail,sure


  • Ah very unfair 18 is not adequate to make this mentally challenged dude reform

  • GUYZ MUSAITE ZVEKUTAMBA NE 18 yrs..haasi ma funnies funga kti iwewe wakadzisvitsaa cei uri free..ko kuzoti uri mukati

    • asekuru…we tokin abt a 8 yr old girl….if i ws a law maker. Wese arepa ndai deleter pa earth

  • This couldn’t be enough for raping our kids. I think much harsher sentences will do the trick. Sentences like castrations

  • Only 18yrs…😓

  • Yaa ndozvoita kuda zvakapfava

  • Nyaya dzema stepfather to me I regard them as strangers uye Madzimai yaya yekutakura mwana kuenda naye Ku new marriage yakashata zvikuru. Inharo chete asi zvakaona kuti murume akude nemwana wako.

  • After reading all comments I keep on pouring the blame to mother. Zvinondirwadza nokuti ndinayewo mwana ane ten years is doing grade 5 mai vacho takes my child to her new marriage asi pakaoma. To me hakusikungotaura paface book call me I will to the position and they are sharing one packed room, shame to you mothers

    • Shame to u fathers who fail to stick to your baby mothers nomatter what the situation is

    • Thanks Jenny

    • But look the results and who was affected. I am not supporting kuti baba varambe mwana wavo but for you mother to trust a stranger hameno ndimi munozivana. Ini wangu mwana ndinochengeta for your information from 8months to 2years ndaitogara nemwana wangu maivacho varikupurezha.

    • Don’t talk like that baba … MaSituations anosiyana

  • Ko majail sentence ema 40 ne 60 yrs atakambonzwa akaendepi. Vharirai mhuka idzi dzisadzoke futi, pa18yrs anotobuda dzisina kumbokwana akatozobhinya vamwe vana

  • ngambo repwa kujeri ikoko

  • He should have been given life sentence

  • Dzishoma amana

  • Lock in the scumbag cos hes a menace to society. At the same time you wonder kuti mai vemwana vanenge varipi.

  • Aita mashoma makore aapiwa

  • Hope he enjoys prison

  • 18 years is nothing but its OK coz Zim jails you die slowly , let him suffer Mr dog

  • Death sentence

  • why gumbura asina waakaraper was given 40yrs wani

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