Acquitted rape accused wails in court

By Codelia Mondela

A-61-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo accused of rape by his former wife broke into tears in court as the magistrate explained that the woman had framed him yesterday.

File picture of people waiting outside the Western Commonage Magistrates Courts in Bulawayo
File picture of people waiting outside the Western Commonage Magistrates Courts in Bulawayo

Mr Lovemore Chishamba struggled to stand up right and he removed his glasses to wipe his tearful eyes with a handkerchief.

Mr Chishamba had been accused of raping his former wife Ms Patricia Chishamba (58) twice in 2015 while threatening to cut her with a knife if she revealed the matter to anyone.

The two divorced in 1996, the court heard.

Mr Chishamba had pleaded not guilty to rape before regional magistrate Mr Crispen Mberewere who acquitted him.

Mr Mberewere said the court was not impressed with people who used the courts as play grounds. “In 2015 Ms Chishamba had issued new divorce papers and the court spent time listening to rubbish,” he said.

“If Mr Chishamba wanted to stab you (Ms Chishamba) he would have done so because he has reasons to do so. He has been dragged to every court in this country,” he said.

Mr Chishamba could not hold back his tears as Mr Mberewere passed his verdict.

Mr Mberewere warned Ms Chishamba against abusing the court for her own benefit and said she could be sent to prison for lying.

Mr Chishamba told the court that they had divorced in 1996 and he had remarried.

He said his former wife had even accused him of infecting her with HIV. “I do not take medication not even painkillers. I do not even have an erection when I see my former wife, my privates just freeze and how could I have possibly raped her,” Mr Chishamba said.

Ms Chishamba said her ex-husband raped her on August 25 and 26 at their son’s home in Nkulumane.

She said he threatened to stab her with a knife if she revealed the matter to anyone.

“After the rape I became ill and that is why I reported the matter after nine months to the police,” she said.

When asked by the prosecutor, Mr Simbarashe Manyiwa, on how she took the divorce she said she went through physical and emotional pain.

“I am still hurt. Sometimes I sit down and think if only God would intervene and my husband came back and ask to reconcile,” she said.

Mr Manyiwa had said Mr Chisamba raped Ms Chishamba on August 25 and 26 in Nkulumane.

In 2015 Ms Chishamba was seeking the dissolution of her marriage to Mr Chishamba and an order for them to share property, including a house.

Magistrate Victor Mpofu turned down her request after Mr Chishamba produced a document showing that their marriage had been dissolved 19 years earlier. The Chronicle

  • The woman was supposed to be charged and jailed for lying and wasting the court’s time.
    So many men are rotting in prison for rape they didn’t commit.

    • I hope the woman was charged for false rape report,, it’s so bad

    • I agree Webster it is scary especially so when they can not afford to hire a lawyer.

    • I’m sure we should create a men’s forum and lobby the judiciary and the legislator.

    • I believe the woman should be charged and given a sentence which equals the sentence the man would have been given had he been found guilty.

    • True Owen. my brother did 6 years for that kind of crime @ chikurubhi maximum security prison just because the wife wanted to fix her and she even boasts of that to this day telling all who care to listen that he did time for mahara.

    • Its so sad that as men we have to go through this..

  • We thank God for bringing out the truth. Madam, why did you hatch such an evil scheme? Would you be happy if your ex husband was jailed for an offence he did not commit. Repent and accept God.

    • Its obvious moms iyoyi inotori nezvikomba yaitoda kuti chikule chinyure ichi

  • Many people abuse the law to fix their enemies. The evil generation.

  • PaPicture apo kani. Taiona pakawanda pic iyo

  • Vatanga futi madzimai aye. Chete vanoziva kuti macases erape munhu anotovharirwa chete nyangwe achinyepa. Vasikana vepaTilder Show vakatonyara kuti takarapwa vaya. Problem yavo vaikara mari chete.

  • May the courts remain vigilant on mattress that involve suspicious rape of spouse and other adult women. Rape is a grave violation of a woman’s body and an emotional death sentence. I maintain that rapists should be punished as the law directs. However some unscrupulous women have chosen to reduce rape to a weapon of choice to blackmail men or to fix them. Very very unfortunate. Very selfish. No woman should be subjected to rape and no man should also languish in prison for being framed of this serious crime.

    • we need a mens organisation to fight this.

    • Dama chairo rawataura neither side should suffer! Munhu ngaafire zvivi zvake kana a raper and at the same time no one should take advantage of the law to fix someone for personal gain.

  • I dambudziko re madzimai akati oo vanwe vanonyebawo asi vamwe ichokwadii

  • Only God can judge justly, under the sun nothing is hidden.

  • Tichaperera mumajerh ndivo vakadzi ava.

  • Where are all those women who usually have such high opinions about men ???? So I guess vakadzi vonotonyepedzera kupenga shuwa, I know a wife who got her husband arrested so she could get the house she was already living in nxa

    • I second you

    • Do not blanketise evry case into one big blanket. Cases differ ndosaka mutemo uripo. Ukareperwa mwana, mai or sis vako ndopaunozoona kuty zvorwadza sei. Usangoti vakadzi vanodai simply because u know one or two women who did so equally vakadzi can say men are rapists but is it true that all men are rapists.

    • These cases are on the rise I’m not basing my argument on isolated events by based on a habitual pattern that is now emerging

  • This woman wanted to get ex husband arrested so she could keep the house seriously and this is a common thing nowonder that other guy beheaded his wife and committed suicide because unenge wapinzwa panguva yachimbetu shuwa

    • Taura hako
      That guy akauraya mkadzi wake ane very good reason even though tisingakurudziri kuurayana

    • Something people don’t seem to understand kuti ukaisa imbwa pakona inokuruma

    • U spot very evil and selfish

  • That’s attempted murder. She must get the same sentence her ex was gonna get if he was convicted

  • What happened to this dangerous woman

  • This is so painful but women why?,nxaa some women are evil

  • I had always argued that varume hobho vakavharirwa nenyaya dzekufrema! Amana rape hakuna kuvanhu vakuru asi kutwana twudoko

  • This man must sue this woman big time!!!

  • She needs to be charged with filing a false police report. That is a sad story. There are legitimate rape claims but some are just bogus and attention seeking.

  • Mmmmm shame but this woman up to some dangerous shit

  • it’s us now guys being abused with women coz of what they call equal rights

  • When women become evil, they are extremely evil.

  • How do one rape his wife. The law eish

  • No comments from women

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Tari

    Anobhinya mhata ye50 years yakawunyana, yakaora ndiani mupengo pano

  • vakadzi imbwa dzekupedzesera chaidzo…big heads without brains

  • The easiest way for a woman to send a man to jail is to accuse him of rape

  • Feel so sorry for this gentleman being humiliated in public by a greedy x wife..Wish him lifelong happiness with his current The x should be made to pay the fees for wasting the Courts time.

  • Panyo pake imhata yemhunu

  • Wakadzi wane moyo yakaipa chikwadi

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