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Open letter to Zimbabweans – We have an opportunity to change our lives

By Patson Dzamara

Fellow Zimbabweans, we have come to a watershed moment. The moment we have yearned for through the painful years of oppression is actually now waiting for us to grab it. 

Dr Patson Dzamara (Picture by Mail & Guardian
Dr Patson Dzamara (Picture by Mail & Guardian

Its a moment of transition. A better Zimbabwe is calling us to it but it will not be delivered on a silver platter. It will cost us tears, sweat, blood and even lives. 

At some point, I too had to make the painful decision to speak out and act against Mugabe and ZANU – PF’s misrule. I have been physically, mentally and emotionally bruised several times while on this path. Abductions, arrests and torture have become kin to me.

Nobody wishes that upon oneself. Philosophers and psychologists or anyone who dares to ponder about life and existence will tell you that the primary goal of life is the pursuit of happiness. I, like any other sane individual do not wish to live the life I have subjected myself to. I never wake up planning to get arrested or to be tortured.

I am a proficient, able bodied man who holds several qualifications. I am not a vagabond. I am just a man – a Zimbabwean man who made a choice. They say that destiny is a matter of choice but at times destiny chooses us. When destiny chose me, I made a choice. 

Indeed I made a choice. A choice to take a stand against leadership failure in my country. A choice to say I deserve better in my country. A choice to work and sacrifice for the Zimbabwe I want. 

Of course, I was fully aware of the vicissitudes that would befall me on this path. That did not deter me for I was, and still am convinced that taking a bold stand against oppression is the only way, and I repeat, the only way we can welcome a new Zimbabwe.

Never in ‘independent’ Zimbabwe has there been such an uprising of voices denouncing leadership failure as we are witnessing right now. It is unprecedented. These voices must be tapped into and channeled towards a well regimented formation. It must never be a talk contest and end there. 

Without any shadow of doubt, I say that we have rightfully positioned ourselves for victory and we must now assemble the machinery with which to claim it. We need to strategize and develop a well-oiled machine which does not only talk, but moves, walks and runs to capture our victory. We must walk and act the talk. 

The Bible rightfully states that “Faith without works is dead.” We must put in the necessary work and we must be prepared to get out of our comfort zones and shed sweat, tears and blood if need be. Now is the time for us to draw inspiration from brave fighters like Itai Dzamara – a man who dared to grab the bull by its horns, caring less for his comfort and safety.

We do not have weapons and we don’t need them actually. Our strength is in our numbers. We must stand and act together. Now is the time. Mugabe and his ZANU – PF can not harm and kill all of us neither should they be allowed to drag us to our graves while we ululate. 

Zimbabweans, destiny and time have conspired to present us with an opportunity to change our lives and the course of this nation. We have a golden opportunity to create the Zimbabwe we want and we must never lose it. 

Plug into any nation building agenda, make your contribution based on your abilities, go register to vote, vote and prepare to defend your vote. A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.