Frail Mugabe struggles to walk to UN podium

By Bridget Mananavire

President Robert Mugabe exposed his increasing frailty as he struggled to walk to the podium to deliver his speech at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday.

Frail Mugabe struggles to walk to UN podium
Frail Mugabe struggles to walk to UN podium

The 93-year-old had to hold onto a chair close to the podium for balance. He walked gingerly at first then increased his pace as he reached the podium, doddering while clenching his hands

As he reached the podium, people clapped as if to congratulate him for making it to the podium.

Earlier on, the teetotaller was pictured closing his eyes while US President Donald Trump was delivering his speech.

Mugabe has held power since 1980 during a reign marked by repression of dissent, vote-rigging and the country’s sharp economic decline.

Now the world’s oldest national leader, he has been named Zanu PF presidential candidate during the 2018 elections when he will be 94.

This is not the first time that Mugabe has shown mobility impairment. His advanced age and declining health was on public display at the third India-Africa Forum Summit in  New Delhi, India in 2015

On two occasions on the big stage in India, Mugabe had to be assisted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as his aides after looking somewhat disoriented and nearly tumbling off the ramp at the mega summit.
In 2015 again, Mugabe fell at the Harare International Airport as he tumbled on the red carpet that had been set up for him upon his return from an African Union summit in Ethiopia.

Mugabe’s health and age have remained on the country’s political agenda with analysts blaming Zanu PF hardliners for pushing the nonagenarian to remain in power.

Succession battles have also erupted as members plot how to replace Mugabe.

Looking resplendent in a dark suit, Mugabe, who is suffering increasing mobility impairment, paused for lengthy periods and mumbled at times as he addressed the 193-member world body.
In his address, Mugabe spoke on development as well as climate change.

He said the decision by the US to abandon the Paris Agreement placed other countries at risk.
He advocated for the respect of sovereignty and defended the rights of each country to take decisions in exercise of their sovereign rights. Daily News

  • Mambokadzi Perfect Pat

    Chizororai kani imi sekuru vaSimbanashe
    TANETA nemi you are an embarrassment to our once prosperous and productive nation .Kaharahwa kasinganyari .Mnxa !

    • Ummm

      Hamusati maibva. Kana mava kunzwanana (maturity) , then you can take over.

      Chero mukanamata seyi , vamwe vaitsanya kuti afe , hazvina kuitika. Zimbabwe inyika ineropa , we need peace.

      At least vazhinji you got an opportunity yekubuda , mave ne ruzivo uye nemari , non diaspora incl – vanogona kurima. Vangani ma Africans under 40 vanehupfumi (assets) of $400K+ ? , not many.

      Hongu vamwe varikurova bhayizi – hondo ya tsvangirai zanu – nguva ichipera.

      • Mambokadzi Perfect Pat

        Long live the alpha and omega robot More garbage . Ngaararame nekusingaperi Amen .Who are you to tell the most high God about maturity ?He is no respector of persons muchagwadama Henyu nguva yavakukupererai .

  • Sorry

  • Nehanda radio President R G Mugabe cherovakange vachikonewa kufamb chakakosha ndezvavakataura kuvanhu nekuti ndakaona vose vachiuchirira nekugutsurira misoro kutaridza kuti mashoko akanaka anokunda kufamba zvakanaka kana kuva mwanana

    • Ok tell him to solve the economic problems of Zimbabwe.Lip service criticising Mandela and then Trump of late on the international scene can not solve economic problems in Zimbabwe.He has to reopen mines,companies, encourage investment.He could have have made one or two statements to the international world to market Zim as a tourist destination and good choice for investors.Our young graduates have no jobs.People use more productive time in the queue to withdraw $20.He is the next presidential candidate in 2018 instead of choosing a new leader.He is now frail and its clearly seen.Zim needs a a younger leader to articulate Zimbabwe’s agenda with fresh ideas to economically develop Zim.Mugabe has made his contribution and its enough.Singing songs of praise for his speeches in international forums is good but he has to prioritize souring economic problems to make life better for Zimbabweans.He keeps resting his eyes in conferences while Charamba pens a good speech for him.He wakes up to rehearse and then later gingerly walks to the podium to read the good speech. Good speech but we wish the world could interact with Zimbabweans of all walks of life especially workers,the old and young generation whose majority never benefited anything from the land reform or have certain positions in Zanu Pf to hear and see how people are struggling to make a living in our souring economy.Be objective.Zimbabweans do not eat good speeches and a father who takes his whole extended family to a conference to milk more from a very thin cow is not a caring father and he can not practice what he preaches.So I don’t put any value to his speeches which are rhetorical and meant to cover up his dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

    • Chimwr nechimwe chine nguva yacho,haangatadze kutaura pamusangano nekuti kumba kwake kune nhamo

    • Situation yeeese yemuZim ndeye muZim, mumusangano weUN munotaurwa chete so akataura GOOD.
      And I quoted his words he told Trump that we should work together.
      That is solving a certain thing at some point,kana Trump wacho aramba angamubate huro here.

    • Vedu vehama chakosha kuzvishandira kwete kuridza mhere wakamira uchiti nyika indbatsire unopedzira waremera nyika

      • Nyongolo

        Why are you so dum ? surely your blinkered brains can’t get what we are crying about everyday.Its not fair for you calling everyone lazy yet those same people provide you with essential services everyday.I am talking about nurses, teachers,phamacists, doctors,police,engineers, farmers,investors,soldiers,municipal workers,gvt workers and all service providers who are crying coz of your tired, corrupt, clueless and power hungry ruling party that has made it virtually impossible for hardworking Zimbos to survive normally.Those who are crying are the ones spending their livelihoods working for you and when it comes to their salaries they spend again weeks to withdraw that meager salary and after withdrawing they buy just a little coz of inflation and rampant black market on the streets being a creation of your tired and old leadership.How can you insult these servants and hardworkers by calling them lazy.Famers can’t get descent prices for their commodities and even descent prices on the inputs due to your gvt’s oppressive laws and investors fear investing more coz of hyper corruption of your tired and old gvt.Miners can’t even get mining underway coz of so many inconsistent mining laws from your tired and corrupt gvt .Even local investors are running away coz they don’t tore Zanu lines.If you want to invest you must pledge allegiance to the ruling party or else no license for you.And here you are with your narrow mind saying zvishandire . It’s not about just working but you need an enabling environment proper and non partisan policies and the rest follow

    • Hapana zvazvinotipa wadikani mashoko chete

    • charity begins at home. peace vanhu vachipondwa maelections

    • Mai Phiny muri kudya nemusangano kani pane asingazvishandiri here.saka munoti ndimi mega munoshanda nyika yese iri kuzhamba isimbe.munakwana

    • Kana muchifunga kuti musangano ndewekudyisa muchapedzisira maba

    • there are two categories in Mugabe &zanu mainly the very poorest and the most rich people, the poorest just support for the purpose of being given handouts or an unproductive piece of land while the rich enjoy the poor ‘s labour without recourse

    • Vangani mazimoz ane land kubritain check marecords

    • Vangani vana vemuzimbabwe vaneland kuU S A chikonzero chii remuno rinombova nei rinocherwa kudaro imiwo muchicherawo kuritengesa munafunga zvakanaka vasingadi kuzvishandira endai kuU S A munoshandiswa kurima madrugs muri vashandi musinga hori muchizouraiwa ikoko

    • Taura zvako mai P iwe kune vamwe vanhu vanongomuka vachibhema mbanje vachiti hakuna mabasa vakamirira kuti nyika ichawana mabasa ndiriini ikoko vamwe vanenge vatofa nedoro nembanje ngatifarirei kuzvishandira hupenyu huchinje

    • Rambai makatsika gear iroro vana vaMwari.

    • Haa kkkkk then u say we need change pakadai kkk.anyway mu Zim tine two type of people varikudya either Uri we musangano or une ka post pa yadah Apo kkkk

  • Varikufamba zvakanaka wani

  • Kkkkkk

  • Ngomnyaka ozayo simdingela i wheel chair

  • Mugabe’s staggering when walking is a broken record NEHANDA. It’s not news!!! At 93 thats normal movement. Write something sensible

    • its news especially to someone who doesn’t wasn’t to accept the reality and make a nation captive to serve his selfish ends worse to zealot followers who live on his crumbs and see it as a privilege when its their right to have whole loaf not crumbs

    • I agree with you on not wanting to accept the fact that they have failed but “Mugabe stumbled, bla bla nooooo!!!

    • Kylv by keeping reminding him that he is always stumbling n sleeping it helps cz there are others who have eyes to see but dont see.they see good when its bad

    • Yes tell them elder these stupid idiots thinks saying negative things about zim will change our economy but hell no!

    • Kkkjkk negative kkkkkk oh by the way Mak its about Mugabe still regarding himself capable to meet the ends …he cant accept that he now gone by the years

  • Unonzwa vanhu vachiti ngaatange agadzira zvemunyika make,saka munoti orega kuenda kumusangano here nekuti kunyika kune nhamo,
    Maida asimuke otanga nekuti kuZim zvakaoma wedu wee ndangobudawo hangu asi vanhu vari pama1??
    Akaudza Trump kuti “lets work together ” hamuna kana kupanzwa maingotarisa kuti ari kufamba sei.
    Akafamba zvakanaka according to his edge musanyepere vanhu imi akatozosvika papodium akumhanyirira zvekuti mabreak akatozobva pakubata podium.
    Munamboteererawo zviri positive imi mune nzeve dzehuipi dzinonzwa zvakaipa zvega.
    Munoti mapresidents eese akamuomberera maoko vanopenga imi majournalist nema commentators ndimi munoziva kukunda veese vakarova maoko???
    He is the only one brave president who strucked Trump with an unexpected speech,
    Ndonhau dzatinoda kunzwa muchitaura not nhema idzo.
    Munhu akaipa akagonawo something musachitsikirire nekuda kwegodo renyu, fambai nechokwadi chete

    • unotaurirei uzivi imba yako icjibaka.mabasa ndiwo anotaura zvese. u can’t preach peace when you are incarcerating and torturing your own people. worse you amassing wealth n go out to get the best to which you should be making available to your people. zvimwe ndezvimwe chisingavhikwi

    • unotaurirei uzivi imba yako icjibaka.mabasa ndiwo anotaura zvese. u can’t preach peace when you are incarcerating and torturing your own people. worse you amassing wealth n go out to get the best to which you should be making available to your people. zvimwe ndezvimwe chisingavhikwi

    • Kutadza kuita hakutadzise kutaura zvaunoziva.
      Many retired personnels are advisors.
      They cant do anymore but they know how it is done so let them advise,despite their physical challenges

    • Their failures are another story way far from the good advice they give,so don’t ban,the truth and the good that comes from a bad person,only to end up saying “no good exists in him”

    • Pastor T Chigodora your sentiments reminds me of this Pastor who was a renounced family counselor counselling and advising on others families yet his own wife was busy sleeping around.

    • Yes there is no problem with that,as long as he could change other lives he will find his blessing

    • Eli akarera Samuel in a way that God wanted,but Samuel wasnt his son,now look at his own sons they behaved wild and against God.

      Wasn’t Eli a good person for that???

    • I like the statement HE said Hanzi Mr Trump blow your trumpet towards morals and values l laughed lol

    • Chakanaka ngachirege kutsikirirwa nechakaipa chiri pachabudira,if you drop your money in the bin,it doesn’t mean the money is now rubbish,you can still pick your money and put in the pocket.
      Same way,when good words come out of a bad person it doesn’t mean they are turned to be bad as well. Noooo

    • NUMBER 1 paster Gudo kuipa kuipa haro asi haridye usiku

    • Chokwadi

    • Hatisi kuti anogona zvese,on the fact that he is a failure we agree,but pasi nehatrage kana agona one thing agona itai kuti apa magonawo apa. Not kurwadziwa, godo neruvengo kuti zvagonekwa nemunhu wamakavenga.

      I tell you the same speech he said dai yakataurwa naleader weopposition party somewhere,dai mese murikuombera maoko. That means speech yakanaka ine uremu,asi bedzi makavenga aitaura

    • makuma Pastor. Its true

    • Pastor mauya kuipa zvokwadi munondiudza kuti chero mu shoko dzvene madzimambo ayishaisha kutonga ayivemo here??

    • Kkkkkkk

    • Hobho nehalf

    • We should also mind that,the opposition that we wish success over the president,we want to test them,we dont know them,how they will behave in that office noone knows,it is just a hope that they will perform better.
      And the story can be the same,
      A person who speaks in a meek way always lifts a voice akapinda muchigayo,so dont forget that surroundings always change a person.

      How sure are we that the next president can make the country better….

      I advise people to expect it as a new dramma episode,so that we wont be disappointed too much.
      Make sure you will be patient to watch it to the end as it shall be.

    • At least we must try and see if we say we have democracy .when they fail we try something new again like the gud book said u cant put a new patch of cloth on an old either new wine in old bottles …so stop deffending terrain and lets try a change …if change

    • Action speaks louder than words

  • Ko special wheelchair haisati yatengwa here.president for life,my foot

  • That’s very normal for an old age .

  • Dont know why he thinks anyone really wants to hear asshole talk. Bit like Zuma thinking South Africa want him , it must be some sickness they have.

    • African leaders often leave their thinking faculties under key&lock wen in power.They can’t think aright at see how dilapidated Africans are.

    • Leaders from revolutionary parties have it in their blood that they must rule till the end of time Chris Smith. They do not give a hoot about what people’s opinions are like about them.

  • He is normal, give real news. He is 93 for crying out loud

  • Lets blame Ministers for being corrupt …..coz R.G is being folded with lies ….hes keepin Judas ‘s on his round table.

  • Ma jet fighter e America ndoava kutojika jika ku N Koria uye America irikuti reform kuna Mugabe ma1 chete chete

  • I wonder at the ineptitude of some zimbos supporting this frail figure!!!!! If Robert is your father would you allow him to do strenuous things up&downs?It is high time he quit this is a shame on black continent.That is why Africa is backward.

    • Africa is backward because we are trying to adopt to other people’s lifestyle.

  • lol Bob lived son of the soil mwana wevhu mwana weropa 93 talking peace and development “good “and avoid the rise of giant Goliath , stop this business of playing testing missiles passing through other countries that was totally wrong North Korea should behaviour and respect .Peace ….

  • MAN ABUSE serious!!!

  • makanyora zvekudonha mkanyora zveziso mkanyora zvekuweta mkanyora zvekukotsira nhasi mrkunyora zvekudzedzereka hamusati mapedza pane zvmwe zvamsati maona mchanyarara zvenyu

  • Kwaiendwepikowo

  • Kwaiendwepikowo

  • The list for power

  • God have MERCY

  • Kuzoti mukaona chirema chichifamba motonyora bhuku chairo coz kana muchinakirwa nekunyora kufamba kwemunhu akura kweakaremara muchatonyora riri bhuku kkkkkkede

  • Saka paakadedzwa kuzo taura vakamu introducer vachiti mutunga miri wentika ariyezve mutungamiri we mauto ariyezve kkkkkkk

  • I was happy when he refered to Trump as the Biblical Goliath. This gives us the opportunity to ask who the Biblical Goliath is in Zanu pf, one who crushes those who aspire to take over leadership of the party. Politics is a stupid game bcz leaders speak out when they feel threatened but certainly ignoring their poor record

  • I fill sorry for him

  • I love my president vaMugabe an angel of God

  • It’s not supporting Mugabe but it is not supporting wrong publications, we were watching he never struggle to walk. Y u not talking about good speech anywhere?

    • What good speach are you talking about man? This ancester was actually at tangent with this year’s UNGA theme.

  • aifamba kunge arikutamba

  • aifamba kunge arikutamba

  • Hy

  • An embarrassment, not only to Zimbabweans, but to humanity. Sad indeed.

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