Mugabe family are toxic parasites, says Tendai Biti after Rolls-Royce splurge

By Peta Thornycroft | IOL |

Zimbabwe’s free-spending first family this week upped their lavish game when Russell Goreraza, Grace Mugabe’s first-born son from an earlier marriage, imported two luxury cars worth an estimated R70 million.

Grace Mugabe’s oldest son, Russell Goreraza, 33, from her first marriage, imported two Rolls Royce limousines into bankrupt Harare on Sunday.
Grace Mugabe’s oldest son, Russell Goreraza, 33, from her first marriage, imported two Rolls Royce limousines into bankrupt Harare on Sunday.

The move angered many impoverished Zimbabwean families who are battling to put food on the table in a country with rampant unemployment and worsening poverty.

Goreraza, 34, this week imported two Rolls-Royce Ghosts, estimated to cost $280 000 each before import duties, from Europe.

Zimbabwe’s former finance minister and opposition leader Tendai Biti expressed outrage over the first family’s latest extravagance.

“Nearly 80% of Zimbabweans are living in extreme poverty and we have this insane first family, the Mobutu Sese Sekos of our time, squandering taxpayers’ money on houses for Grace in South Africa and now Rolls-Royces for her son,” Biti said.

Russel Goreraza and his mother Grace Mugabe
Russel Goreraza and his mother Grace Mugabe

Biti added that Goreraza, like Grace’s other sons, was unable to pass a single school-leaving exam but, through his mother’s position, had established some links into the mining industry and a “fantastic” lifestyle.

Goreraza is heard telling pals in a video that has gone viral that his next vehicle, due to arrive in Harare shortly, is an Aston Martin.

Biti questioned the logic of importing such luxury cars to navigate the treacherous Zimbabwean roads. “This family are toxic parasites. What is Russell going to do with his Rolls-Royces on the potholed roads around Harare? What kind of a person would want to be seen in a Rolls-Royce among such unprecedented poverty in Zimbabwe? He must be mad,” Biti said.

Outspoken Zanu-PF legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena echoed Biti’s scorn of Goreraza’s “pricey acquisitions”, tweeting a picture of the sleek Rolls-Royce, with a stinging caption: “Only the connected thrive in a country where youth are begging for opportunities to earn an honest living.”

Goreraza, born to Grace when she was married to her first husband, Stanley Goreraza, has a fast-living reputation. Like his two younger brothers, Robert Jr, 25, and Chatunga, 21, sons of President Robert Mugabe, he has a chequered reputation and was previously found guilty of culpable homicide after he ran over and killed a pedestrian in central Harare.

He is a regular visitor to Joburg and stays in the Coronation Road, Sandhurst, mansion which his mother rents from an Angolan couple who have left the country to go and live in Portugal.

Around the corner from the rented house, in Killarney Road, Sandhurst, is the massive, attractive mansion Grace bought in May for more than R40m and which Russell signed for via a shelf company which owns the property.

His half-brothers, Robert Jr and Chatunga, are also supposed to live in this house, but the pair have, in the last few weeks, rented another flat for entertaining friends at 20 West Street, Sandton, which is where their mother allegedly beat up Gabriella Engels, 20, last month.

There are about a dozen Zimbabwean security guards employed at Grace’s rented property.

It was not clear whether she had paid for the guards or if the Zimbabwean government had paid for them.

Goreraza regularly applied for visas to visit the US but was again turned down this week when the rest of the Mugabe family and 70 other government officials went to the UN General Assembly in the one remaining, ageing international aircraft owned by bankrupt Air Zimbabwe.

19/09/2017. Gabriella Engels and her mother Debbie Engels outside the Pretoria High Court. (Picture: Zelda Venter/Pretoria News)
19/09/2017. Gabriella Engels and her mother Debbie Engels outside the Pretoria High Court. (Picture: Zelda Venter/Pretoria News)

Grace’s lawyers from the Zimbabwe Embassy appeared in the high court in Pretoria on Tuesday over charges that she beat up and injured Engels last month.

Engels claims that Grace beat her and two of her friends with an extension cord.

She was treated in hospital the same night and made a statement to the police.

AfriForum wants the Zimbabwean first lady’s diplomatic immunity over the alleged assault reversed.

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    • mukorekore

      Kana, even if you vote maconsultants like Nikuv are busy as we speak looking for ways to steal the vote. Mavhoti mangani from 1980 hapana chinochinja. Besides cheating a good number will vote for the old man, the bottom line is – we will be extremely lucky if the old man goes simply by votting

  • mbudzi inodyira paya kasungirirwa saka hapana chakaipa

  • S’okay he wont get to enjoy them long , who is going to service them , who will import the spares , they need a lot of upkeep especially on Zims friable roads.

    • All that is on zimbabwe tax payers ‘ s budget , these guys are diabolic , do u think if they can afford to fly their bodies for service in singapore what will fail them to ship those 2 cars for service and the worse part is that you , me and everyone else we will pay for it .

  • How do you say the cars are estimated to be R70m and then say $280000 each in the same sentence.

    • its 70 million rands n 280000 dollars

    • yes coz on e black market R70m=US$560k

    • Nope. Rand is 13 to the dollar. $500k by 13 is less than R7m

    • & if u divide 560 000 by 2 u get 280 000 haaaa magic is it??

    • Those journalist ran away from maths clases. They can’t do a basic calculation

    • bro its 2 cars at 280k each plus duty….now culculate

    • $280,000 is the manufaturers recommended selling price per car. Who uses those these days.. dont forget that many dealerships add on their percentages for taxes, transports and commision. Add to that if he did it right the import duties. It may not be 70 million rand… but its more than 280,000 per car.. the Rolls Royce Ghost II came out this year. I wonder which model Aston Martin he is getting? Imagine hitting a pothole at 280km/h :O

    • The dealership price in Sandton for that model is R6m. Assume it’s 100% duty that is another R6m. That means the total will still be R24m. Much less than those thump sucked numbers

    • Then you’re diverted from the fact that huge sums of money were improperly used. You want to reason too much that’s why our country is at comatose. It’s bcoz of pple who spent too time proving how educated they are, when diamonds are being taken…

    • Brain Matsilele that is the crux of the matter, people to hung up on details instead of asking where the money came from regardless of the amount it still a huge expense and we should question where the money originated from.

    • #Elisher the thing is they are living good life n others are starving and u are happy pple are dying coz they are no medication in hospitals but they are enjoying good life n yu are bz in silly yu have kids or family members

    • Not really. I am against corruption but let’s fix it with the correct facts

    • Jahb

      Divide and subtract maybe a bit of addition, then its R70m which is $280000

    • tee cee

      280K before import duties if it incudes import duties it will get to 70M

    • Ine muto!

  • how many boreholes can be drilled from that money and how many windmills can be placed on those boreholes then the windmills can pump water and many things cab be done wuth that water but some thhink of crushing taxpayers money like that,tolegates money like that shuold give others chance to lead the country then we can show you how it is done,not to rule but to lead.That is the problem with those who want to rule but do not want to lead.kutungamirira nyika hakuna hutsinye asi kutonga hakuna chakunopa nyika.

  • The financial institute should monitor money movements and not wait to say there’s no money in the country. The bank which approved the withdrawal for money enough to buy 2 rolls Royce should be prosecuted. No one banks money in their houses so where and how did he managed to get that huge amount in a country which has become bankrupt. These are all the president’s faults on choosing second hand wife with issues behind her back. He is not the president’s son but step son.

    • Yeah they always talk about money londering and fx export , , Hypocrecy at its best , exporting such a huge amount yet people que for a 20 bond , not even dollars ,,, yah these guys are big time devils ,

    • Imagine my friend ! APA kuti upinze ka ex jap kakowo ke $1 mutsurundundu!

    • These bank managers gets somthing in return thats why its easier for them to process evrthing. Ever wonder why these pple gets cash loans of millions and yet mumabank munonzi hamuna mari?

  • yesterday admin u said he is 33 now its 34

  • looting.

  • They are a lot of idiots who still wants them……that’s your price

    • We are going to sell all those items, when get our country back . Please guys register to vote . Saddam H & M Gadhafi were found hiding in holes . Towards the end of their regimes , once before they used live in . Houses with fitted with gold furnitures , & gold toilets seats. Everything comes to an end , every dog has it’s day

  • Pa value apa vanyori ndopamunoratidza kuti munogona kunyora chirungu asi zvamurikunyora makuhwa..dzambonzi 70 m 5,4 m iyezvino 280k each uuuummmmm batsirai isu tiri kumasango kusina kana wifi ..madii kungopinda mu website ye Rolls-Royce mowana mutengo wadzo chaiwo..Remember kunema form four akafoira anotozongofamba achitaura mitengo yenyu yekupemga iyi

  • Who do we blame as Zimbabweans? We fckng deserve it.

  • Why wouldn’t they splurge when the nation has remained silent and allows them year after year election after election!

  • guys musachema nekuti ndozvamaka votera kuti zviitike next time chinjai kwete kuramba muchimanikidza zvingachaiti

  • How does $280 000 * 2 translate to R70million (around USD 5 million) even after adding duty?? O’level maths is good at times.

    • Lol,

    • It’s around 7, 8million rands

    • kkkkkkkkkk saka where are people getting that figure of R70million from

    • And it’s actually bcoz of these so much educated mathematicians that Zim is in a mess it is right now. Zim will never have meaningful development and Zanu pf will rule Zimbos till rupture.

    • Kkkkkkkkk u a a star man yu get me in to thinking wat can we solve if we a failing thse simple mathmtcs

  • How many clinics could that idiot built for resettled farmers who travel 30 kms to the nearest clinic or Secondary school. …God can you take such heartless people by accident after hitting a deep pothole in that Rolls Royce and get done with such corrupt arrogant, selfish devil worshippers.

    • I don’t think you are aware that this guy is not Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe of whom is to be held accountable for the decaying Zimbabwean country. It seems as if he’s the one responsible for the crippling situation of our country.

    • He is implicated by association brother, they are family

  • US$280 000 times two foes not translate to ZAR70 million.

  • Fuckers 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • They buy what they afford its very cheap for them otherwise they have to buy private jets not a Rolls- Royce

  • So how did it get to R70m ifceach cost $280 000?

  • As Zimbabweans, we are ignorant idiots. We deserve to be trashed

  • Zvakangwarira maZimbo kuita calculation yakanganiskwa atokanganwa kuti nyaya ndeyeku looter cash whilst the majority of the people are surviving on a dollar. The system of education yakaitwa kuti Zimbabweans vafunge as literate but practically stupid

  • I like it congratulation first family’s son

  • That’s good coz it’s the real tym

  • It is painful isn’t it ? We are all in pain but without a choice. Some one says next year we have to vote, is this the first vote of the nation ? Each and every day there’s something new from the first family. Listening to the first lady speaking at rallies will put a wound in someone’s heart. Everyone has memories of how great the nation was but at the same time we feel like it is impossible to go back as the bridge to the good old days seemed to have been destroyed . We are all living in limbo.😭😭😭😭😭

    • s

      there is nothing impossible with GOD. how I wish Zimbabwean can believe this and play their part to register to vote parents carrying their 18 year + children on their backs.

  • Some are born great,some achieve greatnesd,and some have greatness thrust upon them (chinua achebe)

  • Tiri huku

  • Ndozvinoita mwana wemvana.

  • He is abusinessman kkkkk

  • eat before it lasts

  • People stop blaming the boy he z chopping hz monies some are taking of drilling boreholes or construction of schools for the why?That is not a duty of an individual if he so wishes it’s fine even yoself that money u waste on beer and braai u cld b buying a less privileged kid school shoes or something???is that how it operates??The same people who are making noise are the ones who should b standing up to say enuf z enuf but the same people are big cowards mbwende chaidzo

  • ko upenyu hwemari kaa ….you wanted him to buy a funcargo here

  • Biti himself is a millionaire successful lawyer. The president is the boss of his boss the Minister of justice so isnt it only fair that the president is richer than him

    • cineaste

      President is a civil servant

      • s

        so does that allow the president to steal.

        • cineaste

          That’s what I mean…he’s a civil servant he shouldn’t even be in a position to be considered wealthy anyway…it’s all through corruption.

  • Anoshanda kupi

  • The Step Prince has arrived! Tsvee kutsvaka chakaitika kuna baba kwakuswero tenderera nemumigwgwa! Kumwe kuzvara chokwadi kunoparira!

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  • reggie

    Tiri huku!!! kkkkk

  • Kutaura shuwa pasina kutendererana, lets be honest. Mazimbo #tiri_mhata. These pple knows kuti munyika makazara mbwende nemapenzi so they can do wat they want. Nekushupika kurikuita vanhu nenhamo iri munyika i never thot marally eZanu pf acharamba achizara vanhu

  • 280k x 2 = 560k x 13.30= 7 448 000 plus shipping ne duty inosvika 70million rands here?????

    • cineaste

      RR inoita 280k wakaiona kupiko iwe

  • “If you can afford it,then why not have it” chiyangwa’s words not mine.these dudes can afford anything under the sun and everyone has to accept that.we are all toothless barking dogs.practically there is nothing we can do about it.what we can do best is to just talk about it while they are planning their next trip on vacation.personally i cant lose sleep over issues like this.
    By the way at what time is real madrid playing?its better to have a sleepless night because of a team that lost a match.

    • You are shallow minded and a fool.

    • Ok cyborg…you are that brave enough right…you know where they reside right?go and confront them Live.stop making noise here.all i know is that at the end of the day “the shallow minded one” and a so brave useless cunt like you have something in common ,ie, hapana chatinenge tinacho.fix yourself first before you stand on your toes insulting me sure um least of your concerns…by the way have you take your breakfast coz twuma comments utwu ngetwemunhu ane nzara

  • John Manguda RBZ Governor is in this too. Such transactions need his approval

  • Even here in Zambia, we have Jonathan Lungu who has bought firefighting Tenders at $1million each. What kind if recklessness us this where fools in states houses are the ones to decide for the million rest citizens? Just to enrich themselves while we all watch. Africa needs a strong revolution and stop the rot.

  • hondo

    We must not make the error of thinking only Mugabe has sucked our country dry, all the big shefs are bloody vampires, some have made billions from DRC diamonds at the expense of the country , some are virtually morden day land barons with propeties that fill up 2 pages of our once faithful Herald newspaper, some are reported to own a whole city like Victoria Falls, not even talking about the 15 billion that disappered from Chiadzwa under the watchful eyes of our ‘security ‘ . The whole party is a mafia

  • Why two,

  • Baba vavo vane mari veduwee. Bob is worth more than that.dont expect them to live like us.unoita stress

    • Haasi waBob uyu. Ndewe warrior rekubvutirwa racho riya

    • But wat do you expect.atove waBob automatically.pane vanorarama nelucky.

  • Matoo busy ku calcualator maths ignoring the real issue as stake…shame on us

  • They are rich n they cn afford it. Let em buy

  • Recklessness indeed.

  • Heeede

  • R70 or R7million??!

  • It is R7million, poor journalism. Two cars worth $560000 do not cost 70 million in rands. Bad journalism

  • Mike Watkins

    Tendai Biti should be dead by the next weekend? How dare anyone condemn Queen and clown Mugabe of being what they are “parasitic leeches? She, ZANU-PF, and dozy Bob are why Marxist/socialism can never succeed in a morally, and actually bankrupt Southern Africa.
    They don’t give a single toss for the people. It is all about their self-enrichment, stupidity, and memania.

  • R70 million munoiziva ere imi

  • Timothy771

    These math geniuses who wrote the article and who are commenting below…
    R70mil for 2 Rolls Royces would be a spectacular price. That is R35mil each where your most expensive Rolls in South African terms is less than R10mil. Still disgusting the opulence but the math is possibly worse. Every article about these 2 cars says R70 mil so that means not one person who has written about this news piece has bothered to try understand the numbers. Duties will never take multiply the value by 10.

  • muzvomorakwayedza

    zimbabweans we are foolish we tolerate bullshit period

  • Its not the Goreraza boy’s fault,its not Grace’s fault and its not Mugabe’s fault.Its ALL Zimbabweans’ fault,we have allowed such things to happen in our cowardice…we are only good at complaining daily and running to other countries….the complaints about Zim rot are now irritating because that’s what we are good at ,talking,complaining…So called Literate,PROUD,educated Zimboz,but we are politically DULL…ALL OF US!

  • Zimbabweans please tell us. If mugabe is that bad. Y do he keep winning the elections, c

  • Biti u also want power so that u can also drive luxury cars hapana asingade zvakanaka those a chosen ones by God

  • Sandy Lowe

  • Aaaaaa vabereki vanoshandira vana siyaii vadye marii yevabereki vavoo, iwe idya yamudhra wakooo usatiitira ruzha ala

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  • Musatanyoko nxaa kuswero funga hwupenyu hwevamwe

  • This rotten regime has to go.

  • James Bond

    “…in the one remaining, ageing international aircraft owned by bankrupt Air Zimbabwe.” Please Mwari chindege ichi ngachibvire over the ocean…please mdara Mandebvu….Please…moto we Soddom na Gomorra

  • I wonder where that money came from.

  • Yet our dear Mudenda says we the masses are siphoning forex out importing 1000 dollars worth ex Japs . How ironic

  • Let’s go and register to vote please

  • Whats wrong with that

  • 2011 RR

  • so you want him to import FUNCARGO

  • Registration z essential guyz

  • Umm

    Kana zvikaminama vavakutiza , mofanondibatira imwe chete….kana dzese, $120K on offer for each -> to the treasury……ghost inodhura to maintain , $18K-$25K pagore.

  • Guest1

    Sic Family someone should try to find out the name of the Shelf Company and how funds are being transferered there . which country is the shelf company??

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