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Tytan back in Zimbabwe after three month holiday with Olinda in the UK

By Bongani Ndlovu

After close to three months together in the United Kingdom, Olinda Chapel’s boy toy, singer Tytan Sikhokho is back home.

Tytan and Olinda
Tytan and Olinda

Tytan, born Njabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo returned home on Thursday.

Tytan (27) started dating fellow rapper Stunner’s ex-wife Olinda (34) and he flew to UK in June to spend time with her. The couple said they had since July been busy trying to make babies.

Posting a picture of the two on her Facebook page, Olinda wished her boyfriend a safe trip back home.

“It’s true what they say time flies when you are having fun. It’s been easy, it’s been hard. We have taken a lot. But what mattered the most is we did it together. It’s been amazing having you here, safe trip back to Zimbabwe,” said Olinda.

During the time that Tytan was in the UK, Olinda expressed her desire to have babies, twins to be particular with Tytan during a Facebook Live broadcast on her page.

The visit by Tytan, afforded the time for her to fall pregnant.

As Tytan left, Olinda seemed to suggest that she was pregnant as she said the next time they see each other will be in Zimbabwe when she will be giving specific foods for him to buy.

“ . . . Next time I see you we will be having pick and pay pies with a cold cherry plum.”

Tytan had been holding shows in the UK such as his guest appearance at the Miss Zimbabwe UK pageant. His last show was held in Bournemouth last week.

Tytan on Thursday posted a video of him driving around with friends in Zimbabwe captioned I’m back, announcing his arrival to the country.

Tytan is riding high on his new music video for the song Juma.

Since his collaboration with Ammara Brown on the track Mukoko, which became a hit, Tytan has not looked back. The Chronicle

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    • Faith Karanda it’s called figure of speech. The dude is younger and that’s why. He can also be called ben10 it won’t necessarily mean he’s 10 years old u dom kop….

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    • Please there are Ministers stealing money from the Country , people are starving the Country is in ruin and you write such nonsense of people of no interest , you should be shut down and you Paper should be burnt not bought !

  • Boy toy or no okusalayo bayathandana shem #asilwisiyasebenza

  • if they are both happy, who are we to judge

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  • Chikuru rudo

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  • Welcome home Njabu

  • Imi murume wake kana achigona kunyenga he is a grown up. Thats his choice.

  • Ko kunyepa here?

  • The world today makes me sad… the negativity we live in is getting worse as the days are going by.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with the news article. Even the British tabloids would use the same terminology when describing someone going out with a woman who is way older than the man. In fact the term is English and invented by the British who then encorporated it into their own vocabulary. It’s not derogatory but descriptive .

    • True.. they need to read what they are saying about Danneil Brooke’s boyfriend in British tabloids…!!

    • Exactly. . That’s how news is reported. Otherwise it loses its flavour and fave which is meant to attract readership. This article has already done it’s job cause there’s lots of interest now that she responded in that manor. The problem I’m seeing here is that people want celebrity status and try to enter into this realm but do not know how to manage the scrutiny it brings. We know seasoned celebrities hire or assign PR gurus to wade in and put a positive spin on issues like this rather than the celebrity to try and fend off scrutiny and criticism.

    • Thank You Boss.I like your analysis.Telling it as it is.

    • Bright Mawoko eish ndinyorewo assignment haaaaaaaaa critical analyisis yacho

    • Ndobasa rangu. Writing reports for the court 😀😀😀😀

    • Its yr job and you cant be told what to do. Thy crave to attention thy giving jobs to papers…. Chii chinombonzi Olinda ???? Narssistic PD….

    • Bussiness my foot::::: Why bussiness ma bharanzi munonyererwa pa Sosho media:::: Mari ye Costco akadzosa here?????

    • Bright kana Tesesa May muno nyora. So who dis desperate Bitch tinks shez superior??? Kusanyara kani. So zvikaramba nxt victim could be Tocky or who. Severely obsessed ne ma artists eku Zim. Sad story%% Ko here in Europe varume paribe kanti???

    • Just because the English practice it makes it right? How dull!

  • Boy toy 😂😅😂😂

  • Olinda is too old to be this boy’s girlfriend, ,ugogo sibili

  • Ben 10

  • n that’s worthy of news #Shame

  • A young man dating an older woman is indeed called a Toy Boy. Look that up.
    Ku Zim anonzi Ben 10 kkkkkkkk
    Look that up too.
    If you make your relationship public don’t complain about the “things” publicity brings. Makazviudzwa kudhara but hamunzwi. Nxa

    • Ko mushona zvinonzi Chii? I want to look it up 😂😂😂

    • Muchishona anonzi kambudzi.
      Chinhu chose chidiki pane chimwe KAMBUDZI hauwoni chero kuma foni zviriko

    • Uko handizivi hangu. Let me check negen’a pa street…kkkk

    • Ka dora ….

    • Hanzi kadora hahaha

    • Majerasi

    • I thought that word means male escort or something like that so pliz lets admit it’s was an unkind choice of words and move on.

  • And then………..where was this story going anyway ….?

  • Saka

  • Some British tabloids would even use hash terms like “Cradle snatcher”‘ just saying 😀😀.

  • Iri newspaper rinoita kugwadziwa Tylinda.zvino hamupori

  • Vaiisana

  • Typical…nonsense journalism…this girl is a bussiness woman, a loving mother , an achiever and so much more than this drivel….for how long will women be persecuted for daring to fall in love with a man younger than them?…how come its not negative when the woman is younger….its sad backward thinking

    • Shame on you

    • Taura hako trish

    • Only fools and horses can type such a CV. Shame…

    • For the why yu did not also include na Ex ese @Gafa hant u seen know her well well🤗🤔🤢🤕

    • Olinda is a desperate attention seeker.no caring mother would want to destroy the future of another woman’s son.shame on her😐😐

  • Olinda wakadyisa mfana

  • Inga munoti muri mafree Spirit wani? How old is the boy toy?

  • She is not the first one to date a toy boy and she won’t be the last.

  • Nyaya dzevanhu vanogara nemahure dzakubhohwa

  • Boy toy chaai

  • How do this boy look at this old woman when she is naked Kiki Kiki?wena mfana this woman is too old for Tytan

    • l guess he’s a better man than you. start of by respecting other people. you sound so childish for a man.

    • Better?How can a young boy like Tytna go for Olinda?shez too old for that boy .he’s a stupid boy

    • at least he’s not gay.

    • kikiki who’s gay that stupid boy is too young how does he look at Olinda when she is naked hahahah

  • Anyway hadzvadzi shuwa editor used the wrong term you never came across with. You are older to this young man so if l thought the editor would say …….Olinda Chapel’s Ben 10 hahahahahaha l think you gonna go to sleep now.

  • Uuuuum way younger to you is your Toy Boy or Ben 10 hadzvadzvi ndozviripo siya tiudzwe nyaya mhani…..

    You where in Hibernation kkkkkkk ?

  • Ooh mother and son…what a lovely picture. They even look alike 😂😂😂

  • Ko hamuzivi kuti ukatonzi toy boy utori neSugar kikik don’t be emotional ! Next

  • Sugar mama,dhafu korera.Man eater towedzera futi ma superlatives ekukudescriber

  • Olinda wait till “this toy boy” gets what he is after

  • saka zvinei nesu

  • The story is just but a story .Olinda live your life to the full.Enjoy your lifestyle and dont lose sleep over haters .You are not the one aita kuti titambure muZimbabwe.Tytan is your choice so you should live with it even uf it brings negative comments .They are just comments kkkkk ko vagokuitei ,live large and be happy.

  • pafair pfanha anonz tytan uyu akasimba maziso.🙁🙁 unoitarisa sei mbuya iya yabvisa hembe…anyway ts none of our biz hedu tese

  • I don’t see anything wrong with that ,as long as thy truely love each other

  • Nehanda radio you should be giving us stories affevting our daily lives as Zimbabweans ,vamwe busy kutaura dzovaka nyika imi busy nemakuwa nehupenyu wevanhu usineyi nemi kkkk please leave the gossip for h metro,surely there are important issues such as voting pa 2018 ,voter registration etc nxaaa

  • s this news?people must learn to start minding their own business.age s nothing but a number.

  • Hey age is nothing but just a number.. Wat is important is.. LOVE… How many woman can really love.. At least this woman has got love for her man.. Kwete zvimwe zvatiri kuona kunze uko.

  • Age z jst a number gyz pafair ….

  • Nehanda radio it’s biased. .cz you hatell these two couples from the start .OC Dnt stress ..we are yr fans will always support you ..tI’ll 90s

  • Kuzoti toyboy aaaa mawanza apa dei mati ben 10 zvinekachiremererawo izvi kkkk

  • Aaayas let them breathe veduwe vagare pasi pemvura here?

  • saka

  • Saka nhaiwe jealousy Nehanda??

  • Nehanda fo shoo

  • 🤓🤓🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Toy Boy. Hw desperate. Lawrd ka # Dick ko kanopinda pai????? Ka chipolatta..shame

  • Saka vanhu vane vana havacharoorwi nevanhu vasina vana here?

  • Asi kutaura chokwadi is this news worthy vanhu vekunehanda ka zvakakuomerai maakushaya nyaya

  • This is in e official national newspaper nt nehanda radio

  • I might not know them but ‘toy boy’ is a wrong term to use. These r 2 adults madly in love (whatever that is) and we need to repect their decisions. Siyai vaite izvozvo its a free world.

  • Ndozvamunogona izvozvo zvinei neni zvekudanana kwavo akakuudzai kuti Rudo rune zera ndiani

  • Umm

  • That’s Lance Guma for you Olinda. Writes more shit that H-Metro lol. He should get a job at Daily Mail.

  • N so??

  • TYLINDA never worry about what people think or say but focus on making the most of your joy and happiness at the end of the day its the two of you guys who are reaponsible for your happiness

  • toy boy or boy toy

  • Apa vaurairwa career tsano 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nhywe nehanda tipe zvimwe. Siyanai nevanu washaya nyaya here. Kwana, saka wasvotwa nei ipapa. Kkkk ndakunyarirwa

  • Akambonyanya kukosha zvakadai?kune vasikana vakakosha kudarika Olinda iyeye ….kune vasikana vakanaka kudarika kamunhu kenyu kamuri kunyanya kurumbidza ikoko.chaainacho ndochingorine vasikana vose so iyeye akoshei?admin we will turn on you if keep on telling us about kamunhu kenyu ikaka nxa

  • Olinda abvisa chi comment chake coz tamudhedha ne razor kuma reply. Always the talk of town nenyaya dzevarume. Hauguti mboro wakaita sei iwe. Kuita sa Kim Kardarshian, unotoda kunzwa kuti yepa next door inonaka sei.

  • Zvinomboreveiko kuti Tom Boy? Vasikana musada kutiza chokwadi. Yaa tinozvikudza kuti iwe nemudiwa wako muri kufara chaizvo asi pane chinhu one chausiri kuona. Because you have stayed out of Zim for long, maonero ako ezvinhu atosiyana nesu tiri pa roots. Kana ndichiti nesu , it includes both the immediate and extended family ya Tom Boy arehwa uyu. Naiwoo ma broadcast ako aye awaita aDes, MuZimba wese anokuziva. Ndopndoonekwa ndichiti ndiye wandada uyu kkkk usatambe shasha. Nyatsonyengera Tom Boy kuti akuudze kuti kuri sei kumba (Ukasanyengerera zvakanaka he will never tell you and if he does’nt don’t be naive to think kuti kuri right)…..Ukagona kunyengerera achakuudza kuti zvinhu hazvina kumira beautiful ever since adzoka paden. Matare ake haasi kupera pa den.

  • Yes toy boy tings

  • Ma Zimbabweans makadhakwa dosaka muri marombe coz mongofunga kuroya chete.. munhu anyora chi article ichi muroi ndini ndadaro

    • I am a Zimbabwean. Handina kudhakwa and handisi rombe.

    • tsvee kufunga kuti moitasei nenyika yaora iyo take take na olinda.. onodya sadza kumba kwenyu?? munhu anorambidzwa kudanana nemunhu waanoda zvinebasarei izvozvo

    • tsvee kufunga kuti moitasei nenyika yaora iyo take take na olinda.. onodya sadza kumba kwenyu?? munhu anorambidzwa kudanana nemunhu waanoda zvinebasarei izvozvo

    • Kwaaaaa nhai kana akanyrngwa nderake

  • Things that makes news in Zim lol

  • So what pliz give us better news

  • Mavie Chiweshe

  • Tytan wacho akasarudzirwa here aiwawo ..hazvina basa izvo …Team Tylinda

  • What is the meaning of the noun Gigolo?

  • Tibvireyipo……‼️ Grown men and grandfathers have been driving to Epworth to sleep with 9yr olds and you’ve already forgotten about it …… lt has been happening for years but you NEVER wrote about it……. ‼️😒😒😒😒😒 Grrrrrrr….!!

  • Zvine basa rei kana Tytan ari mudiki. Olinda don’t loose sleep nezvidhara zvirikukuda zvenehanda radio

  • Lyde Misodzi Mpofu


  • It seems like only women were offended by this post.

  • Kubva the likes of brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, etc vaitofa zve nekunyorwa zvisirizvo saka ichinji media they dnt write what u like

    • But this Mfana was clever he saw the nyayas with Olinda & Stunner and jumped where Stunner left Vacant now it’s his turn to Wear the Gucci drive the Lexus until another chick turns his head , will sit back and very soon you will hear some one saying I told you so 🤣🤣
      Has this Mfana not seeing how she penga’s watch out youngster, this honey moon will turnin to hell very quick unless you remain in Prison behind he durawall and electric gate !!!

    • U can say that again

  • Olinda dai usina boyfriend urikuchemera stunner wakarereka musoro. Ungadai urikudiwa neZimbabwean community. Zvawakaita izvi itaboo havambofa vakakufarira igaroziva.

  • Another stunner vafana vhochengetwa nechembere

  • ,q9

  • Tsvina

  • Toyboy here or Akiliz kkkkkkk

  • Hanziiiko na Admin uyu nhy amana….asi nyaya dzapera ere nhy msharukwa

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  • Diva Dollar

    Tytan (27) started dating fellow rapper Stunner’s ex-wife Olinda (34) and he flew to UK in June to spend time with her. The couple said they had since July been busy trying to make babies.


  • Saka ?

  • Vana njabulo soo

  • Eish

  • No one cares

  • Me 2 am going to delete that page yaidzidzise inowondonga chete,,,inoparadza mhani

  • …..

  • Nehanda mati Ben 10 adiii kikikikkik. Adzokera ku ZIM

  • Boy toy kudiiko, chidofo munochiwanza pano

  • Good morning Ella Moyondizvo Bom

    • Not interested in people’s personal lives whatsoever…….especially when it’s a badly written piece of journalism 🙊

    • Point still stands. If you keep your personal life to yourself. Noone will have things to say.

    • Ble Ble Chikoto true but I hate badly written articles. It is a pet hate of mine.

  • Maria Carey
    J Lo
    comes to mind, and they will click likes if thet see mapics avo nana Pique nana Conor but we then seem to mock our own. How old is Mugabe an how old is Grace. if they love each other let them be. why cant you just call them lovers?? Not suprised though its the African way of thinkin

  • Zvapera ka

  • Inga

  • Beginin to doubt maturity levels you dont have to fight everyone sometimes just let nature take its course pple will eventually see how your relationship is by your conduct

  • Facebook is full of negative Nancy’s and Petty Petra’s.. I just think that a lot of people are poor and are looking for someone to help them financially instead of looking for love. Them people, when they see two people who are together they will immediately think that the other is trying to live off the one who is wealthy. So if they see a relationship like that of Tylinda they think that one of them is being used financially and the other is being emotionally drained. They will automatically remove the word love from the situation just because they themselves are in need and don’t wish others well in life. Worry about yourselves and start accepting other people’s choices.

  • Nehanda radio you have serious double standards. That Dione girl is pregnant with a man who is twice her age… why didn’t you write an article about it “Stunner got her girl toy Dionne pregnant “or “Dionne got pregnant by her sugar daddy partner Stunner” Just because OC is a woman you want to belittle her here. So unfair.

  • Angelina Morris

    How I wish there were more informative stories than pocking noses in people’s businesses.

  • tom boy for sure

  • Mmmmmh! This is first in the land of the cursed….a ndebele man bonking a shona woman….its always the other way round……this shud be banned. God made it a NO! NO! between the Israelites and the Philistines….its a NO NO between shonas and the children of God.


  • stupid news ever journalist 👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓

  • How old is that little Tytan?? Vafana ava varikusviriswa mazimhata akadhamba kare, gaba.

  • Lol

  • Vanessa N Dongo