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Fans condemn Chiyangwa decision

Zimbabweans across the football divide have come out guns blazing and are united in their condemnation of Zifa president, Philip Chiyangwa’s unilateral decision to rescind Christian Epoupa Ntouba’s red card on Monday.

Flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa
Flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa

Social media platforms are awash with messages of disgust at what many view as the bottom end of Chiyangwa’s reign. Many have also questioned the rationality of this and other decisions the Zifa president has made in the past and are now worried about the future of the game, if there is a future at all.

Ephraim Rocky Chawanda: I am not posting this comment of the red card withdrawal by Zifa on my football page because it’s no longer football. My opinion on this matter is that this rescinding of this red card is meant to bring chaos and disruption to the ZPSL . . . maybe some elements still aim to recreate a Super League which will be run by Zifa, whose aim would be to save the financially crippled organisation.

Sindiso Mazibisa: Zimbabwean football has gone to the dogs and the dogs don’t want it.

Tendai Biti: What do yuh expect from a captured charlatan whose medulla is located in his large intestine.

Mike Madoda: Just when u thought Zimbabwean football couldn’t sink any lower . . . that’s what happens when the game has been hijacked by politicians
Mzwiwane Morgen Mhlope: I always pray and wish that soccer unites us. But the reality stares us in our faces, we are invoked and provoked by unfair and selfish individuals, who continuously urinate at our love for soccer with bad administration and decision making. They are trying hard to plant hatred, eish.

Trying very hard not to be angry.

Dalubuhle: Total rubbish!!!

Khulu: This scenario will have far reaching consequences, the league will be decided in the boardroom as teams in the race will take to PSL for use of a suspended player as this decision is surely going to be contested, Dynamos are better advised to ignore this shocker and avoid using the player if they are professional, the Minister responsible simply has to intervene as was the case with Cuthbert. Who said the referee’s decision is final? Our soccer gone to the dogs. Pamberi ne command soccer, pasi ne my game is fair.

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda: Football Scandal of the highest magnitude, Zifa paralysed by vested interests in rescinding headbutt offence by DeMbare player. Shocking, embarrassing and absolutely pathetic for Chiyangwa to do such a thing especially 24 hours after the game. Even in professional league like the English Premier league, it has never happened that a decision is made within 24 hours after the game. FA and referees don’t sit and make a decision about a game played previous day. This is no longer football, it’s now clear, it’s a football war.

This is no longer in the spirit of football but it’s in the spirit of chaos and hate. Chiyangwa’s decision is reckless and endangering the beautiful game big time. It’s very clear now that Zifa decision making structures are arcane and convulated, they lack clarity about the role and purpose of those structures.

Zero consistency, zero leadership & zero organisational skills when it comes to domestic football. Zifa didn’t act on the referee of the abandoned game between same teams Highlanders and Dynamos at Barbourfields Stadium.

So many games have been affected by the association’s shambolic referees. The clueless creatures masquerading as referees taking charge of our games in Zim continue to destroy our football and these clowns at Zifa never act. The referee’s report hasn’t even reached PSL offices and Chiyangwa just acts and makes a decision which surprised Dynamos Club, the player concerned and DeMbare fans. The world is shocked Chiyangwa!

Why act on Dynamos only, just because it’s your team PC? You have done well with national teams and now you come and make lame decisions about domestic football. Don’t bring mess to football, DeMbare is your love but be professional and run the game the way it should. Don’t abuse your authority and make misinformed decisions just to show off your power. Your Zifa should now act on all other previous games your referees messed up. Also order a replay of Bosso-DeMbare game which was abandoned to show you are a fair leader.

The effect of this decision by Zifa is compounded by the stakeholders who collectively exhibit vested interests, intransigence and short-termism at every turn. Zifa has shown resistance and thrive on gridlock decision making ability within its leadership due to the lack of an independent, external perspective, check or balances. They are law unto themselves. Finally all premier league teams should be united and refuse to play their games till Zifa reverses this shocking decision.

Nodumo Nyathi: Did Chiyangwa and his cabal see that there was noise trouble at Rufaro? All they thought of was to make sure Epoupa plays next Dynamos game . . . Makaruse was hacked down and given yellow card instead of penalty to Bosso . . . all this Chiyangwa and cabal didn’t see and it’s not an issue only reverse Dynamos red card was the issue . . . this is all designed to push Bosso out of the PSL and have Chiyangwa forming a Zifa league . . . lapha kufuna amadoda sibili . . . am willing to sacrifice all I have for Highlanders FC right now…

Francis Mukora: He (referee) made three potentially game changing decisions . . . 1. An offside Dynamos goal which should not have stood. 2. A slap on the Dynamos player which could potentially have been a sent off and 3. A blatant penalty and yellow card for the Dynamos defender which I don’t understand why it ended up with a yellow card for the Bosso player who was fouled. But all these pale into insignificance compared to what Chiyangwa and company did. Honestly firstly how do you rescind the sending off for a clear headbutt and secondly who appealed and thirdly, the speed with which the issue was handled lol, less than 24hrs… even the most advanced European governing bodies are not that efficient…. and let’s not forget the Mushure foul that was awarded a freekick that led to Dynamos second goal against Caps a week earlier. Surely they should just give the trophy to Dynamos.

Charles Mushinga: Let’s popularise this hashtag guys, ma DeMbare ese, let’s show Chiyangwa we don’t need bias to win the league title – #NyikaYeseIrikunyara <https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/nyikayeseirikunyara?hc_location=ufi> LETS MAKE THIS OUR STATUS, #NyikaYeseIrikunyara The Chronicle

  • Referee ngaa banned for life very poor officiating

  • Mtasa don’t field the player for 2 games pliz

  • This guy is not good for Zim soccer.He has Shawn that seriously he doesn’t know anything about football.

  • Corruption has gone down 👇 to a point where Laws governing Soccer are no longer implemented.

  • Chiyangwa hazive bhora

  • Forgive this PC dude…he is now sick and some decisions are now made made whilst not feeling well…ane waakatodza

    • Vanhu varwara pasZimbabwe

    • Kurwarwa kunoshamisira here iwe. Is it your first time to see a person who is unwell. Seka urema wafa

    • Inzwawo idzi

    • Go to the hospital and hear some decisions made by sick people..no one is making a mockery out of kurwara but acknowledging that munhu can say zvese zvese especially when sick..

  • Ref ari boe chiyangwa ndo mboko

  • Fidza nxaaaaa pooooor

  • Madness

  • Vari kuwawata vose ndeve dzimwe team isu vedembare tinoti Phidza z 100% right cos ref was biased

    • We dont support what is wrong my bro…Protocols should be followed..it should have been conducted in the right channel..

    • You will see if Dembare goes to Bulawayo kuti what is going to happen you do not know ndebele nxa.Dembare is zanu so shame on you

    • Charles Dhliwayo nothing will happen mfowethu bayeke babuye,ungasethuseli inyoni zethu🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Its nt abt which team u sapot bro tht was wrong.luk @ our futbal it doesnt move 4ward bkoz of ths.we dnt sapot nonsense.mubaiwa why akanyorera zifa instead of psl it shows hutsotsi

    • Unorwarawo zvako iwe.

    • Thts y the league is poor in terms of sponsorship

    • What goes around comes around broe..mangwana usazoti mavarazarevhu zvaitika kwamuri.

    • vana Guide mvere mungori mvere dzega dzega zvebhora hapana chozikanwa kungoziva Dynamos chete unoti masurppoters eDynamos arikuti its wrong havadi team yavo.team vanoida asi vanoda kty bhora rifambe negwara zvisinei nekuti Dynamos, Chicken Inn,or Bantu rovers.

    • Chandakawona pasi pezuva ndechekuti kutungamirira sometimes hudzvanyiriri,hakuna mutungamiri anotungamira zvinofadza munhu wese panotove nevamwe vanonyunyuta bedzi..but anywhere ndimbovhunzawo ,,ko Zodwa Wabantu akazouya here?

    • Uri mboko

    • Charles Dhliwayo bare in mind that this zim not s.a whre u do wat ever u want,ndebeles no that we don’t allow a donkey to kick us twice OK

    • Charles Dhliwayo bare in mind that this zim not s.a whre u do wat ever u want,ndebeles no that we don’t allow a donkey to kick us twice OK

  • He must b investigated fo bettin n match fixin following henirita

  • this is what happens when politics and sports mix.Chiyangwa just scored an own goal there

  • Why should ZIFA make these decisions before the PSL anyway?

  • Kungoti chete pano pasi hapana justice, maybe kudenga & kunyanya muZimbabwe hamuna zvamo yenzaniso, kuzvigona kutarisa nemeso womirira favour painouya nekwauriwo

  • Saka arikuti Ref hakuziva zvavarikuira iye ngaapinde kufefra ndichiyangwa haziwizvaanoita

  • Iye akauyawo naro ku Zifa ndiani mbwa uyo

  • Same same nasekuru vake vari kungotarisa nekusupporter huwori muZim. Continue digging your own graves…..

  • What does he know about football, has he ever kicked a ball in his life, hell no!

  • Zim soccer is rubbish why can’t we give this zanu fc team the championship already

  • Sando dzako Peter Mudhuwa for excellent man marking, kusvika munhu agumbuka

    • Usakurudzire zvisina basa. That was barbaric. I think you also barbaric. Why should be proud of such idiotic behaviour in a game of football. Only fools would applaud to such

  • Corruption ….this guys dnsnt knw anything same nakenny mubaiwa vacho hw cum kunyora kuzifa uchisiya Psl chekanogona kupfeka kunge vapfanha veazimdancehalll shame on u

    • do u think Dynamos as a club are fools? iwe wakuvenga Mubaiwa personally ka? is he not Psl President? iwe ndiwe wakuziva the correct way more than this club? Bva ngatione kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. it takes 2 to tango tho.

    • Zvakaora izvoo. Bwa dzevanhu

    • haa Joshua haugone kutamba nhai?indava uri too emotional? ko unoti vanhu imbwaa pakudii?

    • Zimbabwe referees falls under zifa ,the psl is an affilliate of the same . psl doesnt control referees.

    • Kkkkk soft guys bt the truth iz these politicians destroyed our football …

    • Kkkkkkkkk haaayaaaas

  • Ko kana Dembare iri ZANU ko Bossorowa chii?

  • mukuru mushoma pachishona

  • Ko zvatinongorohwa takaenda ku Barbourfields wani.ngavamame ndezvavo izvo.ZvaChiyangwa ndozvanyanyokushamisai.

  • kkkkk

  • Hazvisiri zvebhora izvo,

  • Phil this is football not politics or business. There are structures and strictures which have to be followed. Otherwise you’re bringing the game into disrepute

  • That was a decision full of deep personal hatred for Highlanders by Philip Chiyangwa.This is encouraging soccer bullies.We dont want players who have violent dispositions.Chiyangwa decision is very very unfair,biased and cruelly disrespectful and stupidly dictorial toward the match refree whom i personally feel made a very correct,sober and fair decision.Do we have to run and support soccer along tribal hatred and spite?

  • inga takataura wane kuti ana fidza apana chozikanwa zvakamboitika kupi zvakadaro

  • So it was unilaterally decided. Sad very unprofessional

  • Ref akabhaiza Phidza atori bhoo.


  • Idiot

  • It’s not Chiyangwa’s decision but that decision was taken after full match analysis of the game

  • I can simply call it insanity at its highest decree level.shame on decision makers.

  • Useless chiyangwa nxaa

  • clement moyo

    When in the life of humans did lunatics become administrators. Its absurd, unheard of and ludicrous . Please get rid of this clown no later than now, please.

  • Mr President I’m a Dynamos fan .I agree with u that the referee failed to stamp his Authority during the game he should have given the Phiri guy a red card when he slapped Epoupa.After the expulsion of Epoupa Peace Makaha was also kicked on the touch line but the referee did nothing.But inspite of all that Epoupa’s red card was warranted our player was wrong to retaliate.so to reverse the red card its wrong.Let him sit out the next two matches.We want Dynamos to win the league on merit and on the field of play not in the boardroom.Dynamos is a big institution it does not want anyone ‘s favour to win Trophies.Rise Chazunguza Rise

  • He is just an idiot. Nxa

  • that was really uncalled for

  • P.C chibaba musiyei

  • Mari hatina hedu Phidza but bhora toriziva and torida zviri fair

  • Phidza was 100% right . Tell me the degree of torment which you the so called soccer fans would accept this Epoupa should have suffered so that you would agree it was not fair for him. Mudhuwa is a well known dirty player . The referee had a tacit plan with him to derail Dembare through provocation . Tell me the kind of protection which Epoupa had from the refereee? Just. tell me . Lets say the ball was played to Epoupa with Mudhuwa clutching on to him would you accept it was going to be a penalty ? Sometimes you people become so engulfed with hatred for Dynamos but look its Dembare that makes our football tick domestically and regionally. Like it or not thats the situation

    • iwe ndiwe wakatodhakwa kudarika Chiyangwa wacho.urikuramba here kty clear head butt ired card.protecting a player during a match its a different issue.it should be raised differently.Zidane ws provoked and he went straight for a head butt and was red carded finish.utori mboko wo zvako hauzivi bhora unongoziva Dynamos chete

    • Ooooh my God!What are you TRYING to say you DIM WIT?oooh no.. look bro,even if Mudhuwa and the referee “conspired ” to frustrate Dynamos as you claim,the true fair point is the Dynamos boy intentionally and violently head-butted a Highlanders player and so deserved a red card come hell or sunshine.Please lets look at these things in a fair manner and put aside unwarranted evil hatred for Highlanders…Let’s be fair in our observations please.

    • why do you think iwewe unoziva stereki? urikuti iwewe une brain dzema right decisions?hauna kudhakwa? blaz taura mushe nhaika? Mudhuwa brought himself to clutch on to Epoupa ‘s kneck. tell me which way Epoupa would use to free himself yawaizo accepta iwewe semunhu anoziva bhora racho?

    • Johaness you are 100% correct

    • Look at the recent decision by English FA to rescind red card for Gabriel the Arsenal player. Study situation ya Epoupa . Wotiudza kuti its un heard of rescinding a red card that was issued. Iwe hautorina desclipline pakutaura unofunga kuti ukatuka munhu kuti wakadhakwa its a football opinion ? Just articulate zvevhora and desist from being personal . Wanzwa. Ndo zvepa social media .

    • …….and head butting is the solution?Guys don’t let tribalism and hatred for Highlanders cloud your judgements honestly..let’s think objectively,calmly,and in an intelligent manner,not this brazen straight jacket way of thinking.

    • @Fidza he doing his job as it is kp it up bro

    • Hausi munhu webhora iwe. Just another emotional sissy like Phillip

    • Hausi chinhu gara pasi

    • Mamwe mazita ndiwo arikuku rasisa

    • Inhema dzako Johannes kunyepera kudhakwa kwako violent conduct you won’t see the red card suspended.ita zvebhora kwete zveDynamos chete coz Dynamos haitambi yega inotodawo mamwe mateam kty izonzi Champion but kana huChampion hwacho huchiitwa nemadecision from Zifa then bhora redu rafa we won’t go anywhere.

    • My brother Chikanga do you know that while i support Dynamos, i dont hate Highlanders . I love Zim football clubs and like players to showcase their talents enrich our football with skills and ultimately play abroad resulting in our national team being strong. Would you call Mudhuwa to play for the national team with the kind of play he displayed on sunday ? Epoupa was guilty of a dismissable offence yes . But we study the extenuating circumstances. He committed an offence. he is human . He Epoupa is has no previous history of violence or even dirty player. He came here to play football. . I dont enjoy dirty football. I have so many friends who support Bosso and we discuss football as supporters . What do i gain by hating onother competitor ?

    • Your brains are as dead as Chiyangwa’s . You need to be taught soccer rules, clearly you know nothing. It’s not about who or which team did what,that’s a red card,finish.

    • Why not worried about the insults and slaps Epoupa suffered you only worried about lack of justice on the issue yered card? Stop hating Epoupa guys

    • Johannes Muungani you are not allowed to retaliate in football or rugby or whatever sport that outlaws violent conduct. there is no amount of justification that can warrant the red card to be rescinded. zidane akatukirwa mai vake and he retaliated and got sent off. zifa and chiyangwa are bullshiting the laws

    • Hambo dlala ingwini wena/ enda unotamba nhodo hausi webhora…not kutamba pfuti bt kuona coz ungatokanganisa mitemo yacho ikoko

    • @Muvambi and Chrispen Pena i dont know how old both of you are . I have followed football since 1985 when i used to listen to the radio. Insults are not facts . World over in football red cards are nullified based on variety of reasons . Chiyangwa had good reasons to nullify Epoupa ‘s red card according to my opinion . kana mavakuda zve hatred its up to you . But here you will learn that kungwara nhema hakubhadhari! After all dirty tricks are employed on someone , and that someone fights to free himself , the authorities comes in to restore sanity . Anenge asvotwa its up to him . …

    • Kule Johane musadaro, hamuoni kuti vaChiyangwa zvavakaita zvinonyadzisa here izvi. Even an amateur refree could have flashed a red card to this guy.

    • Hausi webhora iwe Johannes wakadhakwa pfungwa iwe wadii kutevera ma-rally zvako

    • Iwewe hausi webhora Ndumiso uri we rugby . Bosso hantiti yaingobvarurwa nana Tscholocho dzenyu idzo. Brain hautorina iwewe wanzwa. Team yauri administrator inonzi ani mu premiership tione unyanzvi hwako hwokuzivaka. Whether iwe wataura zvako zvaunoda zviripo ndizvozvo uchasvotwa nazvo but you cant change anything .

    • Uyo arikutaura in favour of his teams not zvebhora ngaadzikame

    • Chiyangwa is not correct at all. 1st there is a grievance procedure that has to be addressed by the complainant, in this case let’s say Dynamos and its addressed to PSL not ZIFA. Secondly we can not have a ZIFA president as the referees Chairman there is conflict of interest. Thirdly The referees’ decision is final, the third and fourth referees were present and the match was played to the last minute any dispute should be raised to PSL Chairman.

  • Nokut zvaitwa naChiyangwa makutaurisaka When FIFA odered WCQ replay btwn SA and Senegal u all said nothing its only that Africans don’t support one another but chataurwa nemurungu moti chagonekwa shwete dzevanhu hamuzive tibvirei apa

    • Enda unodhota iwe…

    • Vanorwadziwa nedembare ava

    • Uuuum my frend don b biased therw is no need to bring in the racism here whats rong is rong man regardless of which syd r u affiliated to a genuine supota mus b upright in in mind wat Phidza did is bringing the soccer fratenity into disrepute

    • In SA Senegal game the ref was found guilty,zvino iyi nyaya haisati yatongwa and decision ye ma league games inoitwa ne PSL kwete Chiyangwa.hauzive bhora munwe wangu.une ma issues ako ari kukunetsa mupfungwa so dai watanga wagadzirisa racism iri mauri ndokuti ufunge zvakanaka

    • Even in Barca vs PSG the referee was caught offside but the match was never replayed even the 2002 WC scandal which was condemned by every football fan was never replayed

  • This man divides the Nation, The sport is meant to unites people. Chiyangwa is using it to divide.

  • Ah have man.

  • H’landers ngaingodzidza kutamba fair game kwete zvewrestling zvainoita

  • What do you expect from a Zanu PF guy.Corruption and tribalism will destroy our football.

  • I think everyone is corrupt its a matter of tym chete,hamusati pawanawo mkana wekusvika pairi Ca$h

  • First time in my life see shonas standing up for the truth,had you guys done the same with Gukurahundi our progress gragh will have been positive from 1993 till today,but the comments i see here today are very commendable and from responsible citizens

    • If people are ziii about something it doesn’t mean they support it.its only that some people are scared to comment about other things and its wrong altogether.

    • Neni zvandishamisa….for the first time sure . Izinto ziyatshintsha lol

  • well done @FIDZA you r correct 100% kip doing ur job bro

  • Ndiri mukepekepe hangu but mmmh Phidza mamakairo akaita Bosso akanyanya,i thot as a president he wld be neutral so as to bering sanity i n our beautiful game of football but he has failed dismally due to his full of iknow whilst he knows nothing

  • This man is stooping too low

  • Day light robbery.

  • Total rubbish indeed.where on earth?

  • I hope dynamos is going to be fined for its supporters who threw missile into the pitch.

  • Problem ndeyekuyi Phillip Chiyangwa anobuda pachena kuti Munhu we Dynamos. Manje hazvidi kudaro

  • Well Ntouba akanyanyirwa koo Suarez airuma vamwe tozotii

  • Cry the Beloved country gone to the dogs!

  • Pasi nemhandu yebhora inonzi fidza

  • A head butt is a straight red card in any language & in whatever circumstance. That’s why we expected someone with a football history to fill that ZIFA post.Soccer is unlike politics where even killers are let go because they belong to a certain political party.

  • Which supporters

  • This issues referee decision is final they are procedure’s to be followed PSL will finalize everything protest by supports will be observed in the same manner.But Highlanders came to the with intention according to what happened last they meet

  • that was a clear head butt ino atracta red besides reff akatoita zvekuudzwa nalinesman , ref munhu anoitawo mamistakes Agentine yakatora world cup Diego amwisa neruoko bt handirangarire vachitorerwa mkombe

  • i dont think he has more blue and white shirts than he black and white shirts because chiyangwa hates highlanders

  • nxaa! Chiyangwa decision was 100percent correct. People want to talk about that red card but not looking at the events that lead to tha red card. Refrees should stop being bias. OPUPA was slapped twice in front of the ref but he did nothing only to flash out a red when mudhuwa was head_butted. Chiyangwa is not a problem but our refrees are a problem. Of cause OPUPA was wrong but why highlanders players went scot free. You can say what ever you want but on this one i wil stick by Chiyangwa. Ndakaona match yese pa ss ten. Zvaiitika zvese takazviona.

    • Hauzivi bhora nyarara iwe.there other incident that you say slapped twice go watch the game again…it was accidentally plus ruoko haruna kutomugunzwa,it was an act yaakaita in front of Mutasa..I have seen it over and over again on Youtube ….Epupu was outclassed and it wasnt his day.Some incidents of pulling are normal in game and some players get away with it kana referee asina kuona.

    • Fine if he was slapped that’s if it true,the player who slapped him must be penalised but the red card stands coz he head-butted someone, iri i bhora haisi political rally

  • I was almost convinced by his chairmaship BUT now am bak to square one.

  • It’s his player whom he brought from Cameron and is naturing him so that he can be marketable and make money out of him . So he must play always

    • kana usingazive kunyarara hakurambidzwe nhaika… Chiyangwa akavhiringa decision yake wopererera ipapo kwete kureva zvausingazive

  • What do you expect from the Mugabes. They always assume Zimbabwe is owned by them. Most likely he made the decision lying drunk in bed.

  • Mukuru uyu dayi zvayigona asiya zve nabvu cz hazive zwaari kuyita

  • Chiyangwa mukasamudzora muchaona Epoupa munational team

  • mhata yemunhu

  • Boycott all soccer matches show him fans have power.

  • Chiyangwa lacks technicality when it comes to soccer, he is better off as a politician and mere dynamos supporter.

  • Chiyangwa lacks technicality when it comes to soccer, he is better off as a politician and mere dynamos supporter.

  • Kana takuzokanda mabhodhoro mustadium dont blame us. Mviro mviro dzemhanza mapfeka

  • Fidza knows nothing about soccer, whoever elected him is cruel to our game.soccer will never grow as long as we have adminstration yakadhakwa kudai.

  • Chiyangwa is correct, leave him alone .lt is high timey such acts should be condenmed

  • Ini fan i support chiyangwa. Kkk

  • chinyangwa must grow up,what example is he setting for the youngsters. if zidane a great footballer was red carded for the same offence what’s so special with this guy.pliz don’t kill the beautiful game chiyangwa we believe in FIFA fair play.

  • W as fans or supporters or whatever w call ourselves lack wisdom
    Hw can u expect d president of ZIFA t make a decision lk a fan??

  • apa chiyangwa waratidza kuruzhinji kuti hausi webhora wajaira zvamunoita kuzanu kwamunongoisa madisicion amunoda manje uku masamba asiyana

  • Is Chiyangwa’s decision cast in Stone?

  • Ref aiita kunge akange akadhakwa becz ndinoshaiwa kuti sei akatadza kupa maplayers eHighlander red card aingorova player yeDynamos zvataiwonavo. Ndakafunga kuti ainge asingachengetedzi player yeDynamos nokuti hachisi chizvarwa choMuzimbabwe here

  • Corruption is in his blood and he just thinks soccer is just a village game where the Sabhuku has the final say

  • Maita sutu dzinovanza humboko. Zvino honai.

  • Highlanders FC is like a kid who stays with a stepmother nomatter how good he behaves he is always WRONG and Dynamos is the biological kid who always gets away with it no matter how he misbehaves.#ASIFUNIBUMBULU

  • U were shouting Bhora kuna Fidza! Look now wat he is doing. He is a mr know all like mugabe.

  • We have always said it kuti Phidza imboko.So he is saying that red card is the only grey area in that match?What about the continuous throwing of a second ball each time Highlanders were attacking,his bloodshot eyes never saw all that? What of Makaruse’s penalty call and Dynamos’ goal scored from an offside position?If Chiyangwa’s myopic decision is allowed to stand then it will have ripple effects which no one will be able to abet

  • Zvairwadza vasara.

  • Dembare bhora Highlanga kunoveza makano, mapfumo ,matemo netsvimbo

  • Apa hauna cash.

  • Apa pakavhiringwa that was a well deserved red card. Ndofunga diplomatic immunity yaakungopinda kwese kwese

    • Chiyangwa mukasamudzora muchaona Epoupa munational team
      Ndini ndadaro

  • This is now pro Dynamos , zanu p.f style. If a player headbutts an opponent it’s a red no appeals . Who will forget Benjani Mwaruwarus red in a crucial cosafa cup , then big boss Zizous in the World Cup final. This man is clueless!

  • ndo zvaajaira kuita mu Zanu PF ndo paunotoona wega kuti pfuma ndeyekuba iyo hapana business mind apa

  • Doing politics in football, to hell with this corrupt nigga

  • Power corrupts absolutely

  • Kana kuti kuda kutaridza simba this is the wrong platform Philip. There are rules that needs to be followed in soccer, you can’t just dictate the rules and results. It’s bad. I hope uchangotaura kuti waitamba hako

  • What happened to the old saying that the referee’s decision is final?

  • I think its going out of hand.Playing with other peoples minds.

  • Corruption

  • Yes we condemn the move by Chiyangwa to the highest level. Chiyangwa only bought his way up but he does not have knowledge of the beautiful game.The laws of the game etc.
    He is a man who happened to be a Zifa President by use of his pocket now that he is in office his wallet can not teach him the laws but instead its exposing his lack of knowledge his stupidity, reprobate mind and dogmatic decisions rather than truth based on evidence and deduction he now believes in superior arrogance.That’s how stupid he has become.We are watching his actions will expose him to the fullest. Now even the PSL has distanced themselves from such nuisance,the dynamos fans also have distanced themselves ,soccer loving Zimbabweans from all walks of life regardless of which team they support have come out with one voice to condemn the dubious decision.Shame on you PC .Swallow your pride and let those who have know how of the laws of the game do the talking.Chinovava has advised you. Akuruma nzeve ndewako..asi INI hangu handisi wako am just a fundy who stands for justice and fair play

    • Ummm vakuru munonyora zvenyu de azviona iye Chiyangwa adzidze bhora . You’re spot on

  • i knew it from the onset kuti there was not going to be anything gud coming from Phidza. He rigged the poles to the presidents. such blunders are expected from him considering kuti iye haana kumbokava even chikweshe. Remavhudzi Charles raitova nane chose

  • Thug messing up big time

  • Phidza ukwane uyezve guys let’s not attend dembare matches only

  • Politics football

  • Mabhinya by Ginya ,ko pakazoita fairness ndepapi ,I think better ban the ref coz he wasn’t fair throughout

  • Red card for retaliation was ok but this Muduwa stupid guy used dirty tricks to provoke.I think Poupa should have given him a strong header in the front line teeth so that he will learn !life the hard way.I wonder why they wear black and white colours.As for Chiyangwa he is not a football person but foolish people thought having little dollars is like being a good administrator.I support Dynamos but red card should stand for retaliation.

  • Hakuna bhora rakadaro !!!

  • Hakuna bhora rakadaro !!!

  • he wants to be Zif a chairman and as well as a reffery there is the resone why the red card was shown the red card now if he reversed the decetion of the refery this is why we dynamos supporters bulling too much he is causing hooliganism

  • he wants to be Zif a chairman and as well as a reffery there is the resone why the red card was shown the red card now if he reversed the decetion of the refery this is why we dynamos supporters bulling too much he is causing hooliganism

  • Big up to zanu pf bosses chiyangwa etc show them how you do magic trick

  • If the ref was fair then he could have also given a red card also to a highlander player who slapped Opupa…so Chiyangwa is correct