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Mnangagwa ‘victim’ speaks out

By Gift Phiri

Legendary newscaster, Godfrey Majonga, yesterday broke his silence on whether Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa forced him to plunge several storeys out of a Harare apartment window during an alleged clash over a woman in 1987.

First Lady Grace Mugabe seen here with Godfrey Majonga who is now consigned to a wheelchair
First Lady Grace Mugabe seen here with Godfrey Majonga who is now consigned to a wheelchair

This comes after Mugabe told a bumper crowd in Bindura on Saturday that a 72-minute video presented in the Zanu PF politburo by Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo on July 19 claimed Mnangagwa almost killed and succeeded in ending the career of the then ZBC television star.

Mugabe claimed at the weekend rally that Mnangagwa found Majonga in a flat of his girlfriend and, raging with fury, allegedly forced the soft-spoken media personality to choose between sitting on a red-hot stove or jumping to his death from the third floor of a downtown high rise building in the capital.

Majonga allegedly took the easy route of jumping through the window of the flat where the stand-off occurred, according to Mugabe.

The former broadcaster, who now heads a nine-member Zimbabwe Media Commission  — the reformed regulatory body presiding over the media sector — sustained multiple injuries following the fall, with his nervous system devastated by spinal cord injuries from blunt force trauma after landing on hard concrete.

He became paralysed and wheelchair-bound for life.

Ironically, the incident took place in the same year that Zanu and Zapu signed the Unity Accord to end the bloodletting in the Midlands and Matabeleland Province, through what became known as the Gukurahundi era.

Upon being contacted for comment yesterday, Majonga initially told the Daily News that he could not give details over the murky episode because he had not watched Mugabe’s speech at the Mashonaland Central youth interface meeting.

After narrating to him what Mugabe said, he said: “Handina chekutaura, madii kuvabvunza ivo? Handina kuzvinzwa ndanga ndiri kufuneral. (I have nothing to say, why don’t you ask the people making the allegations? Besides, I didn’t hear what the president said, I was attending a funeral).”

He went on: “The people who can help you is the person making the allegations. I have no comment.”

Majonga is now the director of Danhiko Project, established soon after Zimbabwe attained its independence to provide education and skills training as well as rehabilitation to ex-combatants who had abandoned their education midway in order to take part in the war of liberation.

While the first five year of the project were exclusive to ex-combatants, Danhiko now caters for all the disabled who want to attain skills in different trades.

Mugabe’s wife, Grace, is its patron.

Efforts to obtain comment from Moyo were fruitless yesterday.

In an explosive video — which he used in defence of embattled Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere — Moyo alleged that Mnangagwa was a callous and cruel leader hell-bent on usurping Mugabe’s power.

Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, has vowed to run for another five-year term in 2018 despite widespread accusations that his government has abused human rights and destroyed the once-prosperous economy.

Moyo’s video — presented on a smart board in the politburo — spotlights a nine-page document called Blue Ocean, allegedly authored by Mnangagwa and his allies, claiming that the vice president was the designated successor or that he was the only successor on the verge of taking over anytime now.

Mugabe told the rally that Moyo had excavated dirt on Mnangagwa’s role in the 2004 Tsholotsho plot meant to further the vice president’s presidential chances.

Those supporting these principles envisaged a presidium with Mugabe, a Zezuru, as president, Mnangagwa, a Karanga, as one vice-president with an Ndebele co-vice-president, and a “young Turk” and legal advisor to Zanu PF, Patrick Chinamasa (Manyika), as national chairman.

After catching wind of the plot, Mugabe responded by suspending six provincial chairpersons and the rest of the coup plotters but spared Mnangagwa after he had distanced himself from the alleged plot.

A prominent turncoat politician, Moyo was a key player in the drama that unfolded.

According to Mugabe, Moyo never forgave Mnangagwa for refusing to take responsibility for his role in the ill-fated Tsholotsho debacle for which the political science professor was suspended together with a handful Zanu PF provincial chairs in 2004.

“Ndokubva azotsvaga dzimwe cases dzaakatipa, mutorododo wakadai wezviito zvavaMnangagwa. Haa zvimwe zvisina kunaka. Vakakonzera uyu mukomana aiva chirema anonzani, vasangana kuimba yemusikana, Majonga yah.

“Vasangana ipapo Majonga ndiye aidanana nemusikana uyu akanzi iwe kana uchada hupenyu you make a choice wogara pachitofu ichi chiri kupisa or you jump out through the window hameno kuti kana akapihwa those two choices I suppose munhu ipapo unenge usisina pfungwa yakatwasanuka.

“Akaona as just one of the two. No, ko dai akangoti resist, do what you can I will not do either of the them asi akangovhunduka akava nervous ndokubva asarudza kuzvidonhedza, ndozvatinonzwa kuti akajamba nekuwindow, kujamba nepawindow means storeys down.

Akatyokawoka, zvino angova chirema but he still has his brains, arikuma disabled uko, hameno kana zvirizvo vaMnangagwa vanoti havamboziva nyaya iyoyo.

Ndoimwe yakanyorwawo iyoyo yanezvimwe zvakati kuti, zvino vaMnangagwa vakati, fine ndichamupindura. Vakandiudza musi uno kuti vakapedza,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe said Mnangagwa, who is still recovering from suspected poisoning, had prepared his response to Moyo.

“He had some 65 pages of reply but nehurwere hwavainahwo he can only stand achitaura perhaps 15 or so minutes but kana asimba he will reply to him,” Mugabe said.

“Ndidzo nyaya dzimwe dzinotivhiringa muparty, personal differences, attacks and ambitions — zvatinoda kuti zvipere.” Daily News

  • Munangagwa is cruel

    • sarah Mahoka

      He is now cruel after using him ? why did you not see his cruelty all along? because Grace now wants to be president. Tibvirei kumhepo

      • Dr Amai

        Safety is the concern. We were not far from another death across the border.

        • sarah Mahoka

          Mamboti madii. You think you can do what you want do you own the country? the majority want him

          • Dr Amai

            Really ? , Mwenezi Zanu majority.

            Mat’Land North and South – 0%,

            Mash’land E/W/C -1% ,

            Midlands -40% ,

            Masvingo – 30% ,
            Man’land – 1%.

            I care not who is your President as long as my fam is safe and prosperous.

          • sarah Mahoka

            kutengesa nyika to the highest bidder. Mnsii

          • Dr Amai

            The highest bidder got it for 2c and allowed him and the military sycophants to hide $Bn from blood gems.

      • Dotito

        Taura hako sarah mahoko and before they talk about Majonga lets look at the other cases like Pamire; Rashiwe; Zororo Duri; Jackie Madondo and baby; Tongogara; Chitepo ko Goreraza hadzoki nei muZim and Makamba hadzoki neii hantie kudya kufa. Kure Kuda vanhu vachiramba vachitonga chete this Zim belongs to Zimbabweans not One family with Greedy Dr Cable Fracas Ho

        • Dr Amai

          The Chief spy should tell us more about the undertaker jobs.

  • hatidi mapenzi pano

  • garwe riye is now up for roasting… mapanga akatorodzwa and moto ndewe marasha..

  • Why now

  • That pic tho!

  • 30 yrs down the line

  • We knew and heard this story growing up in Harare , when garwe was bobs top spy master in the Charlie 10s. Why now? Nekuti mdhara va chembera.

  • Reporter’s leave this man alone

  • xa hw does that benefit us as citizens of Zimbabwe we arent going to be drawn into their cheap politics whilst ordinary Zimbabweans are suffering

    • Good observation.
      they divert attention w silly stories . they dont talk of local hospitals which they shun if they pretent to be sick.
      they dont talk of billions stolen..


    • After all vaive kumahure futi true or false zvinei nesu

      • Tman

        taura hako webstar what has it got to do with us

      • Mavis Kayoto

        30 years of that can’t go away . ED himself was part of the problem that got us here. No one went to jail over Majonga and you don’t wonder why?Why persist in supporting the wrong person the wrong party , same person who killed,stole after another you just pushed out why not get someone without these issues?A totally clean start. He denies it all today is that surprising now he too is President?

    • Pamamonya Ipapo

      I think the point is to see how evil your would be president is……but be that as it may AK 47 stories ava matakadyakare ayo!!

  • We have serious issues need to be sorted in our country not about people taking each other gfs. So that’s what they spend time in politburo to settle makuhwa ?

    • kledza

      spot on Gwasira,,,pasi tsvee zvema cash shortages and everything shortages!

    • Dr Amai

      That is a Zanu issue , their own politburo. You get on with your life its a free country.

      You know what free means , don’t you ?.

      Don’t be unwise like Tsvangi’s asylum sicks.

  • Ndobva zvadii

  • bobsled

    He hardly broke his silence, he only vocalized it kkkkkk

  • Kuma rally uku Dai mataura Kuti ma dialysis machines anouya, rinhi, Zisco zvaa papi, service delivery how far zvaibatsira, shuwa nyika yese ten rallies kutaura mnangagwa, zvakaoma ne ma problems ari munyika no cash etc

    • Gymbunny

      Chokwadi . Thumbs up!

    • Tsakatire

      Very true boss

    • Taura hako kutaura zvisina kana herepi

    • Vakataura nezvazvo they will still involve him. Hanty he single handedly destroyed zisco??

    • beitbridge ..chirundu highway too..

  • Ko zvazobuda nhasi sei ,cheap politics

  • The ice cream did not take him down so they resort to digging up dirt to bring him down. DisGrace have stooped so low. Guess she should be called Last Lady as she does not qualify to be first. Mdara is long gone to instigate old stuff like this. DisGrace and her transparency agendas written all over that big forehead (ghuma) or (dzoro)

    • Why did they not act upon it 30 years ago if it was a concern? That’s just too cheap man…stop taking us for idiots

    • Well said sis. It’s proof enough that the so called First Family does not have the future of the country at heart by bringing old issues as if they are current. Reverse thinking.

    • if the case wasnt resolved i dont c any problem in bringing it up. No case should be buried under the carpet. Gukurahundi included

  • Aaaaaaaaa kunge vana vadiki kubatirira patunyaya twekuHigh skuru. Pamababie pane maemotions we are all aware of it. Iwewo usanyenga panonyenga vakuru. Saka ndonyaya yainzi naGrace tinoziva here. Shame defeated.

  • Tese tine nyaya dzedu ini ndakambo dzvurwa Ku Glen Norah taenda ku party ndikabvako ndichimhanya kunge nyoka yaona moto ndakapotsa ndapfuurira pamba Ku Budiriro 2 ndiri mu full speed but hadzisi nyaya dzekuti ndingaudze vana vangu kana vaine nzara all they need is Food klaar

  • This heading is misleading. He didn’t break his silence. He said he had no comment on the matter. How is that in any way breaking his silence???? In other words, he had NOTHING to say.

    • Very misleading, they guy is obviously not prepared to share his side of the story.

    • Star Baptista, at this point I think its an open secret. There is nothing that Mnangagwa can do to him now. I sus pect that he was paid off by Mnangagwa to keep his mouth shut.

    • he is fighting from Mnangagwa’s corner ,,,,he is protecting him

    • Prichard, why would he willingly protect the man who brought pain and suffering into his life?

    • He is the only one who knows what he went through.I think he is worried that the big man will finish him off.

    • Brighton, I think the big man is about to be finished off by Grace……lol

    • He ddnt break silence

    • H z still scared!

  • is it necessary pane asina twake here,pipo want to hear issues of development not tumakuhwa twaMoyo utwu,we are slowly destroying the party

  • Nxaa

  • Why now

  • Vele wawusenzani lewule lomnikazi?

    • sarah Mahoka


  • why was it not reported to the police,we need mature politicians not those persuing political of hate

  • Nxaaaa

  • Did he even say anything here?

  • nxaaaa tsveeee kuti mari haina nyika,,motsvaga zvechihure cha1987 ,,,tofa hedu nenhamo muNyika ino

  • Mnangarwa ndiye anechaunga chose musanyeberane

  • Zvinei nagrace izvozvi.ko grace aiita nezveyi ipapo.vanomuziva bvondoraiwo chake tisekewo.

  • manomano

    a desperate chess move from a weak short sighted oppenent.Using a pawn as if its a queen

  • They were both at the wrong place. Mnangagwa had the power to kick Majonga out harshly of course.

  • All this happened on Bob’s watch what did he do about it

  • clement moyo

    yaaah ndeyeropa………….. eh munozviziva……….eh imi vaMugabe munozviziva

  • aaaaaaa 1987 what of comrades who passed away in the 90s,Jonathan Moyo they are taking him so lightly,it seems he knows secrets of everyone very soon he will release how General Tongo and others died,sometimes l like professor

  • i rmber when i was growing up Rashiwe Guzha .akashaikwa .hapana akaona body yake up to now .ngavatiudze kuti akaendepi.

  • Y nhasi….#handeitione

  • Nxaaaa

  • Ko zvaPamire tozvinzwawo riinhi?

  • Rally yacho hapana chandakanzwa chiri constructive chakataurwa kunze kwenyombana

  • Zvebasa rei nyaya ya1987

    • Dr Amai

      A legal case can be opened.

      • sarah Mahoka

        no police report. no case. makuhwa. mukuru wenyika

        • Dr Amai

          Tazvinzwa Amai Mutodi.

          • sarah Mahoka

            call me what you want, it will not stop me

  • asi ndivo vakatanga kudhumaniswa nezvimoko muzim here nxaaa mnangangwa must think the future with zim

  • Zvogobatsirei

  • Climb out of the cellar of your mind and reveal what took place

  • I m an anti Zanu but in this case Majonga is being used for thier cheap political gimic, why has he not come out in the open all these years.. Zanu yakaurayisa vanhu vakawanda and nothing has been said about it.

  • PeterPan

    This is a man being used for Graces/Bob’s cause. When he is of no use anymore he’s going to be dumped. They are not interested in the truth at all but the presidency. Sad.

  • The big question is who killed Peter Pamire …

    • It was agent K….Tyson who sold out Pamire since they were friends and both in the AAG…that’s why agent K has very powerful influencial positions in the party and government at such a young age below 46 years of age…they are thanking him for all the evil missions he has carried out.

  • chihure chinokuvadza Majonga ave chirema ,Kuita mbiri yekuti ndakarowerwa chihure vamwe vakutotsvaga rutsigiro nechihure chako nxaaa

  • sarah Mahoka

    OOO My God! Maiweee. Moyo made his accusation without verifying with the “victim” . Now Majonga just distanced himself from the accusations. Moyo . Moyo gave the president false information and he also repeated it at a rally. What doyou want Majonga to do? Bless your lies?

    • Dr Amai

      Moyo’s daughter was murdered , ndopane nyaya.

      • sarah Mahoka

        who by?
        evidence showed she was a drunk

        • Dr Amai

          How many 20yr old deaths are alcohol related in Africa ?

          • sarah Mahoka

            who cares really? This is not about wayward teenagers. rairai vana venyu

          • Dr Amai

            Impecunious logic and poor analytic skill. Even in the West there are not many teens that die of excessive alc consumption. excessive = 35% vol +

            Drugs yes.

          • sarah Mahoka

            who says there were no drugs involved. we do not know. The report said she died of too much alcohol consumption. unless you now want to create your own fictitious one.

          • Dr Amai

            ‘who says there were no drugs involved. we do not know.’

            Then shut it.

          • sarah Mahoka

            why would I shut up just because I say what you do not want to hear? I also do not want to hear you lie.

          • Dr Amai

            :¬( ??….Empty can ? , alright have your way pal. :¬)

          • sarah Mahoka

            it is you who lacks sound analytic skills just scrapping on the surface

  • How is saying no comment equivalent to breaking silence

  • Respect the victim stop dragging him into factional wars. Let him live his life in peace. I’m glad he gave you a very good answer. He didn’t say no he didn’t say yes. Basically he didn’t say nothing!

  • Majonga must sue Jonathan Moyo for using him to achieve his satanic goal

  • Chegore rino

  • Haaaas stale news 1987 why now 30yrs back

  • Ten rallies nothing tangible for the economy has been said beside talking of Emerson only, people are attending to here dress down news of an individual. Guess the guy is now the most feared

  • He is the one who coined let bygones be bygones…..vanhu ava vachibva musango vaive mhuka…..chaidzo….so they needed psychologically counselling…….but this old power hungry Mugabe wants to pin down his colleague to suppress their ambition opening old wounds for his advantage ne mukadzi wake…..zvino ikozvino akairasa…..akajaira ku agitator vanhu vasina pfungwa kuti vaurayane…..kuti iye arambe aripo chete……dai vanhu vakasimuka vomusiya iye nemukadzi wake…..nyika yatambura kudero….vanhu vachitiswa zvisina basa….neharahwa iyi

  • Ende kaa, ndokunonzi kukandirwa zvipanera munzira chaiko.

  • Jonathan said its easy to destroy from inside

  • Headline misleading

  • Zvaperaka zvekunyepera vanhu,,inei nekuora kwaita nyika, nyaya yeGirl griend,,,,vharai ma Potholes,,muise maRoad signs,,ndoo Campaining,yakapenga,yekutanga,

  • Vaida kudya panodya vakuru iwe unozvifira


    • sarah Mahoka

      vatvagei vose by the time you come to Zanupf inenge yave on the throne with no single election plan or promis

  • Tsve zvekusorovha maproblems ane nyika kungoita marally ekutaura zvaGarwe,zvinounza mari muma banks here or mushonga muzvipatara

  • Wat a satanic misleading headline

  • Never ever ever go to a girlfriend’s house for SEX,….you never know who will pop up….A sore bitter ex boyfriend may appear anytime and still claim you are BANGING “his” woman even if the woman no longer loves him and next thing its violence or a grisly death.Take a woman to your house or any other place even in your car but not at her house ,no ways ,You will die guys!


  • Why now idiot?

  • He said those who are making the allegations must comment. I have nothing to say. What does it mean??? Moyo akaita dzungu kumhanyisa makuhwa ekunyepa.

  • What has that to do with Grace Mugabe. Seeking attention? No one should vote for her these are some of the reasons why. There’s no country which can be run by gossip

  • Register to vote and vote for Mdc

  • Its up to these immoral men! Who cares a damn, i dont see that to be newsworthy now after 3 decades. Iye Majonga ndomubairo wekufeva..

  • lot chitakasha

    A teaser…no breaking of silence here!


  • Can of worms …

  • Rashiwe Guzha

  • Truth Hurts

    Headline is misleading Hapana chataurwa naMajonga he neither acknowledges nor disapprove so it’s still heresay.

  • captainKangaroo

    Ko Grace, vana vakomana vaviri ava, vana veNgozi vana vani? seyi vana ava vakafanana naMakamba?Mukauraya ngwena haikona kufamba nemota kumasvingo, buhera, zaka, zvishavani, midlands, matebele land…etc Kunorira zvimbambaira. Grace haufi wakantonga uri sisi vebasa