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Mugabes’ Alpha & Omega brand suffers

First Lady Grace Mugabe has pleaded with her detractors to stop smearing the image of President Robert Mugabe’s Alpha Omega Dairy (Pvt) Ltd saying it is negatively affecting business.

President Robert Mugabe eating icecream
President Robert Mugabe eating icecream

The business came under the spotlight during a recent Zanu PF youth interface rally in Gwanda where claims emerged that the dairy’s ice creams where used to poison Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking during last Saturday’s Zanu PF youth interface rally in Bindura, Grace said accusations that they poisoned Mnangagwa are killing Alpha Omega’s brand.

“Zanu PF is a revolutionary party; we don’t want people to walk around saying all sorts of accusations while we keep quiet. As you are aware we established a dairy this side. Surely for people to walk around saying our ice cream is what poisoned Mnangagwa it’s unfair,” Grace said.

“It’s killing our brand and it will ultimately make the people we had employed jobless. But (I am happy that) when it was said that it was the first lady who poisoned Mnangagwa, he stood up and said ‘I did not eat ice cream, I was not poisoned. As time goes on I will tell what made me sick.’ And he also said…he doesn’t know where the talk of ice cream comes in.” Daily News

  • It is Grace Mugabe irrational and unpredictable behavior affecting business…

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    The bottom line this Digrace does not care about anyone except herself

  • Does Mugabe needs all that Grace haugute wakaitwa see makaro akadaro kufanana nehuroyi vanhu vari kufa nenzara imimi mhuri yaMugabe mune mamillions of dollars and do nothing to help the elderly, orphans, and the disabled. Hamunyare makaita sei


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  • Its not about her political detructors or factions,its the things and manner of the way Grace talks and handles herself whenever she holds the microphone.Most of the things she says and the way she says them is very embarrassing and a bit dull….the more people watch her in action at those stinky rallies,the more the general public resist and shun any product from her company .Its now personal,when people listen to the way the first Lady speaks at public gatherings,the more they associate her manners with her company and its products….then people start to shun and resist her company’s products and that greatly affects the business.

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