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Maid helps boss rape 10-year-old

By Thandeka Moyo

An 18-year-old Bulawayo man allegedly raped his cousin (10) in the presence of their domestic worker, soon after having sex with the maid, while the minor watched.

File picture of a maid
File picture of a maid

A court heard he infected his cousin with a sexually transmitted infection.

The man who cannot be named for ethical reasons but is from Famona suburb, pounced on his cousin while the maid allegedly egged him on.

A court heard that the maid went on to advise the girl not to tell anyone what had transpired in the room.

The man appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya facing rape charges and was remanded to Thursday for commencement of trial.

“Accused will appear at Regional D for trial on September 14. He will be remanded in custody,” said Mr Tashaya.

Prosecutors allege that the incident was reported two weeks ago when the girl developed pimples on her privates.

“Sometime in December last year, the girl who is doing Grade Seven retired to bed with the family’s maid. Later during the night, the girl’s cousin knocked at the door and the maid opened for him,” said Mr Nkathazo Dlodlo representing the State.

“The two had intercourse in the presence of the girl and afterwards the man started fondling his cousin’s breasts.”

He added that, “He went on to rape the girl while the maid watched. The girl reported the matter to her aunt but a report was not made to the police”.

The court heard that on August 21 this year, the girl developed some pimples on her privates and told her aunt.

“Her aunt took her to a private doctor for a medical examination. The girl was also taken to a clinic where she wrote a note telling the nurse that she had been sexually abused,” said Mr Dlodlo.

“It was later confirmed that she had an STI and a report was made leading to the cousin’s arrest.” The Chronicle

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