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I will not leave my wife in power – President Mugabe

Bindura – Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe on Saturday addressed the succession issue in certain terms for the first time when he spoke during a youth interface rally held in Bindura, some 88km North East of the capital Harare.

Robert Mugabe with his wife Grace at his 92nd birthday celebrations last year. Photograph: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP
Robert Mugabe with his wife Grace at his 92nd birthday celebrations last year. Photograph: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

Addressing the issue at length, the President explained the genesis of tribalism, which he said was at the root of factionalism in the country, and had become the major pulling factor in the succession debate.

Mugabe stated that he would not be arm twisted into picking a successor as that would violate the constitution of the country.

The President added that he was a qualified lawyer and therefore valued law, and prefers that the law be followed to the letter.

Mugabe added that he would not, and was not capable of leaving his wife in power.

He jokingly explained that such things would only happen in France; a supposed reference to monarchs in Europe – which he has been a huge critic of for several years.

Mugabe also appeared to tone down the differences between the rival factions in his party, insisting instead that those were inspired by personal differences, which he urged should be shunned because they would affect the party. Khuluma Afrika

  • Still talking of future Mugabe as if he is a prophet.
    Why can’t he just say clearly kuti ndofirapo mozoona yekutamba vafana.

    He is still looking forward to next elections and what I know is that every candidate wants to win

  • Kazembe kazembe kkkkkkkkkk

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  • Grace Mugabe behaves more like an unsuccessful wrestler than a First Lady. Her recent actions in South Africa shows how morally diminished she is. She lacks the temperament to lead an institution such as the Military of Zimbabwe.

  • President Mugabe I am glad you can gave such an assurance. Vice President Emmerson M. is prepared and ready to lead.

  • Who will start to talk abt succession?

  • ipai Nelson Chamisa atonge

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  • Hanzi neumwe ipai Nelson Chamisa atonge….ah iwe asi unoti anongopiwa nje? Kuti aitei? Apolisha mabhazi mangani? Agezesa marovambira mangani? He has to sweat for that throne first then yes we can think otherwise

    • Iwe shaz Zimbabwe belongs to every citizen anyone ane wat it takes to rule can rule,haizi yaMugabe

    • Luke, tread carefully boy,Ok? Hu said Zimbabwe is Mugabe’s? Usatsvaga pamuromo kana usingahwisisi zvanyogwa pliz don’t comment