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Mugabe, SA row escalates as Mantashe hits back

Gwede Mantashe, the secretary-general of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC), has hit back at President Robert Mugabe for his recent attacks on him and the late Nelson Mandela as the row ignited by the 93-year-old remarks fails to cool down tempers.

War of Words: Robert Mugabe and Gwede Mantashe
War of Words: Robert Mugabe and Gwede Mantashe

Mugabe has in the past few days attacked Mandela and the ANC chief in remarks which have drawn fears of a possible diplomatic row between the two neighbours.

“President Mugabe should not insult the person & legacy of President Nelson Mandela. Zimbabwe should be very thankful to us.

“President Mugabe cannot insult us. We don’t research their crisis, we meet it on the streets,” Mantashe vented his fury on micro blogging site, Twitter, on Friday evening.

Mugabe on Thursday took a dig at Mantashe for his response to the nonagenarian’s attacks on Mandela which did not sit well with both the ANC and President Jacob Zuma’s government.

That was after Mantashe had on Tuesday told the South African media that he had made a formal complaint during his tele-conversation with Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo in which he conveyed South Africa’s and ANC’s outrage at Mugabe’s attacks on Mandela.

“I made this remark in regard to South Africa and what do they call him . . . Gwede Mantashe stupidly reacted. Yes, they only fought to remove apartheid. This was it. We talked to them…” Mugabe said in his attack on the ANC secretary-general.

Tensions have been high ever since Mugabe made claims that Mandela valued his own freedom more than the economic freedom of his people, that’s why “everything is in whites’ hands”.

“What was the most important thing for (Mandela) was his release from prison and nothing else. He cherished that freedom more than anything else and forgot why he was put in jail,”

“I was in South Africa recently talking to a minister in President Jacob Zuma’s office and I did ask him how they have handled the land issue after attaining independence. I did ask him why they left the whites with everything. He answered my question in English and said: ‘Ask your friend Mandela.’”

“They (whites) are in control of land, industries and companies and are now the employers of the blacks. These blacks have failed to liberate themselves from white supremacy all because of what Mandela did,” Mugabe said in his remarks which have left the South Africans outraged.

Mugabe’s attacks on Mandela, the late global icon and former South African first black president, came as Zuma and his government are under pressure to justify the decision to grant First Lady Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity when she was facing charges of allegedly assaulting a local model.

Grace was last month granted diplomatic immunity after South African Police Services said it wanted her charged over allegations of assault made by Gabriella Engels, a 20-year-old South African model she found with her two sons at an upmarket hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

South African opposition and rights groups are pursuing the matter in the courts.

Political analysts have warned that if Mugabe is not restrained from his “unwarranted” attacks on South Africa and its leadership, Zimbabwe could spark a serious diplomatic row with its biggest trading partner which could lead to a serious fallout. Daily News

  • People should know that Mugabe is now too old to reason properly. What is only still in him very much us his vitriol and rhetoric talk. Indeed, someone needs to restrain him and talk sense to him.

  • Mugabe is very sick, he is just fighting everyone frm ED, to his party

  • Things have changed,they used to fear and respect old Bob but now they don’t really care about him and they don’t fear him anymore…thats what happens when you provoke people day in day out.

  • Let Manta meet Bob halfway for a Cage match in Hammanskraal finish & klaar

  • No no no no no no

  • Did zimbos benefit anything from land???? Million dollar Qsn

  • bobsled

    SA and Zimbabwe need each other that is a fact (never mind what politicians driven by political expediency say). Someone has to remind Mugabe that he a president of Zimbabwe and needs to respect SA’s sovereignty just as he claimed sovereignty during the land reform exercise. Mantashe is brave for calling out the brute something Mbeki never had guts to do. In other words the interests of Zimbabwe and SA go beyond the fantasies and shortcomings of whoever is leading the two countries.

  • Mandashe mufana wami lalela ngikutshele. Just leave Madala alone, otherwise your end up being crezy like him.

  • But truth must be told. The ANC government has compromised our democracy.

    • marikos

      You seriously thing the whites were going to sign over land and industries on Mandelas say so? Even mugabe had to compromise when he signed the Lancaster deal. Bob is a idiot.

    • Have u been ever to Zim?

    • Have u been ever to Zim?

  • Mugabe and his cronies always think they are smarter than everybody else yet presiding over a burst sewer called Zimbabwe. Mantashe couldn’t have put it any better – Zimbabwe’s failures are not only found in the streets of South Africa, but he rest of the world as lost souls.

  • He has whites are still in control of the companies in sa, what are the black in control of Zim since there are not a single company to talk about? At least in sa there are still companies running to employ the black empowered zimbos.

  • Doctor

    Mantashe is being stupid as well. He must not relate any individual to a nation. When Thambo Mbeki endorsed stolen election, we never said its South Africa. We said its Thambo Mbeki. Is Mantashe boosting about Zimbabweans accomodated in SA. They are there because of Thambo Mbeki!

  • Cool down Mr Montashe this old minded ,useless, lazzy man is old so his wife gives him orders and his follow ministers are just watching

  • now Mugabe reduced to fight wth deputies, very soon he will be fighting wth SA councillors

  • Uzalivusa umugabe you thot you were doing him favour by giving his wife immunity to invade her crimes.


  • Its Mugabe and Mantashe row not Zim SA

  • Mugabe was suppose to thank SA governmnt for find a way to make his wife not get arrested. Instead he was to whip up SA black peoples emotions to attack whites becoz the whites were pushing for his wife arrest.

  • Ask Thabo Mbeki

  • Gwede vs Uncle Bob

  • Remember Mugabe is not talking on behalf of ordinary Zimbabweans ,he’s talking on behalf of his bootleggers

  • Plz I Lindiwe Zulu, Mbalula and Mbeki they know that man clearly . He is mentally disturbed now and he now uses his ASSHOLE due to think

  • Keep it that way.Kkkkkkk

  • leave zimbos out of this, it’s btwn Mugabe nd S.A.

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