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Grace Mugabe speaks at youth interface: Says absolutely nothing about youths

First Lady Grace Mugabe spent the best part of an hour at a provincial youth interface rally hosted in Bindura speaking about everything else except matters that affect the youth in the country.

Grace Mugabe, pictured at a rally last month, is alleged to have attacked the woman with an extension cord. Photograph: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP
Grace Mugabe (Photograph: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP)

Grace, whose supporters affectionately call Amai – a Shona word for a mother – chose instead to speak about coffee mug decorations, drinking of tea and alcohol, as well as rumored personal visitors to private residences.

Mrs Mugabe chose instead to ignore the serious matters affecting and afflicting youths in the country like rampant unemployment which has left millions of the country’s youth stranded, jobless and desperate.

A Zanu PF Youth leader, who spoke to this publication on the condition of anonymity expressed immense disappointment.

“To be honest it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Yes the party has internal issues, but these rallies were meant to be an interface for the youth. We have so many challenges at this point and we were hoping to get definitive answers from our mother”

“Instead it was our father President Mugabe who spoke about gold panning and small scale mining and what rules must be adhered to so that we can at least have a source of livelihood. The President demonstrated that he is a father. But Amai disappointed us.”

Chairman of the War Veterans in Zimbabwe, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who was the subject of a vicious verbal tirade from the first lady weighed in to the matter.

“They spend the rally on anti Mutsvangwa diatribes…only to be completely ignored by Mugabe as action man to mete out retributive to their target of hate. They got none of that,” he said.

Former Harare youth leader for Zanu PF, Godwin Gomwe suggested that Zanu PF changed the theme and name of the rallies entirely.

“I suggest they change the name of these interface rallies totally. It is an insult to invite youths under the guise of a youth interface and then spend the entire day attacking the person of the Vice President. Its taking advantage of people. People are suffering and they travelled hoping to hear solutions from their leaders. Instead they are forced to be spectators to personal battles?”

“Even the President said that Jonathan has personal issues. So should hungry people sit in the sun all day for pull the VP down games?” he added. Khuluma Afrika

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  • Rally full of witchcraft and finger pointing. Nothing of substance. Surprised by those clapping and cheering

  • mr lee

    Get ready for Amai Interface rallies this time its going to be explosive Chiwenga Out Ngwena out

    • Murimi

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    • Murimi

      Musazvinyepere Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are not Pushovers we are waiting for that Day!!! Ngwena igomo musatamba !!!!!

  • ma1

  • There is nothing they can say because there is totaly nothing to offer to the youth apa youth irikungo shandiswa after ma elections vobva vakanganwiwa zvachose kusina chekubata mabasa kusina vanozodzoka 2023 vachivavimbisa futi zvisipo makumbo enyoka

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  • There a clear plan on these youth rallies and the youth are just a mere smoke screen! EDM is the agenda never the youth!

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  • Because she knows her listeners are mere bootlickers who can clap hands and ululate at anything yet they are jobless

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  • If you want to know about a person’s brains or intellect,just listen to the way they talk and the content of their words ….. .. I feel sorry for first lady ,she is being pushed and used to talk such embarrassing things by Jonathan,Saviour ,Patrick and Phelekezela…they are just using her to fulfill their own political goals…..and she swallowed the bait,hook,line and sinker in a dizzy zombie way.

  • How can they talk about youth when they have nothing to offer to them . Kkkkk


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  • But the cheers were muted whivh must be a cause for concern for the First family considering Bindura… https://t.co/NtR8RCqNXO

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  • These rallies are campaigning rallies not youth engaging programs.

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