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We don’t want a nation divided on ethnic grounds: Tsvangirai

By Luke Tamborinyoka

Ethnicity in our current circumstances does not belong to the democratic society that we in the MDC and in the MDC Alliance want to build.

Opposition MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai (Picture by NewsDay)
Opposition MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai (Picture by NewsDay)

Ethnicity has been a cause of strife, conflict and divisions within the realm of the nationalist agenda and those that practise it cannot expect to run away from its dire consequences.

The only way out of ethnic politics is to abandon it totally. We need to embrace democracy; where coexistence is based on citizen rights.

It is impossible to deal with this phenomenon under tired nationalism. Among other evils, ethnicity breeds nepotism, regionalism, racism and xenophobia.

President Tsvangirai is a social democrat and does not believe that a country can thrive on ethnicity. As a social democrat, he believes in the rights of all citizens; a nation where governance entails provision of equal opportunities; a nation where every person regardless of gender, colour, race, ethnicity and creed is able to participate equally without prejudice.

Every citizen regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender has a right to access opportunities within the country. We do not believe that there should be glass ceilings based on race, gender and ethnicity.  

Zimbabwe can be led by anyone – Ndebele, Shona, Karanga, Venda, Kalanga, Ndau, Tonga, Manyika , Nambya, or from any other tribe for that matter. This includes so called ‘aliens’ and whites who are citizens of this country.

 Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo will always stand as a tower in this regard. He was and remains recognized as Father Zimbabwe in spite of the fact that he hailed from an ethnic minority. He transcended the narrow strictures of tribe to cast a truly national figure and to represent the interests of this country, not the parochial interests of his tribe. He will always remain a national inspiration.

Under a truly democratic order, we must trade social political ideas that bring us together as opposed to tribal issues that seek to divide us. This is the future that we believe in and that we offer to build. It is not an utopian future. Indeed it is possible to live without ethnic bigotry and its negative and destructive consequences. 

In the current context, we have noticed a situation where the country has been divided using ethnicity as a leadership philosophy. It is important to note that as social democrats and national leaders, we discard the urge to play the tribal card. We must instead build a future based on unity, progress and hope. We cannot accept that the country slide into the miserable depths of ethnic politics. The tragic consequence would be conflict and further deprivation of the country’s citizens.

Every citizen, in equal measure and regardless of their gender, tribe or ethnicity, requires education, a job, health, personal security and food on the table. That must be our focus as a nation and as national leaders.

In the same vein, we cannot accept a situation where the country is subject of dynastic rule and tribal hegemony, which can only deprive other citizens of their rights. We have condemned Mugabe and his tired nationalism. We will condemn him for using the ethnic card to propel his wife, or anyone else for that matter, to succeed him in national leadership based solely on selfishness and on tribal grounds.

It is in this context that at the launch of the MDC Alliance in Bulawayo, President Tsvangirai bemoaned the current political discourse where we now hear about the ‘Zezuru unconquerables, the Karanga  Invincibles, Ndebele hegemony and so forth. This for us means using ethnicity as a basis for dominating others and depriving them of their right to equal opportunity.

 It is on this basis that Mugabe has refused to resolve the national question, preferring instead to blackmail the nation while masterfully playing the ethnic card. 

Zimbabwe—and indeed other Afrian countries—have suffered because of this needless evocation of ethnicity, which in our case led to the Gukurahundi genocide in the 1980s.  That genocide will always remain a grim national story; a scar on the conscience of Mugabe’s government, that is if they have any conscience at all.

It is President Tsvangirai’s unstinting belief that it would be regrettable in this digital age for this nation to sink into the plumbing depths of ethnicity instead of building a prosperous nation underpinned by growth, unity and inclusivity.

The national challenge is to build to a nation and not to fragment the people of this great country on the basis of ethnicity or to twist President Tsvangirai’s comments in Bulawayo in a doomed and futile attempt to project him as a tribalist.

We will not lose focus on what needs to be done.

We have a nation to build. 

Luke Tamborinyoka, Presidential Spokesperson and Director of Communications, Movement for Democratic Change, Harare.

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  • That’s impossible,only what is needed is respect once you try to make them one it will mean one ethnic would be swallowed by the other of which is the cause of All the wars u see in Africa. For peace sake let ethnic people express themselves freely.

    • Thank you,I have no trouble respecting my Shona neighbours but what I don’t want yokuthi bangitshele ukuthi ngithandeni ngizondeni

    • Ndebeles themselves do not respect Kalangas,Venda and Tongas

    • Nancy Joki Valentine, what is Ndebele? Most of you guys always claim Ndebele have no respect for other tribes yet what you say comes out of ignorance. Ndebele is a group of people made up of many tribes. Had you said Nguni have no respect of others, I would agree, just like Zezurus always think they are the best.
      I hope you will now understand better.

    • But the numbers of ngunis are very small to impact on any social standing in society,the problem bo Nancy Joki Valentine lisuka kini lizositshela ukuthi singobani or siphila njani just back off we grown Bantu we can think for ourselves

    • well said Chris mthwakazi consists many tribes n those tribes having their traditional leaders (amakhosi/izinduna)we dont ve to like those who want to b all presidents. Lets restore our Kingdom n preserve our cultures wether ngunis,kalangas,vendas,jahundas,basuthu,nambias,bathwa,n so forth uMthwakazi kaxokozeli yibo abantu abalembekho.

  • We all want unity and peace above everything but zvenyu zvekutukana pafacebook kunge munodya sadza kumba kwaMorgy kana kwaBob musiyane nazvo. They won’t give a fvck if you pit against each other. I am happy both the former prime minister & the President are against tribalism, learn from that.

    • You wouldn’t allow a ndewere to soil your beautiful language…. that is wat he is trying to introduce….. cancel ndebele replace it with ndewere

    • But Ndebeles did that to Kalangas,Tongas and Vendas @ Masuku

  • He is showing political maturity, his Kenyan counter part Raila Odinga has torn apart East Africa into ethnocentrism before he assumes power.

    • Stop talking about Kenyan politics if you do not know their history. Kenya is a tribally divided nation historically and both Raila and Uhuru can only be complicit.

    • Let his words( Tsvangis) prove in his party if he can allocate seats or posts fairly to all tribes in the MDC Alliance.

    • Odinga won’t win…wait and see

    • But it will be a bloody stand off

    • In Kenya people are tired and it’s the leaders fighting. I don’t think this time evil will win. Uhuru spoke peace and who ever starts will be seen and exposed. They will rerun and win peacefully.

    • Let’s see

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  • Soiling our language is not fixing your ethnicity debacle….we can’t be taught Ndebele by a shona who don’t know how to pronounce or spell the words to our Ndebele innocent children Khuphe is Right…. leave home chosen leaders alone and hustle for new wining the playing field is wide open tsuangirai manni….. eish avelithanda ukuvotela izidididi ….

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    • I know many Kalangas Vendas and Tongas who still consider themselves Ndebeles. Ndebele is not a tribe get your facts right. We’re a group of different ethics including rozvi people.

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  • Get a leaf out of Tanzania. They have 120 tribes and there is no tribe better than the other.
    What causes all the problems is the leadership. .
    For instance, why did Tsvangirai appoint Chamisa and Mudzuri to be vice President when already there was one? Would that not be seen as tribalism?
    Sometimes these politicians talk like they don’t think. Tsvangirai is the worst person when it comes to tribalism and I’m sure he learnt that from his former party zanu.

    • You’re right. They preach water and drink wine.

    • You two are wrong.Do away with the bitterness that you harbour then we can go the xtra mile as a nation

    • Chris Ncube you wrong when you say he learnt that from ZaNU .He was born from ZANU Umntwana wenyoka YiNyoko in Ndebele

    • There was Ncube before and what did he do?

    • Shorai Mugomeri, there is no bitterness here. All I m saying is preach what you practice. So you think MaKhuphe is a tribalist. The biggest problem with Tsvangirai is, if one expresses themselves or differ with him and you are from the West, you become a tribalist. That has been Tsvangirai s biggest let down as far as ascending to the top is concerned.

  • Snowflake Tsvangirai preaches water and drinks wine.

  • The moment one starts to think along tribal lines ceases to be a good leader . We do not want a male or female to lead , anybody with potential should be allowed to lead

  • Sometimes I just provoke people for the sake of it but don’t get me wrong. The game of politics has been used to benefit certain individuals with our society living the majority at stake, Morgan Tsvangirai is riding the train that was once. His agenda has long changed and let us reflect on how it all started. Workers Union Leader was his role and turned it into a political persuit of which he suffered severely and eventually was accepted and even had a seat in the State House but achieved nothing during that time, instead he married a second wife, accumulated wealth and left the country to continue deteriorating as much as his health. With all the young innovative and current in terms of world affairs MDC has given no chance of leadership in fact Morgan has given no chance of leadership to anyone except himself to me that is the making of dectator.
    Coalition in business it is called a merger or simply eliminating competition, now young, naive people do not do research and critically analyze the makings of our politics but simply blindly follow these suit wearing, smooth talking loud voices that has been touting the same things for decades meanwhile ZANU PF knows it and is benefiting from our ignorance.
    With that being said he is still Mr Ugly, now chose which topic you want to discuss the looks or political issues.

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  • You lying chris,the two vps were and are junious to khupe and also khupe is the first vp of mdc-t.your speculations/wishful thinking is naive,let’s stop this tribal thing for the good of our future.our common enemy is none but zanu pf only so if we start throwing stones at one another, where are we heading now?let those in zanu pf grill each other coz they have their scores to settle.did morgan do you any harm if i may ask?

  • I think the only leader could be accepted by all might be a Venda or coloured in Zim.Zim is in pause based on the tribalsm that is going in here.so its possible that ZANU is still gonna rule,am asking myself that Khuphe realised this ethnic thing now towards elections?she’s trying to b an mp for Matabeleland?

  • Janjo No Nonsense

    Okay, Well spinned Tsombori, When is Mr Tsvangwarayi going to retire from office?

  • Practice what you preach idiot Morgan Gugurandist.

  • Good point, but don’t appoint people on tribal or gender lines please use merit we are tired of people whose only claim to posts is tribalism or gender!!!

  • Wy is the Ndebeles always crying.

  • When blacks were oppressed most kept quiet.
    When ndebeles were being killed most kept quiet.
    When opposition members were killed most kept quiet.
    When farmers were removed most kept quiet.
    When whites were persecuted most kept quiet.

    All those things happened and most kept quiet. Don’t expect miracles from quiet people.

    At some point we ALL need to stand up and say no to ALL oppression otherwise if we ignore others being oppressed, one day it will be us, and there will be no one who stands with us.

  • Now Tsvangirai and his bum lickers say ethnicity is wrong,?kiss my ass!!…we are not fools!,Tsvangirai started this tribalism/ethnicity shit in 1999 when as a secretary general of the ZCTU he used Shona national population dominance to elevate himself to MDC President ahead of his senior the late Gibson Sibanda who was the ZCTU PRESIDENT.Even in his MDC structures and hierarchy,Tsvangirai has elevated those of the Shona tribes to high influencial positions eg Nelson Chamisa and Mudzuri to Vice Presidents……Thokozani Khuphe was just appointed to save face and fool Matabeleland peopleNow that Khupe and her cabal are now vocal ,this Tsvangson spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka now comes up with a long and BORING lecture on Ethnicity ?????BULL SHIT!

  • Naome

    Why are you sidelining Khupe if you do not want tribalism. Why are you so close to Shamisa Gutu and Elias vese vekwa Gutu yakatsamirana ne Bhohera district. Ko the late Mukonoweshuro your advisor. hatidi deception pano. Unoactgor otherwise wotaura otherwise. Waunofunga kuti haana njere dzakawanda ndiyani. Appoint Khupe to be your soul VP and your near advosor otherwise you will lose the Matebelannd vote.