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Anne Nhira celebrates ‘victory’ over Zodwa

By Vasco Chaya

Actress Anne Nhira, who successfully applied to government so they bar South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu from taking part in the 10-day Harare International Carnival which ends today, is celebrating the cancellation of the controversial Durban personality’s Zimbabwean tour.

Zimbabwean actress Anne Nhira

The former Studio 263 actress believes Zodwa’s decision to abort her second trip to Zimbabwe, despite receiving the necessary approval from the Board of Censors, was a victory for “what is right.”

“I am ecstatic that my voice was heard as a young woman in Zimbabwe standing up for what is right. The only way is up for our communities for as long as we speak with one voice on issues that require attention.

“My inbox is full with congratulatory messages for this initiative from all over the world including some South Africans too,” Nhira told the Daily News.

The embattled actress was, however, quick to point out that her decision to appeal against Zodwa’s visit was not personal.

“As I said before, it was never a personal attack on a particular individual. It was against the practice and for standing for what I believed in for the greater good for Africa and the world,” she told the Daily News.

Though Nhira was attacked left, right and centre for blocking the South African socialite’s tour, she insists that she has no regrets for standing for what she believes in.

“I know I have been vilified for standing for what I believe in but that to me is what defines freedom of expression and association. What I spoke against is not an individual but a practice which doesn’t sit well with me.

“All the attacks did not affect me at all as freedom of expression is highly important. I have millions of people supporting my voice and my standing who are just not as vocal,” she said.

Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu's Birthday Celebration Eyadini
Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu’s Birthday Celebration Eyadini

Nhira added she was willing to accept the South African socialite’s offer for a meeting but on her own terms which she was not prepared to divulge.

“That could be possible as it was never personal. However, the meeting will depend on the conditions that I will stipulate,” the former Studio 263 actress said.

Since Nhira is based in South Africa, several people have slammed her for working against a national of a country in which she has stayed for many years.

Yesterday, Nhira refused to comment on the matter and on whether she will be returning to South Africa soon.

In a related Facebook post, Nhira denied that her letter to government seeking Zodwa’s ban was successful because of an alleged improper relationship with acting Tourism and Hospitality minister Patrick Zhuwao.

“Allegations have also been thrown around to the fact that I only got government attention because of ‘inappropriate’ relations with government ministers but the truth is it is not every woman who sleeps their way to their goals and objectives. 

“My engagement with government over the Zodwa issue was not only with the ministry of Tourism but also with the ministry of Women Affairs, ministry of Youth as well as the ministry of Culture.

“All this was not inspired by malice but a standpoint which probably resonates with many though they may not be as vocal,” she claimed, adding that her action was in keeping with her support of the local arts sector.

“Prior to this engagement I have always stood for empowerment of local artistes and I still feel it can be done.

“For example, if we can have Zodwa performing for God knows how much, why not having Gonyeti or Bev performing for the same amount? While some question the logic behind having one performer stopped, it goes without saying that you can’t have wholesome advocacy.” Daily News

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  • Apa Anne murikungomutukira mahara ,she aired her opinion and she was listened to ,if you guys wanted Zodwa you should have done the same

    • unfortunately not everybody has the same connection that she has. How many petitions that were given that quick attention by the Govt. since independence?

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  • Thumps up,,,its a start,sanity and sensibility will be restored

  • Thumps up,,,its a start,sanity and sensibility will be restored

  • Nice move Vimbai Jari. Iye Zodwa wacho asi akanzi asapfeka nevehutano here?

  • Thanx Anne wakagona

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  • Some zimbabweans are advocating for Ennie Nhira to be deported because of that pantless Zodwa as if South Africa belongs to Zimbabwe zhundu kugara mudanga hazvirevi kuti rawamombe, staying in SA doesn’t make you a South African kushAiwa chikoro nenjere uku, Ennie Nhira erred her concerns as a citizen of the republic, what stops you to write your own letter to the same government to bring Zodwa, what stopped you, than campaigning for her to be deported, some are saying what did she get for banning Zodwa, and the same question to you what do you get if she is deported today,,,,,,, be human in zimbabwe we don’t like naked pantless dancers

    • Let Zodwa write her own letter to SA gvt for Anne Nhira deportation

    • Taura hako than MaZimbabweans, Zodwa has to write not Zimbabweans to say Ennie has to be deported as if they are south Africans

    • Well said my brother! Whatever Zodwa represents is against our moral standards as a Christian nation and also stands as violation to criminal code of conduct ( indecency). She is free to come here if she acts morally. Anne Nhira did a great job by standing for what we believe as a nation (Biblical standards). Ngatingwarirei lest we become like the Babylonians.

    • Imi imi chibvai manyarara zvenyu nyaya dzema moral standards after this weeks expose about men raping 9yr olds or younger in Epworth and other areas in Zimbabwe. Moral standards and Christian nation my ass. We have bigger issues at hand than focusing on Zodwa 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Kkkkkk…moral standards of raping…this i lyk woooo…anyway “NO” to zvinhu zvose zvisina basa….I neither dont support Zodwa but In Harare..takungoona vamwe venyu vachifamba vakashama…luckily that South Africans come out publicy…unlike us Zimbos..very dangerous…we pretend as if we dont do it…shame on us…pretenders are very dangerous..

    • Haaa vaudze chokwadi iwee some of us they dt knw nothing wkaipa knowledge

    • Hypocrism at its best…zimbos we realy like to preach wat we dnt do…zero morals here…The streets of joburg is full of zim women slutting their asses there…

    • Chimbwido Tee well syd we have bigger issues at hand

    • That 9 year old was a lie she is 16 years and she was lying that she was raped she voluntarily do that due to economic problems

    • Morals muchisiya extension cord anouya kuzorova vana vevanhu kuno

    • Zimbabweans talking of morals😂😂😂😂😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣🤣yaaa things,ayikhantibhilivit

    • Im not suporting the issue of zodwa dancing naked but my issue is Why Anne Nhira asina kunyora tsamba about Bev anotamba achipfekera bhodhoro rehwahwa ku zasi?? Why asina kunyara achizhamba about mahure atakakura tichiiona kuma Avenues uko namanje ariko anofamba day light akashama?? Musade kuzviita vatsvene nekuda kuoneererwa pama social media.Ukadenha mago wotosimba kumhanya #hameno ikoko

    • nhai zvako double standards chaiwo

    • You are busy discussing some one who was banned let’s focus on way forward Mugabe himself said it in Bindura people like Zodwa are not wanted in Zimbabwe so if varidzi venyika wati NO to Zodwa there is no discussion kkkkkkk

    • Eng Knowledge Power Bungu oops my bad I did not know Zimbabwe belonged to the Mugabes, my thinking was it is a democratic republic, meaning zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans and the president is the representative not the owner. But all the same 9 or 16 years same difference still a child ! and anyone who sleeps with a 16 year old is doing statutory rape. But anyways since we want to focus on the way forward how many petition have been filed because of corruption, water shortage,dirty tape water, shortage of electricity, education for every child in Zimbabwe?and why are those petitions not being considered, I mean how long have we been talking about way forward when are we taking a step to way forward? Just a bunch of stupid questions don’t mind me

    • Ngaadzoke

    • That’s your duty Itiradzungu Kumbakwenyu to write petition about corruption not here on facebook but to the government like what Nhira did

    • Eng Knowledge Power Bungu who said I did not Face Book is to raise awareness,if you are saying my petition was not seen, then I come back to the same question on who is giving worth to petty situations ??? But all the same tovhunzaani ?

    • For corruption we have channels you can do it through ZHRC Zimbabwe Human rights commission and state your concerns let them know who do the corruption

    • saka chikoro chopinda papi kkkkk

    • Eng Knowledge Power Bungu i will repeat: how come other petition which raise more important issues are being ignored?

    • Have you ever wrote one petition and was ignored because we always Launch our partition through our organisation and they are always attended we are a non governmental organisation on developmental projects and you know in zimbabwe if you are working for an NGO you are an enermy but we always engage them

    • Mr #Harald Mbongi Reds education helps you to think, self management of your life, chikoro hachisi chekungotsvagisa basa chete nemuhupenyu the way you interact with people

    • Well said Mr Bungu

  • Zodwa is not welcome to Zim. Period!! I thought people are wise and decent enough. We need better issues please.

  • ana anne dimi here vataiziva paseke 5 primary muchibuda madziwa hupenyu hunochinja nhaii

  • I wonder , whether , she had a look at herself, not the mirror.

  • Haiwawo that was their way of marketing the canival for this year… Nxaaa zimbos its bout time u realise kungwara kwevanhu ava.. Today so many people were jus asking kuti ko zodwa wacho aripi

  • Zimbabweans see how you love your zanu pf,then you lie to the world and say rigged lisinya msoon yenu, the amount of support this illegitimate governments decision has,shows how much support zanu has,Zimbabwe will never move forward because of this myopic tribe who thinks with their anusses and they outnumber us ten to one

  • Thumbs up Anne

  • can someone also apply for Bev to get a ban!

  • sa people will deal with u

  • The thing behind Ane hamuchizive,she is a confused cockroach,iye anedhara rake minister ririkushandura serineseri,akambotaurwa nani,,Beirut war a sham is a chii ,mbuya vake varikuenda kundari vasina wani,Asi maBrazillians ndoamunoda

  • African bring everyone around you down syndrome, this is how witches are born, pera zvakanaka iwe Anne kwete kuda kutadzisa vamwe kubudirira. #jealous bitches

  • Only man are complaining
    Kuchemera kuda kuona mbutu yemunhu iri panze shaaaaaame

  • Anne Nhira -Sour Grapes nxaa

  • Anne Nhira nanhasi hausati waroorwa here ?Studio 263 ndeya kare iya ungadai watova nevana uri pamurume ,basa kusandurwa nema Ministers kkkkk neka face kako ikako kanenge tsoko.Ukuda kuona kt mari yemuZim ikufamba sei ?Waona zvisina kukodzera kt ipihwe Zodwa here?….Chiudza ka vana sugar daddy vako vagadzirise ma roads nezvipatara…usada kuzviita wakangwara iwe usina 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Rubbish….. Fight real issues in Zimbabwe not this trivial one.

  • Whats there to celebrate ipapa.ko vari kungomhanya muharare vakashama chiita vabviswe nhaiwe Anne sezvo masimba unawo.
    Chiitawo mhuri uwone zvemba yako.

  • She is just seeking attention,and trying to stay relevant . How do you explain the the presence of the Brazilian crew if local is lekker

  • Is it winning?

  • Anne akaona kuti she Modeled n acted in the whole 263 series and made a few Zim dollars now Zodwa jus to come n dance asina bhurugwa kwakutopihwa ma USA who can blame her for being such a faded Jealous aging Marriage less jezebel

  • Kkk hameno vana nhira nanazodwa vanomboita nezveiko?

  • Zhuwa’s bitch



  • Kumhata

  • Good thing to stand n defend wat u believe in even if the “whole” world is against u. Over 10 000 chats attacking her bt ddn’t change anything. Well done Anne. We shld be asking her to raise another “sensitive” petition not attacking her.

    • Indeed sensitive issues like women who die everyday during child birth or people who get turned away from Parirenyatwa because they cannot afford paying for health care 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😡😡😡😡😡

    • Mudhidhi majaiara kusarudzirwa zvinhu it now in your DNA. Ndosaka mainzi endayi munovhota woti handogone kunyora

    • I Support u Blessing. Warume kupengera kunoona munhu asina pent chashamisira ipapo chiii. Mai shuga hawana kumba uko but u are bizzy kutukirira kuda kuona munhu asina pent nonsense. Shamisa wako mukadzi mbudzi

    • Cde Tashinga Squire I think this is a professional engagement. Uttering disgusting n poppish bigotry utterances isn’t only unaccepted of a “mature” adult bt is condoned with highest disregard. Say whatever u want to say without insults and be level headed/ rational. Dnt generalise us coz u dnt knw our voter statuses.

  • She did come to Zimbabwe Anny nhira fails

  • I jux luv al these agumements kkk you guyz love yr celebrits Im enjoying the show

  • Kwaaaa varume varipano mese you headless chickens marwadziwa nekuda kuona zodwa shuwa shame on you

  • Jealous jealous…. Stop your bullish behaviour…. and acting your skills are old skool

  • Zodwa veVanhu

  • Zhuwawo’s bitch fick yu

  • Fuck yu nhira

  • To hell with this imbecile seeking relevance after her prime years of acting. She is basking in her past glory and jealous of upcoming stars. Annie step aside as you a now a spent force.

  • Ngavamubate vamupise. Stupid garoless

  • Musikana uyu is jobless she needs a hobby wasting time yevanhu with useless movements that don’t even benefit herself shem talk about being petty for a living

  • Celebrating a xenophobic win.

  • U Zodwa wethu.we love her.

  • Tichaona kana zviro izvo zvichaita kuti uroorwe

  • Beche rako Anni

  • Nxaaaaa
    Musatanyoko,Attention Seeker

  • Apa futi haana cash.

  • The difference is Zodwa is doing it publicly while Zimboz are doing it privately…Go to J.Chinamano road..then you wont bark like many are doing…sort your own problems here first then morega kuita meddle into vana Zodwa vekunze uko…Come on..we have better things to talk about eg..Zvazviri in Zim and zvazvichazove kana mkuru adyiwa, aita step down, afa, abviswa…ipapo ndipo patiri kuda kuona Dr Amai…

  • kwahi nhire ndiye akatamba part yazodwa is this tru vakaenda kucArnival

  • Get away u nhira saka zvawakapfeka bhurukwa rako so benefit yazvo ndeipi kwatiri xaaaa

  • Kabenzi aka

  • This jealousy evil zezuru bitch is marketing herself to remain relevant in the social scene why is Bev the stripper/dancer not targeted and what about the Brazilian dancers who exposed 90% of their bodies isn’t that hypocrisy..

  • There is no victory. Zodwa is in Zim.

  • Kkkkk ini ziiii semusharukwa wemunhu

  • she mas be banned to come to SA wth her ugly face

  • ah ko inga hanzi akauya wani kuCarnival ? mukutiiko imi

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  • Ah kushata twukumbo twunenenge twupenheti haiwa…

  • Oooo ndo Annie wacho

  • I don’t think anyone would want to be a moral prefect but in any case what Anne did was within her rights which was also subject to review. I believe Zodwa chose not to pursue that & reconciled to the executive directive. Issues of morality & Christianity cannot be judged by human beings…

  • She had to bend how low can someone go

  • ANNY IS very stupid she make a citizen of the country she is now based on to be ban to enter Zimbabwe. But she stay in SA .she just want to create xenophobia Attack on Zimbabweans who are stay in SA.nxaaah

  • kkkkkkkk nyoraiwoka dzenyu dzekuti ayende kuZim kwacho hahahaaaaah she is staying in SA but haasi kubvisira vanhu bhurugwa agona uyo.

  • Zvekupenga zvega zvega. Mahure e Brazil or S.A hativade vese. I tourism yekupi yakapusa zvakadaro

  • Anne Nhira wasted time & effort

  • kanopenga kahure ako tikuda zodwa kuno

  • Ana Anne kana mabroka taurai.kwete kuda kuita mbiri nezita raZodwa.munofarisa imimi fuckoff mahure

  • A pot calling a kettle black, double standards

  • Pfutseke wake vimbai uyo! Shaya dzawe kuratidza kuchembera asina kumbobvira aroriwa.basa nderekudanana nemaminister nguva ichipera

  • Its really a victory over nothing.that will not stop the bond note from free_falling.APA vawe kumhanya kudzokera kunyika yewamwe uchisiya yako!!

  • She is just a jealous bitch nothing else.

  • Aaa nenio ndave Sinyoro WeVanhu ndaakuufaambaaooo noshashiko?Is it Tabooo?

  • Big up to you Nhira.

  • She will not get away with it,she is also hungry for fans no one will turn for her becoz we all belong to a fellow African ZODWA

  • Brazilian women wear pants! They don’t expose their punanis!!!

  • Hazvaimbonzi zve Zodwa alander

  • but Ku private lounge where zodwa was billed to perform is it not a fact kuti anoenda kunoona ndeanoda. zve carnival zvakazouyawo pamsoro

  • do you suppose if Anne nhira goes anywhere in Zim pple may line up to watch her, or just take a selfie with her?? maybe her victory is over us not zodwa kuti ko ini hamundionewo here

  • rongova godo rekushaya magaro,vana maplanka vanonetsa

  • Anne you are different from zodwa no need for a ban

  • Satanyoko mhani

  • No comment

  • atidi kumuona zodwa uyu hunhu apana

  • Anne u a hero… Keep the fire burning

  • Annne Nhira uchandibvisira pant yacho iwewe hanty wakarambidza Zodwa

  • I think there are some other bigger issues to look at, challenge them and celebrate after conquering them. The issue is how can we end poverty in Zimbabwe.

  • Stupid nhira ,stupid

  • Vakadzi Kavari Kushama Wani Kuna Chinamano Uko Utake No Action Do The Same If U Dont Like Nakedness In Your Country Zva Nhira Akarambwa Na Zodwa So Pane Kumakana Kkkkkkkkk

  • Annie z a strong lady n i support dat
    i knw dat mst Zimbos w support hustupid hri kuitika these days
    Wy do we support evil things into our country
    lets stand up to end nyaya dzevanhu vanongofamba vakashama tz ungodly