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Zanu PF dictatorship must be sent packing in 2018

By Obert Chaurura Gutu

The people of Zimbabwe have endured almost four decades of political repression and acute socio–economic decline and deprivation at the hands of the Robert Mugabe – fronted Zanu PF dictatorship.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu
MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu

From being the bread–basket of Southern Africa just a few years ago, Zimbabwe has degenerated into a basket case; a banana republic that doesn’t have its own national currency and a country where more than 90% of the population survive on less than US$1 per day.

Such has been the tragic and depressing story of Zimbabwe under the tutelage of one of the world’s most intolerant and oppressive dictators, Robert Mugabe.

The MDC Alliance offers the down–trodden masses of Zimbabwe a rare opportunity to finally put the Zanu PF dictatorship to rest in the 2018 harmonised elections. Granted, negotiations for a final opposition coalition are still on-going but we should seize this opportunity to give the brutal, insipidly and rabidly corrupt Zanu PF regime the sucker punch in next year’s elections.

It is horrendous to even imagine another five years under the Zanu PF regime after next year’s elections. We have to coalesce and find each other as we seek to liberate the toiling masses of our motherland.

Surely, we cannot have a situation in which millions of people are not able to access their hard – earned money from the banks. A situation in which millions of Zimbabweans have to escape to neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Botswana and Namibia as desperate economic refugees. No! Zimbabwe is just too rich to be this poor!

The main contest in next year’s elections is between good and evil. It is a choice between enhanced political repression and socio– economic trepidation as represented by Zanu PF and a refreshing new trajectory of political freedom and socio–economic regeneration and progress as represented by the MDC Alliance.

Going forward, the MDC Alliance should strenuously fight for electoral reforms because we know that Zanu PF is extremely reluctant to reform itself out of power. The battle for electoral reforms should now be the rallying and clarion call for the MDC Alliance. We are confronting a vapid, rabid and vacuous Zanu PF dictatorship that is prepared to break the bank in order to retain political power.

It is not going to be a stroll in the park but nevertheless, we can overcome and overthrow this dictatorship in the ballot box if we play our cards carefully and skillfully.

Actually, there should be a virtual zero margin of error on the part of the MDC Alliance. It is like a hunter who is faced with a single bullet to liquidate a lethal animal. We simply can’t afford the luxury of wasting this single bullet that is left.

We should now put all our ducks in a row. This is the time for us to look beyond our petty personal differences and egos and look at the bigger picture. The people of Zimbabwe are looking to the MDC Alliance for their salvation.

Let us now close ranks and give the enemy no room to take advantage of our differences. We can rest be assured that the enemy is not sleeping. The enemy is lurking in the dark; ready to pounce at any cracks that might surface within the opposition ranks. Remember, the last kick of a dying horse is almost invariably fatal!

We have now entered the homestretch. We are stronger together. United we stand and divided we fall. History will judge us very harshly if we miss this final opportunity to send the Zanu PF regime to the cleaners.

Obert Chaurura Gutu si the MDC National Spokesperson

  • 90 percent surviving on less than a dollar a day pwaa

    • 991

      If the 90% live on their produce ;

      Natural Shona/Ndebele Oats , farm milk , free range eggs , whole meal bread and peanut butter breakfasts,
      Mealie pap and goat’s meat lunches ,
      Mealie pap and free range chicken and veg dinners ,
      and roast nuts and maize on evening fires ,

      Then the $1 a day is a huge value.

  • vambori ne manifesto here ava??? nhanganyaya

    • Nomusa Garikai

      What use is a manifesto if elections are going to be rigged?

  • Zimbabweans are hardworkers, most of them hold positions of high responsibility in Botswana, SA and in many other countries, I’m told sanctions imposed by the West are the reason why the economy is bad

    • Ak

      Andthis party borrowed economic sanctions. I really wonder if they have brains

    • Nomusa Garikai

      So you have not heard about the corruption?

      • Madhonza -Bhodha Gezi Koreji

        Corruption is rife in Harare , the council is under MDC.

        -One of the dirtiest places on the planet.
        -The exec is well paid , 2000 times the wage of an ordinary worker.
        -They buy and sale council stands to make more extra dole.
        -Vendors are everywhere coz the council does not have jobs/investments plan.
        -The issues are endless.

        They have not proven that they can lead the us.

        • Madhonza -Bhodha Gezi Koreji

          lead Zim.

        • Nomusa Garikai

          True there is corruption in the MDC run councils but that does not mean there is no corruption in the Zanu PF run government. The argument here is that the country’s economic meltdown is because of the decades of misrule by Zanu PF.

    • The sanction that mugabe imposed on his people ?? They hide with the word sanctions yet they chase away investors and share the spoils of what’s left for their own gud i have never been in a que at a bank atm with a Chinese guy kkk what am i sayin the people that mugabe gave investment flow here are busy building china ..u hear that china has the fastest growing economy why not when they are looting from us ..they have never been a 51% investment policy its the main sanction that mugabe gave us

  • Pozvongedze

    Why don’t you convince Khupe et al first before pitching to the outsiders? You can’t preach unity of purpose while there are obvious divisions within your team!! It all sounds hollow until you fix that, also pass the same message to your boss. Thank you.

  • Makaitei pamakapinda muna 2009 to 2013, guys be realistic.makatowana mari yekutanga macompany enyu u think hatizvizivi, yo boss even renovate his house nezvimwe zvamunazvo zvatidingaziv u will neva win msapedza nguva yenyu vanhu vakukuzivai

  • But how you guys your rallies are empty too much comfusion within the party right now you are suppose to demonstrate against reforms don’t waste time zanu is busy mobilise people MDC walk up mani

  • Ini next year ndotoshaya kuti opposition yacho inenge yarongeka here vachadyiwa futi zviri pafeya coz they waste time fighting for positions like ana biti ncube khupe chamisa and iyo gogaz yakarasika isina plan. Kutoswera ndichisakura that day zvitori nani

    • That kind of mentality is what we must defeat first.Vote for change

    • yakarongeka wena

    • Papi payakarongeka amana isu tiri pa ground hapana zvatiri kuona

    • Opposition irinai than Zanu

    • Wataura idi Mazarura Zim by the moment haina opposition party at all

    • Varikuda kubatana yet vese vachida kuita mapresident achaita highest wavo pamavotes anenge aine less than ruling President

  • Not on facebook my Brother.. .pandai mundima moera mamiriro kuti murikitei kuti zviite… otherwise you need to work harder

  • tell us what u are doing about it or want us to do about it.A parent with a child not doing well in skul takes the child for xtra lessons, he or she doesn’t waste time saying my child was once brilliant, action action … please

  • Lobengula aripo here pama candidates for 2018???ongopihaa hake sugar nemavhet zvedu zvonaka

  • I wish the whole nation can smell the coffee .we are such an educated nation who know what a vibrant economy is.

  • Chatunga’s mhdara kkkkkk imboko

  • Mugabe out out

  • #Mteranjanji

  • If you support MDC don’t try to encourage us to be on the same Side with You . MDC All is confused and how can they lead us ? Like all politicians they want to enrich themselves first ..they will focus on obtaining farms & mines and Having Diamond deals whilst we wait for the country to be straight .Zanu should fix what it crooked or should step down for that New Youth Party . Its better than Ana Biti -they will steal more from this country’s treasury

  • Nomusa Garikai

    Sure and MDC Alliance is going to “win in rigged elections”! The sheer stupidity of contesting elections one knows are going to be rigged is our curse! The vote rigging has been going on for 37 years and still some idiot thinks we should keep on contesting flawed elections!

  • Mr Gutu you are too smart and may not be the type of opposition required by 2018. 2018 require vibrant opposers with a purpose ask Biti, Nelson and Gonese about it. They will tell what is expected of an opposition if yu wanna get close to zanu. Yu are all now office bearers mavakutotyira maOffices enyu sokuti office yacho iri paMonomutapa Building. You maybe wasting our breath guys. Get up although it is already too late.

  • Rwendo

    For all the destructive, nightmare it has become under Mugabe, the pre-independence Zanu PF had leaders who were prepared to boycott an internal settlement, live in jail (20 odd years in the case of Nyagumbo), endure the hardships of war, change its leadership (Sithole).

    The current opposition is not even prepared to boycott elections to get electoral reforms, let alone face jail for more than a few days. In life, what you put in is what you get out. Like all of us, inside and outside Zimbabwe, and inside and outside the “ruining party”, we need to take a long look at ourselves in the mirror.