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A 9 year old is not a prostitute, she’s a victim

By Ivy Chibanda

I listened in to the program, Issues, Pane Nyaya on Star FM and my heart broke as a 9 year old and a 13year old narrated their ordeals as ‘ladies of the night’. These girls are victims of circumstances. The only people who could help just instructed them to follow and find out how they made their money, that is how they became victims.

It’s sad how some have not been sympathetic with these little girls, and most comments I have heard have been that ‘Kids of today are too forward’ or ‘vanoda zvinhu’ but I personally feel that it’s unfair, I blame those who introduced them to such ways of getting money.

Poverty has led most of these kids to become victims of older men who come and abuse these kids for a mere 50cents and sometimes a dollar. The most they can get per night is $2, after having spent the night with four men.

We have a lot of child headed families where a child as young as 8 years is forced to take care of her siblings, she has to drop out of school and find means to survival where some of them have ended up in the streets selling their bodies for a small amount of money.

A nine year old cannot reason for herself, she doesn’t know the implications of some actions, all she needs is some convincing that out of this you will get money. She hasn’t gone through puberty and because she has been isolated since the death of her parents, there’s not much she knows about STD’s thus she goes on to do what she thinks will sustain her and the family.

In as much as the blame has been put on the little girls, I personally blame the men who gladly come and stop for the small girls when there are older ‘ladies of the night’. Who, in their right mind, approaches a 9 year old and asks boldly, how much is short time? If these girls had no market, if no one stopped for them, I don’t think they would continue being in the streets, but because there is someone entertaining them, they will continue.

I just wish the authorities could do something to help these child headed families. So long the children have nothing to put in their tummies, they will do the worst to get a dollar. So long these children do not go to school, it’s hard for them to discern between the wrong and the right.

As a society, we all have a responsibility to help where we can. Provide for these children where possible, the NGO’s may help but only to some extent. Just a few words of advice can help them shape their lives. I wish the police would do something to stop these men from abusing these little girls. What will become of the generations to come?


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  • Nudity and pervetism became the order of Banana republic. People didnt shout whe comic pastor Evan blocked Dangote from investing in Zim,but they stirr when Zodwa is tryna be barred

  • Well said

  • The sad part is the minister of Youth Empowerment is focusing on whether Zodwa Wabantu is wearing a panty at the carnival or not ignoring the duties he is being paid to execute. There should be an outcry about child abuse and pimping and prostitution but No the petitions are being drafted to ban an old responsible lady to wear panties if she wants to be in Zimbabwe. That’s what our yesteryear female celebrities see as pressing issues they can bring to the government’s attention.

    • Fact we don’t have ministers who actually knows their ministerial areas they just concentrate on silly issues which doesn’t reflect the wills of the people

    • And she is getting paid to be naked in public while we have children on the streets being abused

  • No she is not, she’s a victim of abuse, what sane man would get into bed with a 9 year old, men need… https://t.co/u0M4wz7BLv

  • yaa its so sad,what we have become,but the root cause is poverty,if these kids had basic life needs ,food,clothing and education access, I don’t think they wild have been into this,Mwari ngavatibatsire

  • We myt all hide behind a finger but we all know the reason…

  • may God remove the dicks of the guyz sleeping with the gal

  • Mazezuru chete

  • 9 yrs is grade 3 or 4. I dont think its possible for this age to be in prostitution.

    • Even the voice can tell you they are not 9 years

    • Thought so too ,definitely not 9 years . Young yes but 9 no

    • They are victims of sexual abuse

    • Being a prostitute is not always by voluntary choice! In most cases, it is by force of circumstances. Just like children are being forced to be suicide bombers!

  • If you dont care about yourself , who else can? The nine year girl is indulging in sex work knowing its implications. She will face the consequences. Sex work is not the solution to poverty

  • Dont politicise everything.

  • This is heartbreaking for a child to go through all this

  • Vamwe vanhu so! What does a 9 year old know about the dangers of prostitution??? These Are kids not grown women they need protection & to be taught right from wrong these young girls need help how can a grown man justify people sleeping with a 9 year old & say its the girl’s fault????

  • Eish,..!..ma1,.

  • The guys who are sleeping with a 9 year deserve to be hanged but mostly harahwa yarambira pachigaro Ndiyo ikukonzeresa zvese izvi

  • To my surprise the voice and the language , can tell you they are not really kids but someone is trying to make money out of them like Annie Nhira

    • You are part of the problem with such words and lies

    • Misheck Steady Mangare i do agree with you i think there is a bit of stage management here. the language does not sound like that of a 9 year old HOWEVER my appeal to all those men out there doing such heinous acts please GOD IS WATCHING BEWARE OF GOD’S WRATH YOU CAN EVADE THE LAW BUT REMEMBER GOD IS WATCHING

    • Your reasoning is distasteful

    • Am not saying its good to indulge in sex with teens and kids , its bad coz i also have daughters but my question is , what is the law enforcers doing with such issues , and how come you legalised prostitution ?

    • ….remember effects of drugs dude. It drastically changes the way one talks, from a nice turner voice to a bad husky baro tone voice…..

    • If didn’t experience poverty u wouldn’t undrstant bro..

  • Gash no words

  • Vana vanoda shamu havadi kunyanya kuregererwa akabatira zvirwere ravadambudziko shamhu pamunhu mwana uyo haasi sex worker misikanzwa haatozivi zvaarikuita

  • 9 year old?? Haa its Mugabe’s faukt he is such a devil to cause untold suffering

  • That’s madness,l don’t even think of her as a woman.

  • So sad and heart breaking. ..what have become of our once beloved society?

  • 9 years ? Handina mazwi

  • & what is it that attracts a grown men to such a young girls ? l wonder

  • They are protected by law. Having sex with anyone below 12 is rape no discussions. If this is happening then someone is not doing his or her job. Anyone seeing anything like this should report to the police. Pple fear rape therefore none will ever entertain them. Anyway gud Ivy for giving us something to share.

  • saka face iyi ndeye 9 years old here?

  • No one in their right sense would conive with a 9 year old for sex…even iri nhamo..a normal person would not indulge in such

  • kunyepa uku musatambe nesu imi ,ndakateerera Maaudios acho harisi izwi re 9 year old uye husso uhwo haaaa iiiiiiiiiimi

    • She doesn’t know her age. She is a Hottentot

      • PeterPan

        … and what are you?

  • a victim of what??

  • 9 years mwana vakomana zvimwe itai hunhu chaihwo imagine ari hanzvadzi or mwana wako unonzwa sei?

  • dont jus blame men ,blame girl’s parents,economy ,zanuPf ,who gave these ladies freedom of loitering in the avenues at night ,arrest them clear all those sex workers out of the streets first ,ndiyani asingade punani ???

    • Uribenzi iwe

    • Aàh iwe blame zvimwe zvose. Hauna here kunzwa achiti arikutochengeta young sister ine 5 years. So dai ma parents aripo do u think vaimusiya achigara nemwana mu 1 room munoitirwa mabasa iwaya.

    • so its easy jus to blame men ,if the parents are not there ,isnt there orphanage homes in the country jus like other countries ,there is plenty of these typ of children in the world ,but guess what most of them are doctors ,teachers in their countries thru the help of their governments ,why not our gvt ??? ,tikarova mahure mumastreets we got arrested ,thereby giving them enough freedom to recruit more bitches ,

  • Nxa

  • Don’t we have social workers in Zim? don’t we have police in Zim, Banana Republican! where every1 does what’s they want. u only get arrested for blaming and talking the truth against the gov like what am doing….

    • Social Workers in Zimbabwe I doubt? Maybe Grace Mugabe only most social workers are working in the diaspora, UK, and elsewhere where they get paid.

  • Hanty ndimi munopengera kuona vakadzi vasinga pfeki ma bhurugwa. Double standards

  • am going vigilante

  • Who wld sleep with a 9 yr old and pays a dollar for a nite , moreover stil believe he slept with a prostitute? Worst ever rape case i ever head. Heads must roll

    • its true man 9 years too young i think its a false story

    • Ukanzwa kachirondedzera voice racho nematauriro zve9 yrs kunyepa chaiko

    • Shz 9 she had to grow fast mupfungwa kuti basa rienderere mberi .. but it’s sad kana Zvechkoro I dnt think achiri kuda kuzvinzwa

  • Vana Tilda vanoda kutiona sevana baduku

  • Victim achienda kubhawa. Tibvirwe hedu isu

  • So sad 9 year old taking care of a 5 year little sister

  • True that

  • Nine years is a rare and extreme case being used. From 14yrs upwards, you can’t tell if she says she is 18yrs. In other cases beer is sold to under 18. You have to demand an I.D if you suspect that she is under age. Other girls have big bodies.

    • She said they don’t buy beer but drugs like mbanje and bronco and ….or I think the grown up men share the beer with them.

    • But you can’t tell someone’s age by merely looking at th person

  • System yenyika ndo yakato dhakwa….dai isina zvese izvi zvaisaitika….vamwe mumgade henyu kuramba kuti politics ndo dzauraya Zimbabwe asi ndo chokwadi uye zvicharamba zvakadaro kusvika vanhu takushandira pamwe…kugadzira nyika yedu nesu vanhu vacho

  • Sodom and Gomorrah

  • vanoda zvunhu

  • Pliz mugabe go peacefully

  • I Was just thinking to my self do these people who post such headlines have a sense of humor no they don’t its just a element of abonormality in them instead of posting things that are constructive but instead you corrupt us with your nonsense how dare can you say a 9 year old child can indulge in prostitution can’t you see those kids a victims of circumstances you make sick nxaa to hell with your crap

  • These girls might.have a bigger body than their age so it means yu have to ask for ID 1ST

  • true.is a victim

  • Victims of circumstance,, all i see is vanity

  • Hadzisi nyaya dzekubika here idzi

  • silence is better than bullshit

  • The interviewer had the audacity to call the 9 yr old ,lady B ,what nonsense is that ,what lady was she referring to here a 9 yr old everything is rotten ,kusvipa hakupedze hwema ngatitsvagei chikonzero chaita musoro uteme

  • There is need for investigation, a 9 year old girl can and will never have that experience of sex language. Someone is behind the whole staging. they want to make money out of this drama.

  • true that . but varumeka ngative responsible kuvakadzi nevana vedu zvekuzvarisa nekusiya hakuchina . ipapa chibaba chemwana chakatiza chirikuSA

  • Izvi zvoda musiki ega abate moyo nepfungwa dzevarume vanokecha ma9 yrs vana vachiri kutamba mahumbwe. Idai chihure zvinemwero mhani munotisemesa

  • Thanks to the media which brought the news to public

  • it all goes back to mugabe and his rich government. these kids iregardless of poverty should be in school and social welfare looking after them .funny enough they love their kids so much that they they bushed a girl involved with them

  • Chakutodiwa muzimbabwe kupisika chete nekuti kumama tambomama

  • Eiishy nyoro nyoro futi

  • Evil at it’s best. There’s a show inonzi “How to catch a predator” this show exposes such men. Someone needs to record these men and expose them for what they are.

  • Sad for days. No word can describe the anger and pain l feel for those poor kids. Cry my beloved country. Zimbabweans, home & away please let’s join hands and help the situation in cash and kind.

  • Hakuna zvakadaro. They were interviewing chembere

  • Even vacho vakaitisa interview Havana moyo wekubereka .All those resources dziri kushandiswa kunoona vanhu vakashama must be used kuvana ivava for their basic needs

  • Very disturbing. What kind of society are we, if we cannot protect our children?

  • Thanks to Zanu Pf govt

  • Oh dear!

  • ndiwo maresults ekuuraiwa kwenyika awa but munongoramba muchiti ‘pamberi nekubatana ‘ .

  • Pakaipa chaiko

  • Pathetic so sad am lost for words

  • T M

    Shows how deeply bad our politics is

  • Lets be honest,i haver a 12yr old daughter who is 3yrs older n doesnt even dream about your story. The govt must be arrested for perpetrating child abuse. I mean u cant even interview the child about this. Something is behind this.

  • End of the world mashura

  • Just listening to those girls narrating , it broke my heart, it was torn into a million pieces! Vana ava havana vabereki here kana dzimwe hama dzapedo asikana? Handina mwana musikana but have so many nieces , I just imagined them doing that haaaaaaaah zvakaoma, its so sad. Ndopaunoona rume rakasvika richito “kecha” mwana / mukuzuru waro! Varume kah !!!!!!

  • Thank u Ivy. May God bless u

  • So sad.Police iripi? Hapashaye akambobata mwana uyu.Mitongo ngaiome mumatare umo kane.asi CHAKONZERA chimbori chii anhu woye??????

  • I asked myself the same very question Ivy . I imagined myself at her age someone wants to benefit for the poor soul

  • These girls need a thorough rehabiliation excercise. Evil spirits cleansing being the first step…..otherwise if that is ignored it will take ages for the girls to recover and live a normal life if ever efforts by would be is made to change these girls life for the better.

  • Joooo chinekewoooo

  • This is disgusting. But we can’t do anything to stop these acts as long the situation of Zimbabwe continues to worsen. Everbody within the boarders of Zimbabwe you must be prepared to face the worst situations in the future. Nyika yaomerwa hama neshamwari takatarisana nenguva yakaomarara. Ngatisamhanya kurwisana nekumisa dambudziko titange tarwisa chakonzera dambudziko kuti mangwana tisazowana mamwe matambudziko

  • FlyboyX

    WHo in their right mind sleeps with a 9 year old seriously?

  • A prostitute is a prostitute… wetha 9 yrs or 90 yrs !!!

  • TD

    Kutonwa mugondorosi murume mukuru kumwira ka 9 year old. ummmm

  • Yah they r the victims and its very sad

  • Sign of the end of times

  • PeterPan

    Hit the nail on the head sister. That is the right way to say it!!! A 9 year old cannot be a prostitute. Lockup the pimp!!!

  • lot chitakasha

    Totally agree!

  • DontLieToUs

    Nhai imi 9yrs kana zamu riripo here pakadai shuwa, musadaro varume izvi zvinotisvoresa its bad enough tinokwira mahure but ava havasi mahure vana ava period.

  • Ko varume vacho vanoti tawana pekuponera pa9 yr old vanonyatsofunga sei chaizvo izvo!! #madmen

  • It takes this society to make a bold stand and show that we are normal human beings capable of empathising and willing to take action for this to stop. Sadly i don’t hear any Parliamentarians reflecting any form of outrage meaning they are indirectly suggesting that an infant is capable of such. First of all, we all have to agree that society is at fault by creating a conducive environment for such bizarre situations. Secondly, we need to employe psychoanalysis techniques to assist these mentally deranged “clients” to expel toxic notions that u can sleep with a 9 year old and derive satisfaction out of the act. Thirdly, we need to make noise loud enough to get Government and Civic society to roundly condemn this barbaric activity and come up with better laws. Steal a cow and you get 25 years in prison. RAPE a nine year old(what some foolishly call prostitution) and you get 5-10 years. #Action9now.

  • Ivy, you are seeking relevance in a cesspit. You know who is to blame but you choose to skirt around the culprit. Outside this evil system, there used to be Welfare System which looked after such children and deliquents. What happened to Welfare? Talk to and about those who destroyed the Welfare System. The scoundrels abusing these children most probably come from the same system, they have the money. The People’s money. Where do you think the money went to? You remember burning? Who was burning, collecting the US$ from the People?

  • does prostitution have an age limit….since it has been legalised and the public seem to be roaring against the blockage on nudity…..if your little 9 year old daughter decides to take the way of that forceful most celebrated naked prostitute…I hope you will celebrate at doorsteps

  • So pathetic

  • Aphiri anabwera

    well said..and its not the end…I am still touched about the Chegutu issue when a teenager was forced to walk nude in the street for sleeping with a married man. I even asked myself is this the way to discipline children….that woman must be brought to book as well and I hope the girl got all the counselling she required.

  • its a sad story indeed

  • What about creating social grants first and keep them in school.Many a people take advantage of the socially disadvantaged like these.If we keep these little ones is school we avoid these crazy people from getting at them.Creating social grants that target these socially disadvantaged kids and managed by social workers should be the first step


  • Ivy, the truth of the matter is that the 9 year old is both victim turned prostitute. And sad as it is, like King is saying, the culprit is the system that is producing these manifestations of moral decadence!

  • U never know if it’s poverty kana bana bacho ba ri ku da zwi ri ku itika here.