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Ritual at alleged killer’s doorway: MaPecca’s family seeks alternative justice

By Pamela Shumba

The late Tawanda ‘MaPecca’ Moyo’s relatives on Sunday morning took his body to the business premises of the man who allegedly shot him which are in the city centre saying it was part of “rituals” to ensure justice prevails before proceeding to Lady Stanley cemetery for burial.

Tawanda “Mapecca” Moyo’s coffin at his alleged “killer’s” shop in the city centre
Tawanda “Mapecca” Moyo’s coffin at his alleged “killer’s” shop in the city centre

MaPecca (43), a former member of Siyaya Arts group was shot by businessman Oricious Moyo when he allegedly confronted him after he caught Oricious redhanded relaxing with his wife Jacqueline Chesigelenasos Moyo in a car at a house in Emganwini suburb on July 25.

The artiste was left with a bullet lodged in his spine following the shooting incident.

He was admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital and underwent an operation to remove the bullet but died last Tuesday at the United Bulawayo Hospitals where he had been transferred to after the operation.

MaPecca’s wife did not attend the burial.

Oricious alleges that he shot MaPecca in self-defence after he had tried to rob him.

MaPecca however said after suspecting that his wife was having an affair with the businessman, he decided to investigate and was shot when he caught the lovebirds together.

The businessman, a well known malayitsha who operates a fast food outlet in the city, is the employer of MaPecca’s wife. The Chronicle

  • Pour soul, stalking your ‘wife’ and lover to their lover’s nest. Labour of love. That must have hurt, but he was ill advised to follow the two home like he did. He had a motive, either to confront the two or even pick a fight. This guy was in for a war, and he got shoot and sadly he succumbed to that. I hope justice will prevail. Love ‘triangle’, guns, cars is a bad combination.

    • I don’t understand what you’re trying to say clearly.

    • Malebuho

      This can happen to anyone we differ in handling domestic issues. If

  • He was married to a whore.

  • He was supposed to leave them like that then file divorce papers according to the law, he over reacted, anyway may his soul rest in Eternal peace

    • Ras Matopos

      Divorces are tricky, especially if the wife finds the situation sustainable for her. Subsisting marriage on one side makes her look ‘respectable’ and a rich lover on the other keeps her in expensive hairdos and makeup. If you take her to court she will just refuse and claim there is no relationship at all and husband is just being abusive. Peace order granted. These situations are very bad, that’s why they usually end in tragic circumstances.

    • who overeacted here

    • The artist overreacted , you can’t follow your your wife’s lover thus too dangerous dude

  • ainyengerei mkadzi wemunhu. he deserved to be shot.

  • yuh,strange hey!

  • Kushaya mari kwakaoma. Wonyengegwa mukadzi, wovurawa futi? Murume dai akangoramba mukadzi dai ari mupenyu. Dai vematare vachiita kuti kurambana kuve nyore pakadai. Zvino kunenge kodiwa mari.

  • one of the reasons zvichinzi vakadzi vanourayisa.

  • Do we have licenced guns now in Zim?if he was my brother I was going to swiftly retaliate afta funeral

  • So sad indeed, shuwa ungafira mkadzi, nekuwanda kwavakaita soo, truely he should have left her and find another God fearing and faithful woman.

    • This thing called love will make u do stupid decisions

    • Shamwari uyu aive mukadzi wake wemumba, aigara achimubvunza asi achiramba, saka aida kumuratidza kuti ndakubata

    • Its true guys, asi dai akaita zvekumufonera omuudza paari nezvaari kuita, kwete kuenda one on one, unourayiwa. Ma-advisers ake, the late, vakamupa zano rakaipa aisafanirwa kuendapo, haaah, pakaipa. May his soul rest in eternal peace, and may justice prevail justly in this case.

    • You speak as if he knew he was going to be shot!

    • Iwe ukwane mhani that is love any man can do that.That is the first thing comes in yo mind when u get yo wife cheating or a woman get u cheating its natural

    • Usati “any man” asi dai wati “some man” bcz in life there is a thing called anger management that is required in a love life. People should learn not to trust a human being 100%, reserve that trust in God alone. A disappointment gap should be there. Dai tese taiita kunge mushakabvu kungadai kwakafiwa zvakanyanya long back, vanhu ngavaedze kuzvidzora pakadai bcz kuhurirwa hazvireve kupera kwehupenyu.

    • Brian Chinyani uqisile yazi munhu anenge achiramba achikuita stupid .today ndiyani stupid umwemwana azorora these two are suffering as we speak and may they continue to suffer

    • Kuda Chifamba Makuvaza kana nyaya isiri yako ursiri involved zviri nyore kutonga nekuona the simplest way out nekusafunga kwevamwe.

    • Dumiso Baloyi Taura hako, Kuda Chifamba kuzviita akachenjera stereki.

    • Kuda Chifamba nyaya haisi pakuwanda kwevakadzi but mukadzi waunoda. Uyu ndiye waanga akada akaita commit to omurasisa it pains naturally.

    • Kuda i don’t think you’re married, if you’re married then it means you’re not in love.

    • @Kelvin, bro l am married, ndane 14yrs nemkadzi one tine 3boys, bt before that, l’ve been a victim of such circumstances, l met 3different cheaters, thats when l learnt that ukaona munhu achi cheater it means anenge asiri wako, the point will be simple, musiye. Usarwisane nemunhu, don’t even track her, unourayiwa. Why? Bcz zvivindi zvavanenge vaita, yo wife & her boyfriend kuti vadanane it means vanenge vatokusaiza (kudheererwa) on top of that vanenge vachizvitemba. Ma-issues evanhu vanenge vachi-cheater anotoda proper counselling to the victim otherwise in the end anopedzisira apara mhosva or kuurayiwa seizvi. People in such problems should seek advice from elders in their community, in church or even from the police!! M saddened by this may his soul rest in eternal peace!!

  • ummmm zvakaoma

  • The Moyos at battle. Come to think of it MaPecca was no longer staying with the wife. I dont understand love

  • Vemhuri yaTawanda ava ngavaende kwasekuru Banda kuHarare kuCranboune uku

  • 😯

  • No women no cry Bob Marley .Don’t force yourself on a woman who no longer loves you . Look at the results

  • The infidel should be punished somehow .She got a man who loved her murdered. Law must take its full course.

  • That woman must also get her type of ritual against her too…if there’s such a thing. I hope karma will discipline her 😈

  • Shit

  • Iwewe ukaona kut mkadzi wako avakugara nemumwe murume uchiri kudei paari???? Tombot dai usina kushudwa uri mupenyu nhasi waizodzokeraana naye here afta tht??? I wonder why do yu hev to fight a loosing battle***

  • Mwana WaVj vakadzi vatotadza kutendeka nekuda mari.. m so hurt. Same same neyekwababa stephen

  • Only man can kill themselves or others for a woman.
    but if a woman caught a men ,even red handed she forgives and continues with her husband or boy friend..
    Thats the heart of a woman,so forgiving no matter how much it hurts her…
    pour soul rest in peace and other ummm years in jail..chawagona hapana

  • The level of craziness in Zim is just pathetic…

  • Tari Marawo

    Tendai Silitati


  • Was it a legal firearm used? If not just wondering how many ILLEGAL FIREARMS are crossing our borders every day from S.A. into Zim. Then this lead me to ask another question; how secure are our borders and those purported roadblocks which are only siphoning money from people.#Rip brother.

  • Iiii but shop yake inobika machips anonaka shame

  • Business man avo vanembiri yekuda panoweta apo,haaa iiii gore rino zvazovawira shame,